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Why would you want weBoost Connect 3G Omni for small house or office?

Posted by on Mar 14, 2015

Did you know that finally, there is a way to keep your 3G signal strong in your home or office? Yes, that is correct. The answer is a 3G Booster. We proudly present you the most premium product in this niche, our truly recognized  WEBOOST CONNECT 3G OMNI BOOSTER.

Yeah, trying to make a signal to send a text or make a call using your cell phone because of no reception is a hell of an issue. If you don't have reliable reception at your home, bedroom, living room or even kitchen, you need improvement. The way of improving the signal from your ‘dead zones’ is simply installing the cell phone booster by mounting it on the wall or any other item in your home. You must consider the 3G Omni Booster. It is a premium product that extends the cellular coverage practically EVERYWHERE within an establishment. The 3G Omni Weboost 472105 is for sure one of the best signal boosters in the marketplace.

Our electronic device guarantees a safe and top-quality escape from the "dead zones". Evading the stress, worries and nervousness just because you have troubles with no reception have to end now! With the 3G Omni Boost, you will make a crucial transformation of your phone, making it a wireless device in a true sense! But, you are probably still wondering, what is ‘the good part’ in these boosters? One of the best things is definitely their compatibility and practicality. Weboost 3G Omni Booster lets you innovate your personal space with actual use of modern technology. The real problem is that it fights against the multiple locations in the United States and Canada that are not covered appropriately, allowing many dead zones to form indoors (think concrete walls) as well as outdoors (think hills, concrete buildings, etc. that interfere with reception).

With 3G Weboost Omni, you won't have reception problems. Dropped calls will be history. Bars and stronger signals will be the future. There will no longer be any dropped calls, nervous reactions or stress in reaching the person you want to reach in the nick of time. You will have the 3G experience on the go. How cool is that? Chief among the advantages of using Connect 3G Omni is surely the design and compatibility by itself. Place it in your home and forget about it, while you have great signal on your phone in EVERY single room of your home! You may be asking, how does it ‘break the walls’? Well, the 3G Omni Boost is designed to spread signal up to 3000 feet, which allows maximum connection and signal at its best.

Buying a web booster is surely an investment. But, its an investment that will save you loads of money in misinterpreting your phone as not workable or your network provider as unreliable. The Omni Boost 3G is an affordable investment for your connection with the people you need to stay in touch with - Your family, friends, or if you own a business, your valuable clients or customers. You don't know when or why it may be the crucial item to have. All you know is - no worries while using it. Do you know that with the Weboost Connect 3G, you also have a greater sound quality? The power and strength of the connection which uses the booster are exactly what you are aiming for – clear voice or sound while speaking or listening to something. It doesn’t only improve the signal and makes you careless… It also takes the sound experience to another level of reality! As awesome as it sounds, you must endeavor it in reality and purchase 3G Omni today. Otherwise, you would not be able to, and would not know the difference in sound.

Does your phone have short battery life? Is it running draining the battery too fast, ending with a lost connection frequently? You will be amazed to find out that you can put an END to the short battery life! How? The answer is – The 3G Omni Booster! The booster by itself is a great help against short battery life. So, whether you have an iPhone or Samsung, battery tends to be the most important thing today due to fast quad core processors that suck up juice very fast. Draining it quickly and ending up with broken calls or undelivered texts is a poor experience. But that experience can transform to a high-quality, top-notch one. It is simple – the 3G Omni Weboost uses a greater signal strength than your phone. That way, your phone will not need to drain its battery life due to connection issues, when it has its new ‘best friend’! The battery and your phone will be happy to introduce you to the premium Web Booster with 3G!

We talked about compatibility of the Weboost 3G in your home. We talked about reliability and real strength of top connection. Also, we talked about the benefits, including the greater sound and battery life. The Weboost is the perfect combination of modern technology with true effectiveness. How? The days when snail mail was used and tape recordings were recorded are gone. Your loved ones are still here, and there is a new way of communicating. Its true, the traditional ways of communicating seemed thoughtful. But lets be real, today, life is really easier with the new technology products. Speaking of communication, phones evolved from bulky devices with large antennas to the recent lightweight, trendy and feature-packed top-quality smart phones. Many people get addicted to the use of phones. The existence of cell phones today is really pandemic. People are in a quest to protect themselves from the harmful effects of such usage. The main target of these harmful things is always the human brain. They tend to emit radiation to the whole body apart from it. That IS THE ACTUAL reason why problems with connections tend to happen. And when it happens, aren’t you tense to make the urgent call and you cannot? Poor signal is proportional to increased need of radiation emission to be able to connect to the network through your phone. So, long story short, you need a device that will do all the radiation work STAYING AWAY FROM YOUR BODY AND BRAIN. Which is after all, the most important benefit that you can enjoy.

