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​Why weBoost 470111 drive 3g-x vehicle signal booster?

Posted by on Apr 11, 2015

weBoost 470111 Drive 3g-x boosts 3G signal like no other vehicle booster if all you need is clear cellular voice conversations. The price just cannt not beat at only $399.99.

Anyone who owns a mobile phone will probably be familiar with the concept of the data signal. For those of you that are not, the data signal on a smart phone is a measure of the connection quality in regard to data. The data signal will affect how well you can perform tasks that involve connecting to the Internet. These tasks include browsing the Internet, reading and responding to emails and many other related tasks. There are also background tasks on your phone that require an Internet connection – For example, many smart phone apps require an Internet connection before they will even open up for use.

When the data signal on your phone is low, it means that you cannot operate any of these Internet related functions or at the very least they will be very slow to operate. In addition to this lack of functionality that comes with a low data signal, you will also find that when the data signal is low, the speed of the connection will drop. For example you may go from 3G to GPRS which is a very slow data connection.

When you are travelling in a car or in fact any other vehicle, changes in the data signal strength is amplified. The main reason for this is because the data signal will be changing as you travel through different areas. Whilst you may be in a high signal area at one point in time, very shortly you may have moved into a low signal area. Not only does this affect the activities that you are using your phone for at the time, but due to the fluctuation in signal strength it may make certain activities impossible even when the strength is momentarily good.

Look to weBoost 470111 drive 3g-x in Vehicle Signal Booster for help to alleviate these reception problems.

Luckily this signal booster is available which will help to solve or at least mitigate these problems with signal strength whilst driving. The weBoost 470111 drive 3g-x is exactly that – an in-vehicle signal booster that will manage the 3g connectivity on behalf of the phone. The way that it works is to act as a go between for your phone and the 3g connection itself. The weBoost will pick up the 3g signal and then pass it on to your phone. Equally, the weBoost signal booster will also intercept the data sent from your phone and provide the amplification required before sending the data on its way. These two things combined together are what allow the weBoost to greatly amplify 3g data signals whilst you are driving.

The weboost drive 3g-x doesn’t just work in a car either; it can be used in almost any vehicle. To give a few examples the weBoost can be used in a van, caravan, mobile home or even a boat. In fact the weBoost will work in any mobile environment as long as the vehicle is situated within USA and Canada – which is where the weBoost can operate successfully. In addition to actually boosting the signals that are sent to and from the phone, the weBoost also acts as a stabilizer for the 3g signal. The reason for this is because it reduces the low points in the 3g signal strength and makes the overall connection across an extended time period much better. This results in the stability of the 3g connection being much greater than without the weboost drive 3gx fitted in the vehicle.

In addition to working for a mobile phone, which is perhaps the most common requirement, the weboost booster will also work with any cellular enabled devices. Some examples of devices that the weboost cell phone signal booster would work with include smart phones, tablets and also 3g enabled computers and laptops. As well as working with many different types of cellular enabled equipment, the device will also manage the connection for multiple devices simultaneously. This means that fitting the device into your car or other vehicle will benefit everyone on board.

Benefits of using the weBoost 470111 Drive 3g-x.

The obvious benefit to using this device is that it acts as a reception enhancer and thus will increase the strength of 3g signal within the vehicle to which it has been fitted. This is not the only benefit though, and in fact there are many different benefits that the device will bring.

A better cellular signal.

This is probably the primary benefit of the device. Once weBoost has been fitted into your vehicle, it will enhance reception and you will have a much better cellular signal within that vehicle and for all users and devices in the vehicle. This means that where signal strength may have previously been very low, it will be much stronger. In addition, it also means that when you had a reasonable signal before fitting the device, you will have a very strong signal afterwards.

As well as improving the signal strength, having the device fitted can also mean the difference between operating on GPRS and moving up to 3G which is of course a much better signal type. Even though this is probably the core benefit and one of the most obvious advantages to using the weBoost, it actually has the knock-on effect of many different improvements and benefits.

Better coverage inside your car or truck.

Of course the weBoost can increase your signal strength over all, that is probably quite obvious from the name of the device. The not so obvious advantage of using the weBoost and one that is related to the previous benefit is the fact that it can actually increase the signal coverage within the vehicle. This could be relevant in any vehicle but will be particularly relevant to larger vehicles such as trucks, mobile homes and also boats. Due to the fact that the weBoost amplifies all 3g signals within its vicinity, it will actually boost the signal range where it is fitted. So for example, if you are in a large mobile home and have the weBoost fitted, it will mean that the entire mobile home gets improved signal coverage. This in turn means that wherever you are in the vehicle, you will have the same or similar quality of 3g signal.

