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What do the green, orange, and red lights indicate on signal amplifiers?

Posted by on Apr 18, 2015

indicator light on weBoost amplifier

Understanding the lights on signal amplifiers

In this discussion, we will discuss and troubleshoot all the different light codes on your weBoost signal booster. Blinking green lights indicate the signal booster is in install mode and everything is set up and working properly. After 15 minutes the lights will become solid green. Blinking orange lights found on boosters with adjustable gain control indicate that the unit is experiencing signal overload typically from a nearby cell tower that is overwhelming the booster. The best option to correct this condition is to de-tune your antenna. To do this with a directional outside antenna, simply point the antenna away from the cell tower until the light on your signal booster turns green.

If you have an omni outside antenna, you will not be able to de-tune your antenna. Instead you will need to dial down the gain control on the frequency band that is blinking orange until you see a blinking green light. The booster is now working properly with reduced gain.

Solid red lights indicate that the signal booster has shut down to prevent oscillation. Usually this means that inside and outside antennas are too close together, which creates a feedback loop similar to what happens when you get a microphone too close to a speaker. Therefore, further separation may be needed. To make it operate correctly, another way to overcome a solid red light caused by antennas being too close together is to turn the dial on the front of the booster to a lower number in small increments until the light turns green making sure to wait five seconds between adjustments. However, please note that doing so, will probably result in a reduced coverage area in your building. If you do not have a booster featuring adjustable gains, consult your installation manual.

Let us recap:

Green - The lights will blink green when unit is powered up and working properly. After a 15 minute installation period the lights will switch from blinking to solid green.

Orange - Blinking orange lights indicate the booster has shut down due to close proximity to a cell tower. First, de-tune the antenna as described earlier. If after de-tuning the antenna you still see a blinking orange light, turn down the gain control on the band that is blinking orange until you get a blinking green light.

Red - If either of the two lights is solid red, your booster has shut down to prevent the potential for oscillation. If this happens, make sure all connections are tight, then reduce the gain of the booster in small increments by rotating the gain control counter clockwise. Wait five seconds between each adjustment. Continue this adjustment until the light turns green. If after adjusting the gain controls your cellular coverage area is not adequate, you will need to create more separation between your antennas. Move the inside and outside antenna further apart. Then increase the gain on the booster.

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