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What to Look for When Buying a Cell Phone Signal Amplifier?

Posted by on Aug 07, 2014

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The cell phone penetration in the United States and Canada is over 90%, which is as high as it gets. Smartphone usage in both countries is almost universal. The cellular networks in North America, such as Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, are among the biggest companies in the world. And yet, issues such as dropped calls, slow internet speed and poor cellular signal strength persist.

Is there a way around this problem? There sure is one – it is called by many names - WiFi signal amplifier, cell phone signal amplifier, and antenna signal amplifier - but what it does is to take the cell phone signals sent by the carrier and to amplify it by 24 to 32 times. Here, we won’t go into the technical details of how to amplify mobile WiFi signal, but will tell you how to select the right cell signal amplifier to address any issue that you may have with your cellular connectivity. The last thing you need is to buy an inferior product which has no effect on your cell phone reception. So here’s how to select the right antenna signal amplifier or cell signal amplifier.

Is it bi-directional?

You should look for an antenna signal operator that is bi-directional, which means it boosts both uplink and downlink signals. Now, the problem with some amplifiers is that they work wonderfully with the downlink signal, but don’t do much to amplify the outgoing signal. Clearly, you need more than that to have an effective two-way communication. Wilson signal amplifiers are bi-directional and work well with both uplink and downlink signals.

What about the receiver sensitivity?

Here’s what you should know – it is the receiver sensitivity that decides how effective the cell signal amplifier is, at picking weak signals that a normal smartphone won’t be able to pick up. You should pick an amplifier with maximum receiver sensitivity. Many manufacturers claim to provide this, but may not have measured the sensitivity of a piece before shipping it to you. This is not an issue with Wilson Electronics, which tests every unit before shipping to the customer.

What about the output power?

The #1 reason for dropped calls to occur is low output power from the cell phone to the cell site. There are a lot of amplifiers that don’t deliver the sort of output power you really need – in fact they offer even less output power than your cell phone in a bid to keep costs down. This really beats the purpose of buying them in the first place. You are guaranteed to get a high output power with Wilson signal amplifiers.

Does it prevent oscillation?

When the cell signal amplifier's antennas are placed too close to each other, this only causes the device to oscillate. This can be problematic as the FCC strictly prohibits the use of any cell phone signal amplifier that has not been designed according to strict design specifications. Does your amplifier have any oscillation protection? Oscillation protection means that the amplifier gets shut down automatically if it happens to oscillate. All amplifiers made by Wilson Electronics are designed with tested and patented automatic oscillation protection.

Does it have protection against cell site overload?

A top rated cell signal amplifier should have the capability of estimating its proximity to a cell tower and reducing its output power automatically when it is too close – otherwise this could cause irreparable damage to the cell site. Many cell phone signal amplifiers sold in the market do not have this very important feature. That is why you are better off buying Wilson Signal Amplifiers as they come with overload protection.

How’s the customer service?

You have every right to expect 100% customer satisfaction from the manufacturers or sellers of the mobile WiFi signal amplifier. The customer service should be attentive, professional, and resolve issues as and when they crop up. They should have a short response time as well.

Do you get a Money Back Guarantee? What about the warranty?

All Wilson Electronics products come with a 60-day Money Back Guarantee. This means you are entitled to a refund if you feel that your device doesn’t work as promised. You are also given a 2 year warranty by Wilson Electronics on all products – so you can get a faulty part replaced or repaired for no additional cost.

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