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​Why Installing Cell Phone Updates ASAP is Important.

Posted by on Sep 18, 2016

Your smartphone is your life, plain and simple. You love using your cellphone for all kinds of things like games, making cell-phone calls, texting, you name it. Maybe you protect your precious device with a fancy case or some sort of warranty plan, but there is something else that you could be doing to protect the contents of your phone even more: installing those pesky updates that you hit “Ignore” on so often. Yes, I understand that there is a reason you are hitting “Ignore” rather often, but you have to remember that there is a reason, as well, that your phone wants you to update itself - ASAP. Not sure as to why this is "extremely" important? That is okay, you will understand - Read the following and have your loved ones read it too:

Install cell phone updates ASAP

Hackers are smart.

In today's day and age, you know how easy it is to have a virus on your computer. All it takes is a mistaken click of the mouse and, boom, you have got a problem so huge that you do not know now. No matter how smart you are, even the best of us fall prey to this every once in a while because there are too many to avoid them all.

Your smart-phone is the same thing, and worse in some cases. Hackers know that more people do their “vulnerable” research on their smart phone, so they are going to try and access you through mobile website with tricky pop ups, apps that seem legit but really aren't, etc. So, hackers are turning away from anti-virus protected computers to your vulnerable phones instead. This is the first problem that you are going to find when using anything related to the internet on your phone: You aren't protected, and the updates that your phone provides are similar to what an anti-virus would provide if you did a scan, or it put up an extra firewall.

They prey on the weak.

As mentioned, surfing Google or 9Gag on your phone is something that you do to relax on the bus ride home or when you're in bed late at night. You're more likely to click on different things because your brain is not totally focused and you're switching between apps. Hackers know they can get to you and your information that they can sell to an information grabber simply by putting a spyware link to tap on right where you would normally tap to continue to the next page. They are designing these dangerous add-ons and links to deliberately get you without realizing it.

We all have those moments where we go to tap “next”and right as we do, the site glitches and shifts, and we click on a pop up that takes us to a strange website... those frustrating moments are exactly what we're talking about. You aren't paying attention (or, not as much as you would be on a computer), and this is how you accidentally click on something that is in the exact position that the “next” button would be. Voila, you have a virus on your phone.

Updates to your phone are more than just “tweaks”.

You may be wondering how all of this is related to updating your phone, right? Well, your phone installs those system updates to keep those links out of your phone. That is, the spyware links that you accidentally tap on won't even be able to pop up on your phone if you regularly install updates because phone security updates are meant to keep these hackers away from your phone. The updates include lines of code and tweaks to the software of your phone that are going to keep your information as safe as possible with extra lines of defence and added detection of hacker programs.

When you install the updates, you're putting up an extra line of defence between yourself and those dangerous people out there that want to access your information and monitor your phone usage for all sorts of twisted reasons. If you haven't updated your phone and you are known for link surfing, there is a good chance that you have a virus on your phone right now. Therefore, updates are important and really need to be taken seriously if you want to keep your information safe. Everything from your contacts to your photos could be potentially be exposed.

They're the only line of real defense on your phone.

Simply put, these updates are the only real line of defence that you have against hackers because cell phone anti-virus protection is in its very early stages right now. Especially Apple iPhone hardware and software (including the new iPhone 7) is such that it sandboxes respective memory compartments and does not let anti-virus software to access all of its data for scanning purposes (who knows - Apple iOS may not trust the anti-virus maker itself assuming that cell phone anti-virus app itself may have something bad up their sleeve?). Maybe someday in the not-too-distant future, there will be some kind of legitimate anti-virus option that our cell phones can have (anything you see in the App Store or Google Play right now is not to be trusted!) to keep us and our information, but right now that technology just doesn't exist, in my opinion.

Think of these updates (and they only take, what... 5 minutes to install?) as your protection from bad people and bad intentions out there. Yes, it is frustrating to install them when you're in the middle of that hard level of Candy Crush, or a Snapchat war, but you need to remind yourself of the stakes and make sure that you install them as soon as possible.

There you have it, all of the information that you need to see just how valuable those cell phone updates really are. So, do yourself and favour and hit “install updates” whenever you see the notification pop up because it is well worth your time and your information to do so.

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