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Why would you want weBoost Drive 4G-S Single User Cradle Booster?

Posted by on Feb 06, 2015

There was a time when people had car phones almost the size of a modern-day server. Almost three decades down the line, mobile phones are as a light as a feather, but arguably less capable when it comes to making full use of all that cellular networks have to offer.

Hands-free Hiatus

We've all been there; lowering the car window and taking one hand off the wheel to look for better reception. Or fumbling with the phone buttons to try to find the hands-free command only to find the call dropped unexpectedly. Or making a mental note to throw your phone in the first ditch if it ever connects your business partner to your voice-mail again before even notifying you that you had a call. It looks as though failed connections are part and parcel of what it means to use a mobile phone in your car in the 21st century.

Well, at least not having a steady connection could make people focus more on their driving, and less on calling or texting, you say? You would be wrong to think that. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 69% of the Americans interviewed admitted to using their hands to text or hold a phone to their ears while driving. The same study shows that nearly half of all US high-schoolers text or email as they drive, every single day. At any given moment during the day, 660,000 Americans use their cellphones while driving, the US Department of Transportation warns.

WeBoost Drive 4G-S to the Rescue

So, if not having a steady connection does not put people off the idea of risking lives to make a phone call on their way to work or school, then maybe the solution is to give them a device that offers crystal-clear calling voice, and one which doesn't need any manual input. Maybe a weBoost signal booster is the answer, because if there were a device out there that could do all that, then weBoost, the leading North American cellular signal booster manufacturer, would most likely hold the key. And sure enough, if you look up signal boosters specifically designed for use while driving, the fabulous weBoost Drive 4g car cradle listing at the domain cellphonesignalbooster.us (part number  weBoost 470107) is likely to pop up in your search results.

The weBoost 4g is a lifesaver in more ways than one. Not only will it see to it that you never have any distractions whilst driving and that you escape even the most strenuous transfer or voice call unscathed, but it will also optimize your business communications.

It takes the stress and the hassle out of making those urgent phone calls that can make or break a business. It is a cradle booster that mounts neatly on your dashboard and uses a light antenna that you can fit your car with, by yourself, in the blink of an eye (well, not exactly, be see the installation video we provide to see how easy it really is!). It enables you to call ahead to let people know if you will be late for a meeting when you're stuck in traffic. Or to set up impromptu viewings, inspections, or meetings, to keep your partners in the loop with everything that you're doing. Or to ask for and receive your secretary's assistance in real-time, and to transfer important documents effortlessly, without even having to set foot in the office.

Benefits of using weBoost 4G-S

If you're one of those people that travel extensively for professional or personal reasons, you know how important it is to be able to rely on your connection. weBoost 4g is just the thing for you. It will do away with dropped calls, it will give your voice clarity and depth, it will deliver your texts in the blink of an eye, and it will enable you to stream, upload and download effortlessly. When you need to be able to rely on your connection, optimize your reception anywhere across the USA, brush off your dead zones, and push up those signal bars, look no further than the 4G-S cradle booster.

When emails seem to stumble across a glitch in cyberspace every other hour, the browser chokes on incoming bits and that YouTube presentation simply won't load, it's probably time to upgrade to a 4G LTE internet-friendly booster like the weBoost 4G-S.

All you should and would care about when you have mounted your cradle booster to your dashboard, is sliding the phone into the cradle slot, accessing data-heavy applications and giving instant commands at the push of a button. It supports virtually every major US and Canadian network carrier, except for iDen and WiMax. It uses its proprietary SmarTech III technology to redirect the signal to your car using that light, magnetic antenna you will be mounting on top of the car in no time flat. Best of all, it is the most affordable car signal booster in the weBoost range, made in the USA and backed up with a 2-year warranty. Any questions? No? Then let's start talking.  

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