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Why install a commercial signal booster professionally?

Posted by on Aug 20, 2016

Commercial signal boosters are powerful products with many components, and the installation requirements are stricter. You may have decided that it is time to install a commercial cell phone signal booster because of poor indoor reception, frequency of dropped calls, or generally an unreliable signal. Whatever the reason, installing a cell phone booster is the right business decision because better cell reception leads to an increase in workplace productivity. It means that every user in the office will get better mobile reception regardless of their carrier, which can only be good for staff morale and business growth.

Now that you have made the decision to install a commercial grade cell signal booster system, it is important to understand that this is not something you can do on your own; and it may not even be the task to be delegated to your company’s IT department or your building maintenance team. We recommend hiring a professional installer, because commercial cell signal amplifiers are different from residential boosters: They are powerful products with many components, and the installation requirements are stricter. Handing this task over to a trained installation professional will ensure that Federal regulations are followed; you will get the best benefit from the equipment itself, ultimately ensuring that you get the best possible coverage. Below we have listed the reasons why you should rely on a professional installer for your commercial cell signal booster system.

Professional Installer

It is their job to understand the nuances of signal frequency and strength.

A trained and certified installation expert is experienced in both detecting and maximizing radio frequencies specific to various carriers, such as AT&T and Verizon; including their services, such as 3G data and voice. To some extent, an entire booster system’s performance is based on the pre-existing signal strength of these frequencies.

Finding and isolating each one can be very challenging, particularly when you’re installing a wide-band system which has been specifically designed to simultaneously amplify all frequencies and all cell carrier signals. In order to produce the strongest possible reception inside your building, an experienced professional has expertise in detecting and fine-tuning all radio frequencies.

They have got the right equipment.

In order to complete a professional job installing the booster system and to detect the existing cell signal strength, a professional installer requires a variety of tools. Using a Signal Meter is the most reliable way of determining the existing signal strength: The signal meter takes a strength reading in decibels (dBm).

Installers can make informed decisions using this professional-grade handheld device which detects and displays with absolute certainty the available signal frequency, bandwidth, and strength.

And of course, the installation could well require alterations to a wall, rooftop, or ceiling; and a professional installer has the appropriate experience and power tools to guarantee a clean installation with a professional finished look.

They have plenty of experience at balancing the system components.

Multiple components make up a commercial signal booster system, and these require customized installation to ensure that the strongest indoor cell signal will be broadcast. For example, your professional installer will be able to determine how many antennas and amplifiers are required based on the layout of the building, the square footage, and the existing signals from nearby towers.

They instinctively know where the antenna should be placed and the best way of running the coaxial cable to connect them. They also have expertise in understanding how the use of signal splitters, long cable runs, and in-line supplemental amplifiers can affect signal losses or gains, and with that knowledge they’re able to achieve maximum performance by balancing the entire booster system.

They understand federal regulations.

These professional installers are trained to comply with Federal regulations regarding cell phone boosters. In addition, they are expected to have full knowledge of the laws pertaining to cell signal booster technology, and understand the process of installing equipment to ensure that it complies with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) or IC (Industry Canada) regulations. Certifications from these federal agencies provide an assurance to the public that cell signal boosters don’t interfere with cellular network and that they work as they’re designed to.


The point is, cell signal booster installers are professionals! Each and every installer has undergone vigorous training (complete with background checks); they are prepared for various installation scenarios, and they are experienced enough to perform a cleaner, quicker job in any type of building.

If a problem should arise (and they often do) they have likely experienced this many times before and they know how to resolve the issues. In addition, many installers have the backup of a corporate team in situations where extra support is needed.

As you can see from the above, the best way to ensure a stress-free and efficient installation of your cell phone booster is to use a professional installer. If you need to install a cell signal booster system in a commercial situation, then choose our recommended WilsonPro certified installer for equipment design and installation.

Wilson Pro has an excellent reputation in the industry and are particularly renowned for their powerful commercial grade cell signal booster systems, their network of reliable professional installers and excellent customer service.

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