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​Why weBoost 470102 Drive 3G-M signal boosters for your car?

Posted by on Apr 10, 2015

Why would you want weBoost 470102 Drive 3G-M signal boosters? Well, if you mainly need clear cellular voice calls and if you still have 3G cell phone to get fast 3G data, it makes total sense to get this value priced booster kit for for only 299.99.

weBoost Drive 3G-M is your solution for the poor signals you might be experiencing with your device. For use in your car, truck, minivan, or RV - especially when you’re in abandoned places, deep in the woods and wooded areas. When having a one-bar signal is rather a miracle, the weBoost Drive 3GM signal boosters assure you the ultimate utility.

How it works.

They are basically designed to create a 3G hotspot in your vehicle using your broadband network connection. Your phone which, of course, has to be compatible with the 3G network then connects with your approval to attain better coverage. Weboost 470102 goes an extra mile and allows you to connect to more than one device at a time. This is helpful not only to the people you might be with, but in case you are in remote areas, battery dying will be the least of your worries. Streaming and GPS are essential. It assures you a wide range or rather coverage, giving you the benefit of easily streaming videos and using the global positioning system to track your location and/or guide you to your destination. You don’t have to wait ages to send and receive data, hence the idea of using it when traveling. Imagine pitching almost perfect signal strength when parked on the shoulder of a road leading to your holiday cottage. In addition, voice signals are improved since talking to and repeating words to your own self on the phone is a total pain.


Pro number one is that it has no con. So don’t rush off to the next paragraph waiting to find a mistake.

  • First of all, since it improves signals in remote areas, it installs fast for best results.
  • Weight. From the multi-user vehicle booster to the dual-band booster kit, they are made for portability. Hence, their weights are in your favor.
  • As mentioned earlier, the advantage of connecting to multiple devices. Actually all the devices in its range which are compatible can connect.
  • Your battery life is increased due to the stronger signals. As a matter of fact, you attain an extra 2hours talk-time.
  • Last but not least, you receive fewer dropped and lost connections.

Things/Tips you should know.

The weboost drive 3gm kit consists of antenna cables for the inside and outside of your vehicle, outside magnet mount antenna, a vehicle power adapter and, of course, the boosting amplifier.

  • For you who are intrigued about what type of hardware you’re purchasing, it has SMA female connectors, a maximum gain of 50dB and a frequency of 850MHz for the band 5 and 1900MHz for the band 25.
  • The weboost 470102 dual-band booster kit, also a weboost signal booster has the same uses as the multi-user vehicle booster, only that it is limited to 4 users.
  • It boosts second and third generation cellular carriers, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and almost all carriers in USA and Canada except Clearwire, iDen and WiMax.
  • They have a kit with the whole package whereby they come with instructions on how to install. It is an easy installation process that you do on your own.
  • Your distance from the cell tower does not matter. It offers you the advantage of amplifying the signals wherever you may be.
  • The problem of overloading is non-existent. Made to work on the basis of automatic oscillation, it ensures no overloading.
  • Also including the fun fact that the weboost drive 3g-m has a power supply for cigarette lighting which you connect with the amplifier power supply.
  • Your signal booster cannot create the connection from nothing. There has to be an existing signal, at least a weak single bar.
  • Lastly, it is important to note that, stickers and smartphone apps that claim to be signal boosters are just but mere bluffs.

Frequently asked Questions.

Why do signals from different devices differ? It is true that one T-Mobile phone made by Samsung or Apple can receive better signal coverage than another. This is because of the internal antenna. From their lengths to tuning, they cause the differences and this is best dealt with adding a signal repeater.

The T-Mobile being a favorite to many (myself included), unfortunately, offers no microcell. Hence, wifi is the only way to go when calling or better to go VOIP. But if this is not an option you would prefer, a cel-fi signal booster comes in handy. Hence the question, does the microcell work as efficiently as the weboost signal booster? They basically work on the same basis, but the advice is that having the weboost drive 3gm with you is always an added advantage because it can work in vehicles too. Whereas cel-fi boosters are made to work only inside establishments like homes and offices. This is because the microcell, usually known as the femtocell use devices that are suitable for use indoors, not in vehicles.

This then brings us to the following questions:

  • Which device is best? There is no particular answer for this common question. The fact, as mentioned above, is that signal boosters are made in such a way to be compatible with a wide range of devices.
  • Does the microcell only work in the presence of an Internet connection? Yes. Giving the cell signal booster another advantage over it.
  • The question on being monitored when using a microcell is one that bugs you. The presence of a third party telling you how to go about positioning your product is not a problem with the webooster 470102.

How to choose a weBoost signal booster?

First and foremost, the signals of your area, especially where your apartment is located is essential. It determines the effectiveness of the signal booster. As mentioned earlier, it cannot build up and amplify nothing. Hence, the better the signal levels, the more the coverage. This is the reason why you will find that different types of dual-band kits and cell signal booster systems are offered for different people in the same area.


It is a highly recommended product and having such purposeful functions, it is almost a no-brainer to purchase it rather than risking having no signal when needed the most (in rural or remote areas where your car or truck decides to break down). Especially, in this era whereby mobile phones and their service is available at a very reasonable cost making it very affordable for most of us. Communication cannot be ignored and as important as it is, it compliments this product in all aspects. In situations of danger, business emergencies or as basic as talking to a friend, boosting your signals is something you would definitely consider important.

Through streaming live videos anyone and everyone from anywhere in the world is updated with the trending events of the world over. News regarding the weather to sports to finances, strong signals are undeniably essential. Furthermore, it has helped in the growth of the economy and moreover improves knowledge. People are learning through Internet and attaining important information needed in their day to day lives. Transactions are being made possible and people are highly socialized through the help of strong signals.

It is more than clear that the webooster signal booster is essential in our day to day lives. If you do not have one already, then now is the best time to buy weBoost 470102.

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