Stay In Touch - fewer dropped calls & lost connections.

Aside from the obvious advantages of having an increased 3g signal there is an important knock-on effect that this will have. Because the signal is increased it means that the overall signal average is also increased. This means that all of your 3g connections, on all of your devices will be more stable. Because the connection is more stable it has a beneficial effect on all of your activities that you undertake on your phone or other cellular device. The activities that will benefit include calls, Internet browsing and downloading of emails amongst others. Because the overall signal strength is improved, all of these activities that require a stable Internet connection will be improved. In turn, this helps to improve your overall experience of using your phone whilst you are travelling.

Stay productive on the road.

Using the weBoost 470111 drive 3g-x is beneficial to almost everyone – Because almost everyone has a smart phone and likes to be connected whilst travelling. But in particular, it will benefit business users by allowing them to stay productive whilst travelling.

Whether you run your own business or you work for a business, there is nothing worse than being on the road and needing to either make a call or access some online information such as an email, only to find out that you have no signal. This can often be very detrimental, causing stress and also causing problems for the person requesting the information from you. By using weBoost, you can avoid these problems by always having an increased 3g signal whilst travelling. This will allow you to stay much more productive and ensure that you are always able to access that information via your 3g connection.

Faster 3G Internet speeds.

Using the weBoost in-car 3g signal booster will also mean that you always have faster 3g Internet speeds. Anyone who uses the Internet on their phone or other device will know that speed is just as important as signal strength. Sometimes you can have a reasonable signal that allows you to browse the Internet, but the speed can be very slow. This is detrimental if you are trying to download a large document or perhaps trying to stream music or video. With weBoost, the speed of your 3g signal will be improved along with the signal strength itself. This means that you can download that document faster, browse the Internet smoothly and also stream music and video content much more efficiently than you could without the booster.

Increase battery life with a stronger signal - Up to 2 hours longer talk time.

One of the not so obvious benefits but actually a very important one is the fact that the weBoost can increase the battery life of your phone. The reason behind this is due to the fact that transmitting data over a low signal uses more battery than it would if the signal was strong. This is due to the increased workload of transferring data over a low signal as well as the increased need for error correction. Using weBoost increases signal strength and therefor makes the transfer of data over 3g a much more efficient task. In turn, this helps to increase the battery life of your phone or other cellular connected device. In fact, using weBoost booster can increase talk time of your smart phone by up to 2 hours.

Items included with weBoost Drive 3G-X 470111:

The weBoost in car 3g signal booster includes the following items:

  • weBoost Drive 3G-X High Power Amplifier
  • Outside Magnetic Mount Antenna
  • Inside Velcro Mount Antenna
  • Cigarette Lighter Power Supply
  • Installation Guide

Installing weBoost 470111 3g-x.

Installing the weBoost device into your car is very simple. In fact, the procedure for installation is much the same regardless of what vehicle you are installing it into – regardless of whether it is a car, truck or boat.

Mount Drive 3G-X Amplifier Inside Vehicle (under seat is best).

First and foremost, the device must be mounted inside the vehicle. The best place for mounting is under a seat where it is out of the way. This will avoid the device getting damaged or dismounted. It also avoids the device taking up usable space within the vehicle.

Install Outside Antenna on Vehicle Roof

The next step is to install the antenna to the outside roof of the vehicle. This will enable the device to receive and send the 3g signals in the most efficient way.

Run Antenna Cable Inside Vehicle and Connect to Amplifier

This will allow the core device to communicate with the antenna and vice versa.

Install Inside Antenna (Dash, Seat Side, Console)

The additional internal antenna should be fitted inside the vehicle and allows for increased signal between vehicle and outside mounted antenna. It also increases the 3g coverage within the vehicle.

Run Antenna Cable to Amplifier

The antenna and amplifier should then be connected via the supplied cabling.

Connect Amplifier Power Supply and Plug Into Cigarette Lighter

The unit is then connected to the cigarette litter in order to provide power to the device. At this stage, the device is fully operational and you will now have increased 3g signal strength and range within the vehicle.


Whether you are an individual who likes to stay connected whilst travelling or a businessman or woman who needs to be connected to the world at all times, the weBoost signal booster is an ideal device for the job. weBoost reception enhancer will ensure that your 3g signal within the vehicle is always maximized in terms of signal strength as well as signal speed. In summary, weBoost Drive 3GX ensures a much more pleasant experience whilst travelling and allow you to stay connected to the outside world wherever you are on your journey.

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