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​weBoost Yagi Antenna Installation

Posted by on May 01, 2015

Quite a few inquiries have been received regarding proper way to install Yagi antenna. Therefore, we would like to elaborate on the process on how to install a weBoost Yagi Antenna. You will soon be on your way to enjoying a stronger signal, extended range and fewer dropped calls. weBoost offers several different Yagi Antennas, but the basic installation process for each remains the same.

Before you begin, make sure you have all the parts of your system: The Yagi Antenna, the mounting hardware, and the correct cables. Read through installation guide provided and select the optimal location to install your Yagi Antenna. We recommend selecting a location with the most unobstructed line of site in the direction of the cell phone provider's strongest signal. If you are using a wireless amplifier, make sure the Yagi is not pointing across your own roof.

The Yagi Antenna should be mounted horizontally with the elements vertical. Included mounting bracket is adjustable and will accommodate pipe diameters from 1 1/4" to 2". Mount the Yagi so there is three feet of clearance in all directions around it. Once the Yagi Antenna is attached to a pole, you can adjust it for maximum performance. For the best results, attach your cell phone to the antenna using an external adapter and one length of coaxial cable. weBoost external adapters are available for most cell phone models at /connectors/. Once your cell phone is connected to the Yagi Antenna, put your phone into test mode. The process for putting your cell phone into test mode varies - see /blog/field-test-mode-an-overview-enabling-it-on-your-phone/

After your phone is in test mode, you can adjust your Yagi Antenna for maximum performance. Turn your Yagi Antenna in ten degree increments while checking your cell phone signal level. At each point you may need to wait a few seconds as the phone updates. Once you have obtained the strongest signal possible, fully tighten the mounting hardware. Finally, run your cables to the desired location. You can attach the antenna directly to your cell phone using an external adapter or a weBoost Amplifier. You're done! Now you are ready to enjoy a stronger signal and say goodbye to dropped calls...

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