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Why are Cell Phone Boosters Becoming More Popular In North America in 2016?

Posted by on Jan 31, 2016

Rise in popularity of cell phone signal boosters

Cell phone boosters are among the hottest selling products at many online retailers as well as big-box stores across the USA and Canada. Almost every other person you know has a cell phone signal booster at home, office or car. What explains their huge popularity? It is easy to see why people might need signal boosters – they solve problems associated with weak cell phone reception such as dropped calls. According to a survey conducted by Pew Internet and the American Life Project, 72 percent of Americans suffer from dropped calls at some point, and 32 percent experience the problem as frequently as a few times a week. You don't expect folks in USA and Canada, two of the richest countries in the world with the best telecom infrastructure to have issues with poor cell phone reception and dropped calls, but they do. Let us find out why?

Causes of Poor Cell Phone Reception in the U.S. and Canada

There are generally two reasons for weak cell phone signals – the closest cell tower is either too far away, or there are obstructions in the path for cellular signals to travel to them.

The Nearest Cell Tower is at a Great Distance Away

The top wireless carriers in both the United States and Canada have an extensive network of cellular towers that are strategically placed across the country. As long as you are within this network, your smartphone will connect to the nearest cellular tower automatically and receive signals of a reasonable strength. But if you happen to be at the edge of the coverage offered by the nearest tower, you cannot latch on to another tower and have to reckon with weak signal strength. The further you are from the cellular tower; weaker will be the signal strength, which makes maintaining a consistent connection so much harder.

There are Too Many Obstructions

Another reason for a weak cell phone reception could be that there are too many obstructions between the cellular tower and the cell phone such as hills, trees, buildings, which interfere with cellular signals. Building materials such as metal sidings, wire mesh and concrete affect the signal strength as well. Window tinting obstructs the signals too. Next, let’s look at how cell phone signal boosters solve these issues.

How does a Cell Phone Signal Booster solve these problems?

A cell phone signal booster amplifies a weak external signal, bypasses all obstructions and supplies your phone with a strong inside signal. It can amplify a weak external signal by as much as 24 to 32 times. It is easy to set up a cell phone booster or amplifier – mount the outside antenna on the roof or on a window of a building that receives the strongest external signal. Mount an inside antenna in the room where the coverage needs improvement. Connect both the outside and inside antennas by cable to the signal amplifier. The outside antenna picks up the signal, the amplifier boosts it by 24 to 32 times, and the inside antenna broadcasts the stronger signal to the room so that your mobile phone can pick it up. The system works just as well in the reverse, to allow for a perfect two-way communication.

Here’s what really made Cell Phone Signal Boosters Popular in the U.S. and Canada…

It was the FCC approval, simple. The Federal Communications Commission did a lot of research on cell phone signal boosters and found that they were based on a genuine technology and were legitimate devices. Therefore, FCC approved the use of cell phone boosters and made it mandatory for consumers to have these devices registered with their wireless carrier.

The FCC came to a conclusion that cell phone boosters designed properly and certified by them do not interfere with a carrier networks. In fact, they simply extend the coverage of carrier networks to areas that are historically known to get poor cell phone reception. Soon after, the IC (Industry Canada) approved the use of cell phone signal boosters as well.

The twin approvals by the FCC and IC woke up most people to the fact that cell phone signal boosters were based on a technology that actually works and actually do as advertised. Since then, the sales of cell phone boosters in both the US and Canada have skyrocketed.

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