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Wilson AG PRO 4G Amplifier Boosts Signal in Montreal Condo.

Posted by on May 27, 2017

News: Le Peterson, a Montreal Condo building improves its cellular connection for key systems by installing a Wilson AG PRO 4G signal booster.

Wilson AG PRO 4G Amplifier Boosts Signal in Montreal Condo.

Location Details.

Le Peterson like many condo buildings today, has glass windows covering floors to ceilings, steel, concrete walls and doors that compromise the cellular coverage. As the building was about to open, cellular coverage complications affected its key systems functioning. These included the intercom of the building, elevator and security phone systems. Even antennas for the various systems a couple of meters from the condo building’s glass doors were affected. Opening the lobby doors saw strong cellular coverage at -60dB strong signal, but closing them saw the coverage reduce significantly with a paltry -120 dB of weak signal. With the opening deadline looming large, marble floors and fixtures already in place, a rapid solution was required.

Major Concern.

Ensure there was a working and consistent strong cellular signal across the Le Peterson condo building all the time to operate the various systems requiring a working cell signal.

Wilson Pro Solution.

A donor antenna was proposed and located in the parking garage. A low-loss cable was used and ran via the ceiling of the lobby into the condo’s security room to ensure most of the affected systems, which were in the security room, were well catered for. To perfect this installation, the Wilson AG PRO for 4G network signal booster was proposed and installed inside the security room.

About Le Peterson Building.

Le Peterson is a newly constructed building in downtown Montreal. It is a luxury condominium building offering tenants all kinds of facilities such as outdoor terraces, lounges, and gyms, views and doormen services.

About Wilson Pro by Wilson Electronics.

Wilson Pro is North America's leader in commercial cellular signal booster systems. The company's professional cellular signal amplifiers are uniquely designed to avail the strongest coverage possible as well as one that is advanced and powerful. The booster systems are perfectly suited for all manner of projects and best for fleet, security and commercial solutions too.

Post Installation Results.

  • In-building signal strength improved to about -47 dB from -120 dB.
  • Critical systems consistently started running.


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SOURCE: Originally posted at WILSONPRO.COM. Modified to highlight Wilson Electronics cellular phone booster system installation improved reception inside Skyscraper in Montreal, Quebec. Cell Phone Signal Booster was not the installer of the system in this case study.

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