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What is Automatic Gain Control or AGC? Find out all about it!

Posted by on Aug 01, 2015

Why Automatic Gain Control Is So Important? 

AGC, or Automatic Gain Control, is probably the most advanced feature available on today's cell phone signal boosters.

Automatic Gain Control

And why is AGC so great for signal booster owners? Because once the signal boost system has been installed, you never have to worry about it again. You will never need to re-adjust or re-tune the booster, even if the local signal environment changes. Your AGC will take care of everything!

What Does AGC Accomplish?

The AGC of the cell signal booster is able to:

  • Detect the incoming signal level on each of its frequency bands.
  • Adjust itself, based on the incoming signal, to provide the necessary level of boost on each frequency band.
  • Ensure maximum signal level and coverage area.

Gain control is very similar to the volume button on a television set: On the television set, you're able to turn the volume up or down, as required. The AGC does this automatically: It senses when the booster "volume", per se should be higher or lower, then makes that adjustment without any human intervention.

Here's a different way to visualize how AGC works. If you were standing (approximately) forty feet away from someone you want to speak to, then you would need to speak with a louder voice than normal to make sure that person could hear you. However, you would reduce the volume of your voice as you walked closer to the person whilst continuing to speak, and still be heard.

This is very similar to the way AGC works. If an available cell signal is weak due to the distance from the cell tower, or perhaps due to obstructions between the cell tower and you, AGC will sense this weak signal condition, causing the booster to increase signal strength both ways; incoming from the tower to the device, and outgoing from the device to the tower.

If you are close to the tower, or there are few or no obstructions blocking the signal, then the signal will probably be stronger, so AGC automatically senses this strong signal condition and automatically dials back the booster to ensure that the amplified signal cannot overpower the cell tower; whilst still continuing to deliver maximum signal reach and coverage under those conditions.

The Importance of AGC

AGC is ideal if you have a cell phone booster in your home, because you can simply set a signal booster, then forget about it. Even if signal conditions change over time, the AGC will automatically adjust the booster's signal "volume" level by raising or lowering it as necessary.

We know that signal levels can fluctuate a lot during any one day, altering from weaker to stronger and back again, depending on conditions. But it does not matter, because when that happens it is not a problem. The AGC automatically senses the change and adjusts the signal booster as required.

Even if a permanent change in the signal environment occurs, like perhaps a new cell tower is erected across the street, the AGC feature automatically adjusts the booster level, as necessary, on the affected frequency bands.

And that is why AGC is so good; you simply don’t have to worry about the booster at all. Your AGC will self-optimize the signal booster levels for all networks and carriers.

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