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​What to Look for in a Commercial Cell Phone Booster.

Posted by on Aug 18, 2016

Commercial cell phone signal boosters

Learn about important features to look for, in your new commercial cell phone booster kit. Armed with this knowledge, you will make the best decision for your business. Let us assume that you have already made the decision to resolve your issue of cell phone signal black hole in your office environment. You know it will free you from the black hole which makes both you and your employees dread coming to work. What happens next? You’re already aware that installing a cell phone signal booster system will make an enormous amount of difference in the quality of voice calls and data reception on all devices right throughout your office. If you have done your own research, you will have noticed that there're quite a few cell phone signal booster systems available on the market today. Most of these booster systems are geared towards individual consumer use within homes. A few of these systems have been designed to provide signal boosting in a commercial environment in order to service your office’s employees and visitors.

Now that you know what you’re looking for, there're some technical and operational details to be aware of, when evaluating various signal boosting systems. These include ensuring that all cell phone users have equal access to the carrier of their choice.

High-Power Uplink and Downlink Ability.

At the very core of an effective commercial cell phone booster system is the ability to pull signals from nearby carrier towers. Next, to boost those signals to provide high bars of reception for all users in your workplace. Boosting equipment with high downlink power can provide more signal in workspaces where there’s already a strong incoming signal. Users will receive a stronger, amplified signal with greater coverage. It is vitally important that your system also have high uplink power, which will take the voice and data signals from all cell phones within your workspace and boost these signals prior to transmitting them back to the carrier’s towers. Strong uplink power is vital to providing improved user capacity and an ability to send clear strong signals to the most distant cell site on any carrier’s tower. All of our Wilson Pro 70 models display this ability.

Low Threshold for Overloading and Shutdown.

The strength of signals from nearby towers is an important variable in the operating efficiency of commercial cell phone signal booster systems, because, depending on power fluctuations and/or environmental factors, signals can vary widely in power. A signal that is actually too strong can cause a booster system to shut down. However, a well-engineered system has a lower overload and shutdown threshold and is thus capable of dealing with occasional bursts of extra-signal strength. When you’re looking for a booster system for your work environment, look for one that is capable of handling a major incoming power fluctuation, as much as +10 dB in strength, before it overloads and either shuts down completely or reduces power.

In situations where a carrier’s tower may be quite close to your workplace, or in urban environments, overpowering signals are a common event. The landscape, or a building’s outer construction materials, could well make a cell phone signal very poor even though the building is close to a tower, so you need a system capable of handling signal fluctuations in order to provide a more consistent overall service. All of our Wilson Pro 70 models display this ability.

Sophisticated Software with Intelligent Shutdown.

The FCC generally requires that commercial cell signal booster systems shut down when the incoming signal on a particular band is too strong. There are many commercial boosters out there which will shut down completely if the system is overloaded, with power cycling the booster being the only way to turn it back on. A professional installer will often be required to attend your worksite in order to readjust the equipment.

When you’re evaluating boosters for your own work environment, make sure you look for a system that automatically restarts once the signal decreases to an acceptable level. Or, look for the kind that does not even shut down - Just minimizes the Gain increase to dormant level and resume automatically when signals become weak indoors. The cell phone booster must contain sophisticated software in order to constantly monitor incoming signals and to make immediate adjustments if required. This allows a booster to operate on a continuous basis at maximum gain. Wilson Pro 4000R is one such advanced boosting system which will not shut down completely and require restart by technical personnel.

Carrier Agnostic Reception and Coverage.

Cell phone users have a wide variety of options when it comes to cell phone carriers, and this includes smaller regional carriers with more selective cell networks, and major national companies with extensive cell tower infrastructure. But the one constant with all cell phone users is the desire for a steady, strong signal, regardless of the carrier. A good commercial cell phone signal booster is one that has the ability to provide enhanced service by amplifying all incoming signals from all carriers. WilsonPro 4000R is one such advanced boosting system that boosts signals from all USA and Canadian Carriers.

Freestanding Technology: Non-Wi-Fi Dependent.

Ideally, you will be looking for a freestanding commercial cell phone booster that works as an independent tool in your office environment to enhance incoming signals, then re-amplify all outgoing signals; one that doesn’t piggyback onto your existing Wi-Fi network.

Unfortunately, many booster systems rely on existing Wi-Fi networks to boost their localized signal power, but these are generally residential grade equipment, or boosters with a direct affiliation to a particular carrier. The result with these boosters is that they are only as good as your Wi-Fi, and will only work when your Wi-Fi system is running at full strength. Most cell phone users have experienced the frustration of either fluctuations in strength or the complete shutdown of office Wi-Fi; both of which create low morale and reduced productivity. When you integrate a cell phone signal booster into a business’s Wi-Fi system it can cut into overall signal strength and potentially diminish critical bandwidth.

Therefore, ideally, you will be looking for a cell phone booster system that works independently from your Wi-Fi: a system that, when your office Wi-Fi system fails, will serve you faithfully for transmitting data, documents and emails. Choose a booster system that works independently from your WiFi. Wilson 4000R does not require Wi-Fi connection operate - It works independently.

For further information on WilsonPro’s cell phone signal booster systems, why not contact us today, and let us discuss your situation. Alternatively, please visit the commercial boosters section of our website to browse our commercial cell signal booster options.

Questions? Call us for a FREE product recommendation or try our automated Cell Phone Signal Booster Selector Tool. Need a cell phone booster installer? We offer installation services by a certified installing team that installs boosters nationwide across USA and Canada. Submit location details for cell phone signal booster system design & installation quote to have your amplifier kit installed by professionals.

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