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Why would you want weBoost Home 3G for one to two rooms (weBoost 473105)?

Posted by on Feb 01, 2015

The improvements in quality that have been made in cellular phones over the last few decades is truly amazing. Compared to the bulky, heavy car phones and cellular phones of the early 90s, modern cell phones, even the increasingly large multi-use smart phones, are light, compact, and efficient devices. Despite this, cellular phone users still experience many of the same problems that plagued early phones. Most modern cell phones drain batteries at a rapid pace, voice quality, especially for speaker phones, is still imperfect, and connections in many parts of the country are still shaky, sometimes even when just walking between rooms in a building.

Many of these problems exist because the race to add new features diverts design efforts away from solving these problems, while some of the new features simultaneously exacerbate these same problems. This means that one possible solution is to simply purchase an older phone with fewer advanced features. And while this may be a reasonable solution for those who don't need advanced cell phone features, this isn't a viable option for the average person who relies on an advanced cell phone for their business and personal life. For those who need both reliable service and a full suite of modern features, a device like the  weBoost Home 3G is the ideal solution.

What is the Home 3G For One or Two Rooms?

Wondering what the Home 3G is? That isn't surprising. The name doesn't really describe the impressive benefits this device offers to cell phone users.

For starters, the Home 3G is effectively a miniature cell phone tower that you can place anywhere in your home or business. And, like a real cell phone tower, this means the Home 3G boosts the signal to your cell phone, if it is within a specific radius. With an improved signal obviously comes improved reception. It also makes your connection more reliable, all but eliminating the threat of dropped calls by removing all dead zones within the radius of this device. This is particularly important if you use your cell phone for business phone calls, where a dropped call could potentially cost you a major client and lost profits.

Additionally, due to how cell phones function, the Home 3G is effectively an extra battery for your cell phone. Cell phones are designed to constantly be searching for the best possible signal. When the signal is weak or a cell phone can't find a signal at all, your cell phone uses more power in an attempt to find or improve the signal. But, if your cell phone remains inside the radius of the Home 3G, it will never waste power searching for a better connection. This will add hours to your battery life, primarily for voice conversations, but this extra power will also benefit data transfers as well.

Finally, the Home 3G boosts voice quality, especially when making a conference call or using the speaker phone function. Improved voice quality is absolutely critical for business use, where a simple misunderstanding can have incredibly costly long term repercussions.

Is Home 3G for One to two Rooms a Good Choice for You?

If you have any difficulty with reception, connection reliability, battery life, or voice quality while at home or at work, there is a good chance that Home 3G is the ideal product to solve these problems. It is remarkably easy to set up and install and is compatible with every carrier in the U.S. and Canada.

This compatibility is particularly important because Home 3G offers another major advantage. Once you have set it up, it can be installed on multiple phones. This means that visitors to your home or other people you work with can also take advantage of improved reception, battery life, and connection reliability. It is like a "welcome to my home" gift to friends and family.

While this part number weBoost 473105 is great for personal use, it truly shines when you use it for business use, whether that is in a home office or at a small office with multiple employees. The Home 3G is particularly suited for improving conference calls. Improved voice quality, most notably when using the speaker phone function of your cell phone, makes it easier for everyone to understand what all parties are saying and decreases the need for people to repeat themselves. The Home 3G also all but eliminates the chance of a conference call being dropped, at least due to your network, which is important given the difficulties involved in setting up a conference call.

Finally, you need to take into account your data usage when determining whether a Home 3G is a good choice for you. If you regularly download or upload data from home or work, this device is potentially very useful and may even save you money. The improved signal means that your cell phone will almost never fail to send or receive data and it also increases the speed that data travels at. If you often push the top edge of monthly data cap, assuring that you never need to re-upload or re-download data can protect you from overages.

Final Thoughts

The modern cell phone is practically a small computer as much as it is a communication device. And just as you don't want your computer to just randomly shut off, you can't really afford for your cell phone connection to simply drop. This is why a device like the Home 3G is all but critical for any cell phone user that experiences weak connections or who uses a cell phone regularly for work. If that is a good description of you, then the Home 3G is an economical and efficient solution to these problems.

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