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weBoost Wilson Cell Phone Booster for Oil Field Service Fleets

Posted by on Feb 23, 2016

Signal booster for oil service fleet

It is the middle of January and you're struggling through another painful work day that is all oriented around working as fast and hard as you can, at a job that is already intense from the dangers that go along with it. You're working in a situation where you're driving as part of a fleet, so keeping up to date is critical. How do you expect to do all of that while using traditional services that don't give you a strong enough signal to do much with? Pull over to walk about to see if you can find a signal to complete the call with your co-fleet member or your main contact at the hub? This is the trouble with modern technology – there are flaws. Therefore, make it the best you can, with a fully loaded and equipped cell phone booster for truck. They are great and convenient for those in fleet positions and easily afforded by corporations, especially those who want to create a great workspace for those who work so hard to get a hard job done in the first place. If this sounds like something you're interested in, read on.

Better communication between employees

In any kind of workplace that requires many different people working well together, communication is pretty much a critical part, whether anyone wants to admit to it or not. It is not about being social and checking in "just because". It is a matter of safety and efficiency to be able to always get in touch with members of the fleet. From an emergency experience that requires clear coordinates, to a question for the boss that makes the difference between a mistake and a success. No matter how you see it, communication between everyone is important and relied on, even with today's cell phones and gadgets. You need a strong signal to keep them all connected to each other like you need them to be at all times.

Better working experience

While this may not be the biggest of your concerns, it should be. Those working as a fleet are far from home and working for you. They need to be able to get in touch with loved ones whenever they have a moment to themselves, so equipping the vehicles with the necessary equipment for a sturdy connection is critical to ensuring that their needs are taken care of. After all, a happy employee means a better job done, and a better opinion on the company, which leads to the employee choosing to return to his contact, etc. Your employees need to be happy and satisfied to make sure that your company is in good hands as is your service.

Faster data upload

If you're relying on being in touch with the members of your fleet from the start of the day to the end, a lot of things are depending on the data that goes back and forth. Having a strong and reliable connection between fleet and dispatch is critical to making sure that this data is accessed from whatever point that is required. If you're a member who is out of bounds for reasons out of your control, the dispatch needs to be able to send you new coordinates or alternative directions to get back to the right location. Data and a strong connection go hand in hand. A weBoost or Wilson Electronics cell phone booster can help you achieve that to make sure that you are taken care of, in cases of emergency, or even just regular day to day business that needs to be done between dispatch and the various members of the fleets. Since there are a lot of different members of the fleets, for keeping in constant communication with the right data files to the right place - Speed is critical.

Checking in from outside the office

Those who are working in the petroleum industry understand that where you work can change by the day. As the need arises to move and shift from place to place, so does your signal. Therefore, a weBoost cell phone booster is there to make sure that its strength stays constant and reliable even in the most desolate of situations and locations. This is the promise of a Wilson cell phone booster kit and the upgrade it brings to modern technology.

Make a hard job a little easier with everything that a Wilson cellular booster kit can do. From employees needing to reach their loved ones, to coworkers needing to get in touch with people, the answer to it all is waiting for you in a weBoost cellular phone booster kit. Pick the right one for your needs and it will be ready to help you help those that work for you day in day out.

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