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Why would a cell phone drop calls?

Posted by on Jul 31, 2014

Why do cell phones drop calls?

Every cell phone circuitry consists of an antenna which receives signal from a nearest cellular tower. Wireless phones used to have external antennas that would transmit signal to, and from, the nearest cellular tower. With embedded antennas in practically all phones now, the reception has become slightly weaker. Furthermore, the increased penetration of the use of phones has thrust the phones into the hands of people living in, or traveling to, the fringes of mobile signal area coverage. Therefore, the calls would drop since a steady signal becomes unavailable in such areas. Areas such as these with weak signal also include the downtown core of major cities, where tall concrete buildings interfere with the signal from cell towers. Basements and underground transit stations are not immune to this problem, either! To combat frustration of dropped calls, effective  cell phone signal boosters are now available to boost signal significantly, to minimize call drops.

Reasons for weak signal:

  • Building Materials: Radiant barrier insulation, chicken wire and stucco walls, metal studs and roofs, concrete walls and low E windows can all block cellular signal.
  • Distance from Tower: The farther away cellular devices are from the tower, the weaker the signal will be. The result is slower data speeds and connectivity problems.
  • Natural obstructions: Mountains, hills, valleys, foliage and other natural obstructions can block and/or weaken cellular signals.
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