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weBoost Wilson Cell Phone Booster Kit for Limousines and Taxis

Posted by on Feb 15, 2016

Cell Phone Boosters For Limousines and Taxis

Those who work in industries that revolve around taking customers where they want to go understand the human and technology interaction better than most. After all, if you find yourself sitting in a taxi or limousine, you tend to stare at your phone and browse through whatever catches your interest, right? Well, taxi and limousine drivers are now offering free Wi-Fi in their vehicles. These are essentially mobile hotspots using cellular network. However, since they are on the move and in between hills, valleys, concrete buildings, etc. the signal gets cut off frequently causing grief and frustration among passengers. A weBoost cellphone booster kit can help with that. Installing one in a taxi/ limo will enable you to browse through those apps without trouble. But, a Wilson cell phone booster kit also gives the driver of these modes of transportation a lot of business advantage, support, and comfort, too, making it a very easy option to consider for everyone. Here's why:

Better communications

The driver is looking to keep in touch with dispatch one way or another. Whether it is to get updates on accidents on the road that will slow them down, or for information on customer line ups that are going to be added to the queue. Drivers need to be able to get their calls to go through, as well as make sure that they can receive them as soon as the car is picked/ placed to pick up a traveler. Since they are moving into dead zones in the city, a Wilson cell phone booster kit can really make the difference between a good signal or a non-existent one that irritates everyone.

GPS synchronization

Dispatch needs to be able to contact drivers for future pickups, and in order to be the most convenient for the customers, they will pick cabs that are close to them for shorter pick up waiting time. In order to match a car with a customer, they need to know where everyone is as recently as possible. Proper and accurate GPS synchronization is key to this. A boosted signal will give dispatch a much easier and better experience in matching people together. This results in a better rating from customers that are tired of waiting for cabs when they said they would be to the location in 20 minutes instead of the 2 hours that they actually had to wait. In a business like this that has a lot competition (especially with addition of Uber), this is a serious problem that can negatively impact how the ratings go.

Clearer calls from customers

On that same note, sometimes customers are directly linked to taxi drivers. In this case, they need to have strong and clear connections to ensure that everyone can hear everyone and that there're no misunderstandings on time or location that may lead to lost revenue. Since driving in a city can take you in places that cell towers don't like, a Wilson cell phone booster kit is key to a good and steady signal that will make the difference for understanding the requests of the customers or supervisors that are trying to get hold of a driver, etc.

Faster speeds for clients

As far as clients go, they will love that they can place calls and snapchat, etc. with their friends as they are driven around in all of those previously known dead zones. They will enjoy their experience, meaning they are more likely to use the service again when the need arises. They may also pass on the company's name to those who are looking for a reliable company for their needs. After all, everyone loves a good company with great service, right? A weBoost cell phone booster kit can, essentially, guarantee that for customers that are needy in terms of social media and general phone usage.

Plenty of space in the air

Between a client on the phone, and the driver chatting with dispatch, there may be some difficulty in getting a phone call through. In the cases of those companies that have Wilson boosters in the cars, they will find that everyone has plenty of air space to get those calls in, not to mention send off those photos and selfies that keep everyone quiet and enjoying themselves. This is a great final way to look at how cell phone signal boosters can be really beneficial to those who are responsible for driving cabs and limos.

There you have it - Everything you ever needed to know about how those in taxis and limos are dependent on technology to make the drive pass by quickly. From the needs that a driver has, to making the customer happy with good service and the ability to work through all of the social media addictions that many have now, having a reliable and strong signal in a taxi or a limo is how they are getting people to get interested in these important companies. Since the modern world is in full swing, a lot of these are crucial options to consider.

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