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weBoost Wilson Cell Phone Booster Kit for Oil and Petroleum Industry

Posted by on Feb 19, 2016

Cell phone booster for oil and petroleum industry

Getting a strong signal may not be something you think is important if you're sitting in your comfortable home and enjoying your cup of coffee, but it is something that can really make a difference in pleasant and decent work conditions for some of the jobs out there. No, this isn't referring to those who work in busy call centres or warehouses, but instead, we're focusing on those who work in the oil and petroleum industry. Consider the rig shown above that is offshore with a cell tower at a great distance causing mobile calls - An only means of communication to drop or fade with static and choppy voice. Consider the mobile data transfers occurring at agonizingly slow speeds instead of ultra fast 4G LTE capabilities simply because the cellular reception is weak. This is a job market that not many people think about in terms of needing a strong signal, but it is actually just as important as those business buildings or warehouses. Here's what you need to know about it.

How does a Wilson cell phone booster kit help?

There're many ways a Wilson cell phone booster kit can help in oil industry. The best way to summarize it is to think about it in the same way as you would think about any other kind of workplace. Those who work in the oil fields are in spaces where radio antennas are a little harder to come by, and when they are specifically placed to be of help, they get a lot of action so that data transfer can still be slow and full of all sorts of errors that lead to major problems. If there're dips and changes in the terrain of these large work spaces, there is even more chance of this happening.

A weBoost cell phone booster kit allows for the data to be uploaded, downloaded, stored, changed, etc. much faster so that information is available to those who need it right when they need it. It makes the workload easier and faster to do, meaning costs are cut for the company and better working conditions for everyone involved, from those on the ground to those in the offices keeping track of everything.

What role do weBoost cell phone boosters play?

weBoost cell phone boosters play the role of making everything much easier for those who are trying to get a hard job done. The fact that information can get from place to place with little difficulty can help those who are waiting on live information able to work faster. A faster work process in location "A" leads to a faster and more thorough work process in location "B", and so on. Accurate, consistently updated information is crucial in these kinds of industries to keep everyone working safely and quickly on all ends of the spectrum. The faster information uploads, etc. is available, the better the communication between workers.

If you boil it all down, Wilson cell phone boosters mean the difference in the things that count in workplaces: Safety, communication, quicker pace. They are all the things that need to be considered in locations such as these, that need all the help they can get in creating a good working environment.

What needs to be done to get it in place?

If this is sounding like something you would like to consider for your company, or if you're looking at it and wondering whether or not you're a good fit, take a look at things to consider.

Firstly, make sure you are in need of a Wilson cell phone booster kit. If you already have one that is not doing the trick, consider the option of upgrading to a better quality one. For example, our old Wilson cellular amplifiers from back in 1999 are old school compared to our newest commercial grade 4G LTE Wilson Pro 70 series that can each boost Voice, 3G, 4G, and ultra fast LTE data reception to up to whopping 50,000 square feet of indoor space!

Secondly, think about it from a financial perspective: If you're in a company that spends 30 hours a week doing a job that could be done in 25 or 20 hours if a good weBoost cell phone booster kit was put in place, you might want to consider this. If you crunch the numbers, that should help make the decision for you in black and white.

Make sure you can get all of the hardware (or that you already have the right stuff for the job) before committing to it. No one wants to see a promise of efficiency yanked away from you due to something technical like that.

The thing to remember when looking at oil and petroleum industry is that it does not take much to make the work day long and strenuous, leading to poor spirits overall. While a Wilson cell phone booster kit isn't a fairy godmother, it could be the magic bullet you need to make it a better environment for those that work so hard. Take a look at all of the points that we talked above, and discuss with your co-workers or managers to see if you think your environment in specific could benefit from them. They are right for some, and not so much for others. If you're recognizing those problem as your own, consider the option of purchasing one from us. Thank you for your anticipated business in advance.

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