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Wilson Boosters Installed After Utah Rural Travel Emergency.

Posted by on May 19, 2017

Wilson Electronics vehicle cell phone signal boosters were recommended to be installed in first responder vehicles after a Utah rural travel emergency. We recommend they be installed in all cars, trucks, vans, and first responder vehicles.

Wilson Boosters Recommended After Utah Rural Travel Emergency.

A Case Study.

A bus accident along Mexican Hat in Utah in snowy elements led to a recommendation of Wilson Electronics for local emergency responders after it was discovered lack of cell signal resulted in a 36 minutes delay that could have saved some of the nine passengers who died on the spot.

Accident Details.

Due to heavy snow and other elements, a bus along U.S. 163 along the Mexican Hat and Bluff in Utah drifted and sped off the highway. It rolled over a number of times. At the scene of the accident, seven passengers lost their lives and two more died within 120 minutes of reaching the hospital. Serious injuries, fractures and trauma followed the survivors. Motorists who arrived almost immediately after the accident at the scene tried frantically to report the accident but the weak cellular signal saw the calls dropped. It took 36 minutes after the accident to reach emergency responders.

Major Concern.

Busy highways in United States lacked reliable phone signal strength to allow wireless coverage in accident scenes that would help save lives almost immediately.

Proposed Solution.

After the accident around Mexican Hat Utah, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) made a conclusion that delayed accident reporting and late emergency response resulted from lack of proper cellular coverage at the scene. NTSB in its report made a recommendation that cellular coverage signal boosters be carried by large buses for emergency reporting in weak signal areas. The report categorically identified signal amplifiers from Wilson Electronics as the preferable cellular reception boosters.

About Wilson Electronics.

Wilson Electronics offers diverse range of cellular improvement kits and products under WilsonPro industrial cell signal booster and weBoost home and car cell signal booster brands. Wilson Electronics is a global leader in cellular enhancement products for businesses, homes and vehicles. Cell phone signal boosters from the different Wilson brands enhance 4G LTE, 3G and 2G voice and data networks.

Post Installation Results.

  • Local responders installed cellular amplifiers in their vehicles following the recommendation.
  • Wilson Electronic signal boosters significantly offering connectivity range on highways for emergency responders.


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