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Why do we need a Signal Booster, Amplifier, or Repeater?

Posted by on Mar 11, 2017

Checkout the list of top five reasons your cell phone signal gets interrupted and consequently find out how to enjoy uninterrupted strong cellular reception.

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In our always-on data-driven world, a reliable cell phone signal is not optional, it is required. Why then does it seem like getting and maintaining a reliable cell signal is such a hit-or-miss proposition? We have all dropped a call, have been unable to send a text at one time or another, or could not download a web page because of signal issues. When we experience such signal issues, we're most likely to blame the carrier or poor cell coverage. But did you ever stop and think about all the things that could be blocking the signal from making it to your phone? Here's a list of the top five things that block your cell phone signal.

No 1: Distance from the nearest cell tower.

This is the first thing we think of, when we drop a call or lose connection. After all, a cellular signal consists of radio frequency waves. It reacts like any other RF signal. Think about it like the radio in your car. The receiver, in our case the cell phone, may be too far away from the signal source, for example, the cell tower. The signal will be then weak or maybe altogether unusable. Maybe you look at your cell phone and you see you have one or two bars. However, you can't place or receive a call. The phone may ring but when you pick it up to answer, there's no one on other end. This happens because your phone isn't powerful enough to send a signal all the way back to that distant cell tower. Just like you lose reception of a radio channel when you drive away from the city where it is broadcasted.

No 2: Local terrain features.

Hills, mountains, bluffs, ridges or similar types of terrain can all block your cell phone signal. Any time higher ground comes between you and the cell tower, it is going to cause cell signal issues. If you live in, or travel through areas of hilly terrain, you may have cell signal one moment. Then you go around the corner or into a dip and the signal vanishes. It will then return a few minutes later. That is the terrain messing with your cell signal.

No 3: Man-made obstructions.

A nearby water tower, a bridge or a highway overpass. Pretty much anything made by humans has ability to cause problems with your cell connectivity. Metal and concrete make it difficult for RF energy or signal-ways to pass through. Therefore, anything made with those materials is going to cause problems with your cell phone signal. In urban settings, structures can be the main culprit that block cell signal. Large buildings like any natural or man-made obstruction can deflect or distort RF waves. Driving into a parking garage is a foolproof way of dropping your cell phone connection. We have already covered concrete and metal. However, nearly any building material can weaken or block the cell signal from passing through: Shingles, wood, drywall, masonry or even glass, especially energy-efficient windows. This is why when you're at home, at work or inside any building you can experience call quality issues. The signal quality is almost always better outside of the building.

No 4: Vehicles.

This probably comes as no surprise. We have all had problems communicating from inside the vehicle. Then we notice a marked improvement in call quality or data transfer speeds when we’re outside of the vehicle. Those metal and glass encased cocoons we drive in, do an excellent job of blocking cell phone signal. Research shows that on average, the signal strength drops by about thirty percent inside vehicles.

No 5: Vegetation.

It may be hard to believe but trees and shrubbery, or any kind of foliage can absorb cell signal. Ask anyone who lives in a heavily wooded area. They will tell you that trees are wonderful things but they do not enhance cell signal.

Bonus blocker: Atmospheric conditions.

Would you believe the dust particles in our air can actually weaken cell phone signal? Or on a foggy day, water vapor in air can actually defuse RF signal?


Above listed are the things that block cell phone signal. Fortunately, there's a solution. A cell phone signal booster will solve all these problems. It will provide you with a strong reliable signal.

For detailed explanation with illustrations, please watch the video shown at the top. Contact us if you need any assistance with selecting the most suitable wireless signal booster that meets all your mobile reception needs in home, workplace, or vehicle.

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