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Why would you want weBoost Connect 4G-X for a large building or house?

Posted by on Feb 07, 2015

weBoost Connect 4G-X is the Perfect Signal Booster for Your Home or Office

You know how annoying it is when one room in your house or office gets poor 4G, or when the signal drops during a conversation? Well, these no longer need to be a problem if you have the weBoost Connect 4GX Signal Booster System.

What Is It?

The  weBoost Connect 4G-X is the latest and most powerful signal booster from Wilson Electronics. It works with all U.S cellular network providers (except Clearwire) and will boost both your 4G and voice signals. It is ideal for large or mid-size buildings, including offices and houses.

Why Do I Need It?

Most homes and businesses have many devices connected to cellular networks at any one time. Without a signal booster, access can be slow and unreliable. The Connect 4G-X provides more signal strength. This will improve speed and reliability.

  • Stronger cell signal inside

There are no restrictions in any part of the building. You will have an excellent signal strength throughout the property.

  • Faster 4G speeds

Downloads and Internet access will be quicker and easier than before. This is perfect for connecting to webinars, online conference calls, and watching videos.

  • Fewer lost connections

You can finally get through that important call you have been waiting for, without the call dropping.

  • Battery boosting

Extra signal means less effort by your devices. The battery life of your smartphone or tablet could increase by up to 2 hours.

  • It works with multiple devices at the same time

This includes Smartphones, Tablets, MiFi devices and more. You can talk in one room while your kids surf the web in another.

  • Directional antenna included

The weBoost cell phone signal booster kit, "connect 4g-x" includes an outdoor directional antenna. Point this towards your service provider's tower for the greatest signal. It is the best choice for 4G Internet access.

Simple Installation

Installing the Connect 4G-X is simple and requires minimal tools.

  • Install the outside antenna, securing using the U-Bolt pole mounting bracket included. Point it towards your service provider's tower for maximum signal strength.
  • Install inside antenna & point this towards the area you want to receive the most signal strength. Ours is near the front door and directed towards the main living areas.
  • Connect the cable from the amplifier to outside the antenna.
  • Connect the cable from the amplifier to the inside antenna.
  • Connect the amplifier power supply.

Reliable technology is a vital part of our daily lives. Make sure you are not out of the loop, with a weBoost connect 4gx cell phone signal booster. Purchase your weBoost 471104 today and see how clearer your connections can be. 

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