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Why Cell Phone Antenna Booster Sticker Won't Work

Posted by on Aug 26, 2014

Cell phone antenna booster sticker.

Back in early 2000's, when cell phones were relatively new in the U.S., there were many companies that used to sell little stickers that looked like golden colored metallic electronics circuits and called them antenna stickers or antenna booster stickers. The manufacturers of these contraptions claimed that the stickers improved cell phone reception and that they were based on solid physics.

Needless to say, these products were found to be woefully ineffective and after making an initial splash in the marketplace, died a silent death. Even today, there are many companies or individuals who give away these antenna stickers for free along with the purchase of another product or sell them for really low prices, such as $7.99 or $13.99. Cell phone signal booster sticker as seen on tv reviews clearly show that these have no technical feasibility to boost reception.

Obviously, since these antenna stickers are priced so low, you don’t lose much by buying them. If they work, that's great, if they don't, at least they look good and maybe you can impress your friends with them! But really, the antenna stickers are pretty worthless and do nothing to improve your cell phone reception. What they do is to besmirch the reputation of legitimate products such as cell phone signal boosters, which are FCC approved and are based on a genuine technology.

Antenna booster stickers – they are not really based on any technology, regardless of the claims made by their manufacturers. Let us analyze some of the claims: The manufacturers of these stickers say that they are based on the principle of "resonant circuits". In theory, when a resonant circuit or a circuit with the same frequency as an RF receiver is placed close to it, it draws in the signals and amplifies them for the receiver.

You're probably familiar with the tuning fork analogy in physics – when you strike a tuning fork that is of the same frequency of another tuning fork and place next to it, both tuning fork start vibrating together. This is the theory on which resonant circuits are based on. However, what the manufacturers of these antenna stickers don't tell you is that for this theory to work, the resonant circuit will have to be made of conductive material. The tuning forks of the same frequency start vibrating because they are made of conductive material.

If you were to scratch the surface of the antenna stickers made by various manufacturers, and check them for conductivity with an Ohm’s Meter, you will find that not even one of them is even remotely conductive – none of them are made of conductive materials. Therefore, if they are not conductive, the principle of resonant circuits does not really work with them. They cannot possibly work - Guaranteed. Don't waste your money - Although cheap, they are no good whatsoever. Unless you're exceptionally good at implementing the power of positive thinking to make them work:)

Besides, if these stickers were really so good, Apple and Samsung would certainly include them with their handsets. The fact that they are technologically worthless is why they are given away for free or sold for next to nothing. Instead of wasting your time with these antenna stickers, we recommend buying cell phone signal boosters made by Wilson Electronics. These devices are made in USA devices and are approved by the Federal Communications Commission. There's a portable cell phone booster model that costs only $179.99 and it can boost signal both at home as well as in the car.

They improve your cell phone reception even if you are in an area that gets a very unreliable coverage from your wireless carrier; they extend your cell phone’s battery life as your phone will have to work less to catch the signals; they improve the data speed or internet speed on your phone and ensure that all of your calls get completed – there’s no question of having a dropped call when you have a cell phone booster by Wilson Electronics in the house.

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