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Wilson Cell Phone Signal Boosters for St. Louis Fire Dept.

Posted by on May 20, 2017

Wilson Electronics cell phone signal boosters are helping maintain critical cellular communications in a Saint Louis, Missouri Fire Department.

Wilson Cell Phone Signal Boosters for St. Louis Fire Dept.

A Case Study.

Eureka’s fire department, close to St. Louis, boosts its cellular communications for emergency responses in rough terrain inside their metallic command center vehicle using a Wilson Signal booster.

Customer Details.

Eureka, Mo. has a lot of valleys, hills and other obstacles to signal reception as a part of its terrain. Inside the fire department mobile command center is also a poor reception of signal due to the metallic nature of the vehicle. Metal walls are a direct hindrance to radio frequency signals. Those on the inside were unable to access the little cell phone signal available. From the mobile command center no call could be made even from the top of a hill.

Major Concern.

Even with a multi-agency technician presence in the mobile command center, calls could not be made from the metallic command center. The lack of signal inside, even when the mobile vehicle was moved atop a hill meant that a solution was needed to guarantee a working coverage inside.

Proposed Solution.

Wilson signal booster was introduced into the mobile command center to help boost the signal and allow communication from inside the metal box vehicle and the outside world, particularly while moving around in rugged terrain and remote locations.

About the Fire Department’s Mobile Command Center.

The mobile command center vehicle has its work area inside its big metallic walls. It is outfitted with diverse communication devices and computers. The vehicle moves from one scene of fire to the next, functioning as a command post connecting and managing all first responders.

About Wilson Electronics.

World leader in wireless improvement products, Wilson Electronics is the home of weBoost non-commercial boosters and WilsonPro commercial booster brands. Wilson Electronic products are applied in industrial, residential, commercial, in-building areas and vehicles. The cell phone signal booster innovative design and top technology help triumph over the dropped call problem, including limited range and low data problems in data cards and cellular devices.

Post Installation Results.

  • Working signal inside the command center vehicle.
  • Better signal coverage inside sometimes than outside the vehicle.
  • Amplifies all types of signals from all carriers simultaneously.


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