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West Hollywood Luxury Home Installs WilsonPro Signal booster

Posted by on May 28, 2017

A West Hollywood luxury home has WilsonPro 70 Plus signal booster installed with superior results accomplished after disappointment from a competitor’s signal amplifier.

West Hollywood Luxury Home Seeks WilsonPro Signal booster.

Location Details.

With a cell phone amplifier from a competitor already installed in the luxury home, the coverage had refused to enhance the signal to the chagrin of the homeowner. 6,000 square feet made up the residence with Los Angeles in the distance. The frustrations were worsened after the competitor refused to troubleshoot the problem. A better, superior, more powerful and working signal booster was required, including proper troubleshooting to leave behind workings signals from all carriers for cell phones and cellular devices in the entire home.

Major Concern.

Replace the nonfunctioning signal booster and install a working solution after troubleshooting. It had to be strong enough to surpass the home’s structural elements made up of coated energy-efficient glass, concrete and other high-tech materials, including the complex architectural design of the residence with diverse interior walls and many rooms.

Proposed Solution.

It was realized the signal amplifier setup in place had a problem locating the closest cell tower. Thus, amplifying the signal inside the residence was next to impossible. Measuring the exterior of the home ascertained the need for extra donor antennas across the home’s roof as well; the residence was found to be suspended between an east and a west side tower belonging to different cellular service providers. When one antenna was directed towards one tower the coverage dropped suddenly.

Two donor antennas were proposed and positioned in opposite directions thus picking signals from the two different cellular towers. The amplifiers were also adjusted combining both cellular tower signals before boosting the signals inside the residence. WilsonPro 70 Plus was proposed as a significant part of the solution due to its ability to boost multiple carriers simultaneously and its ability to cover large spaces and homes. The homeowner had the WilsonPro signal booster plugged in together with the competitor’s to see the contrast; WilsonPro’s accomplished finer, powerful and better results.

About WilsonPro.

Leader in commercial cellular amplifier systems technology, WilsonPro is a unique brand with the most professionally advanced and powerful signal boosters that easily ensure a building has the strongest possible cell signal. The booster systems can be used in any setting, from fleet, security to commercial arrangements.

Post Installation Results.

  • Major Signal coverage improvement.
  • Working signal in all rooms.


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SOURCE: Originally posted at WILSONPRO.COM. Modified to highlight WilsonPro cell phone signal booster system installation improved reception inside West Hollywood, California luxury home where competing manufacturer signal booster installation did not get the job done. Cell Phone Signal Booster was not the installer of the system in this case study.

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