The newest and the greatest phone in the market NEVER guarantees you that you will have full strength signal. It only guarantees you the trend of the novelty. But if you are stuck in a place and cannot connect to a network, you will surely consider the Weboost 3G Omni as the most powerful device at that particular moment! The thing with the ‘healthy issues’ here is simple. The 3G connect booster is composed of two main parts – antenna and amplifier. The latter boosts the phone’s signal and then the internal amplifier in your phone will no longer emit high amount of electromagnetic waves with radiation to search for signal. Therefore, apart from saving the battery life of your phone, Weboost 3G connect omni booster performs OUTSTANDINGLY great with helping you escape from severe radiation zone and allow you to enjoy hours of talks with the close ones, or making crucial business conference calls or meetings.

You are probably wondering how this thing works and what is inside its Majesty. We will break it down to the basics. Cell phone signal boosters, also called amplifiers or repeaters, work by capturing a weak cell signal outside the home, office, car, boat, warehouse, etc. and bring it inside, amplify it, and redistribute it. 3G OMNI BOOSTER also works like that. It contains four major components: outside antenna, amplifier (booster / repeater), inside antenna, and the cabling to connect everything. Next, we are going to explain each part with more details.

The Outside Antenna

The antenna on the 3G Omni Booster is omni-directional as the actual name implies. This means that it can capture signal from every single direction. The main benefit of this high quality antenna installed in Omni Booster is that it is actually easy to install but it works perfectly! It radiates and picks up signals from a 360 degree horizontal plane. That is why this antenna is great for picking up and transmitting to multiple towers for multiple carriers. It can be mounted as high as possible where the signal is strongest. It just works in a top-notch way, keeping you out of any trouble with connection issues.


Every single amplifier or booster has two values that define it. The first one is the “band”. What does it mean? The “band” classification comes as a single band or dual band. Single band refers to either 850 MHz or 1900 MHz, which means that the amplifier boosts the signal with one of those two frequency ranges. On other hand, the dual band boosts both of the frequencies. The 3G Omni Booster as a premium product which works on both frequencies (1900 MHz and 850 Mhz), which means that it is powerful enough to catch high frequency in order to operate. The gain is the second strength of the amplifier. It is basically the power that the booster takes to produce its power. Our Weboost 472105 3G Omni Booster produces 65 dB (decibels) of gain. Without getting too technical, gain is defined as the ratio of output to input. When specifying electrical power, gain is measured in decibels or dB. dB numbers are derived from a fairly simple logarithmic function; however all you need to know is that every increase in 3 dB doubles the power.

Internal Antenna

Internal antennas, just like outside antennae, come in different shapes and sizes. They serve a different purpose and can be omni-directional or directional as well. Our 3G Booster comes with a mounted indoor panel antenna as well as outdoor antenna for long distance usage. Both antennas work at a glance. They transfer the signal in the best way possible, enabling you to enjoy the power of strong connection.


The cabling and connectors used to connect the outside antenna to the amplifier, as well as the inside antenna to the amplifier, play a crucial role in how your system will perform. Depending on the product, different types of cabling and connectors can be used.

For all three-piece systems (outside antenna, amplifier, inside antenna) the Weboost Connect 3G Omni’s amplifier is installed close to the external antenna, using the shortest cable possible and the maximum gain of combination.


In times of emergency, there can be many complications making the right call. As scary as it sounds, there seems to be no solution at all to rely on. You can only rely on wireless connections which are vital at such times. Making the call without any problems from ANYPLACE in the US and Canada is the main strength of 3G Omni Booster. In times of trouble, it can be a perfect accessory to assist you. Also, in times of joy, it is the most shareable and anticipated accessory that is always worth the investment. To wrap it up, the Weboost 472105 3G connect booster as a tool is a very simple product, yet very effective in various terms discussed above. Making this investment guarantees you longer life free of radiation, maximum compatibility of the product in your home and strength that will give you a blast of connection filled to the last bar. You won’t need to look for the right spot anymore or raise your arms and stay still for ages! You can send SMS or make calls quickly and effectively. Being updated with the latest technology means that you are aware of its benefits. What's more, it means that you are using it to save yourself from any trouble, to perform great in any emergency and enjoy its benefits every single day.

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