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Why Cell Phone Booster Installation Determines Its Performance

Posted by on Jan 22, 2018

Find out how professional and expert cell phone signal booster installer's attention to details can help any cellular signal amplifier kit installation perform at its peak. How the cell phone signal booster kit is installed will determine its overall performance. A signal booster seeks to improve cellular signal indoors. If the cables and antennas are poorly placed the cell reception might not be enhanced as desired. Through trained, licensed and qualified installers, the performance of the system can be maximized with ease.

Quality of Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation Determines its Performance.

The specialized installer will stick to the most ideal practices and follow correct protocols to ensure the client's cell phone signal has been improved and the poor reception done away with. Trained hands ensure system malfunction doesn't happen, which will save the homeowner, business owner or cellular reception booster user money and time. There're a number of reasons why cellular reception repeater installation has an effect on its performance.

Site survey importance.

As mentioned, the way installation of a cell phone signal booster is done determines its performance. One of the reasons why installation will either fail or succeed is a site survey. If it wasn't performed then installer failed from the start. Site surveys are perfect ways of gaining more insight on the quality of the cellular signal around the site. It is also a wonderful way of determining where the strongest most reliable signal comes from.

Clearly, the signal strength outside has a huge impact on the wireless framework of a cellular repeater system. If external signal strength is very poor or low, installer will most likely determine the correct hardware required to ensure the signal can been captured and amplified inside the building.

Surveying the site perfectly helps identify sections of a building where the signal is dead or weak. In turn, this information gives installer an insight to know the most ideal installation areas of donor antenna outside and the broadcast antenna inside.

The typical cell phone can actually check the quality of the signal strength via the device's test mode. However, carrying out a survey in this manner doesn't offer comprehensive insights on the site because it shows signal strength of only the carrier providing service to that phone. A typical cell phone will always be limited to a specific cell carrier and hardly the best to offer insight on a multicarrier system that you seek. Secondly, the signal information of a cell phone takes time to update so the process becomes very tedious. An installer uses a signal meter to check signal strength of all carriers and install accordingly. Therefore, all family members and guests with service with other service providers can also enjoy enhanced signals.

Signal meters are better than using cell phone to test signal. The signal meter renders accurate information during a site survey. It is a handheld unique professional gadget displaying all manner of information such as strength, bandwidth and reception frequency to precise levels. Secondly, while a cell phone can keep you waiting for some time waiting for the signal to update, signal meters work by updating their metrics in real-time.

Antenna choices.

The typical successful cell phone signal booster installation means that the right antenna for your site has to be selected. A professional installer for instance uses site survey information to choose the best antennas capable of working with your cellular reception booster kit. The origin of a signal and signal strength will determine the kind of antenna to go for, whether it will be Yagi or Omni. It also affects the mounting and placement of the antenna.

The site survey insight allows the installer to determine whether Omni-directional antenna is the choice you need. An omni-directional antenna draws signal in a 360-degree complete motion in the process capturing all external signals available on the site. Omni antennas are perfect in a building where the quality of the signal strength is generally good. Captured from all available cell towers, strategically positioning the antenna won’t be needed since the incoming signal is much better.

The directional antenna, Yagi, is perfect for buildings with a very weak cell phone signal. Being directional means antenna should be pointed towards a precise direction. As the Yagi antenna is pointed towards the source of a cellular reception, all the radio waves from that direction will be boosted tremendously.

Canada and United States are vast in geography and distance. Lots of areas have zero to very weak cellular signals while others are affected by building materials and indoor equipment such as electronics. Through the site survey, an installer will also determine whether multiple indoor broadcast antennas are required or additional cellular amplifiers are needed for the building.

The survey will allow an installer to know the total size of the building to determine the kind of cell phone signal booster needed. For instance, rather than many amplifiers, an installer might find out that a single strong cell phone signal booster, such as the Wilson Pro 4000R would be perfect for large buildings with up to 140,000 square feet.

Cable and overload.

As a cell signal moves via a cable, it loses some strength. A trained installer will ensure an efficient cellular signal system is built that reduces the cable length to maximize the reception. An installer will be determining how any extra cable used would offset the reception gain if additional boosters are needed.

Signal overloads and oscillation have an effect on the signal quality. Oscillation takes place when there's an overlay of the external and internal antennas resulting in feedback. Experienced installers actually know how to ensure oscillation doesn't occur.

If the signal entering from the outside is too strong, overload will occur. The installer comes prepared for this by carrying additional inline attenuators, implementing exterior antenna repositioning to lower the volume of the signal coming in or ensuring the donor antenna has been obstructed from the source of the strong reception.

To get the most ideal performance of your cell phone signal booster a trained installer with lots of experience is highly recommended.

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