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Wilson Pro 1000 and 1000R Signal Booster Details.

Posted by on May 14, 2017

Learn about the features of the Wilson Pro 1000 and 1000R cellular signal amplifier, as well as some best practices. The WilsonPro 1000 is designed to be installed in large buildings by professional installers. It has the highest available downlink power of any pre-approved cellular amplifier on the market today. Watch the video demonstration below for more.

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XDR or Extended Dynamic Range technology.

With XDR, your amplifier will never shut down due to overpowering. This means you can take advantage of strong signal environments and provide even more coverage inside of the building. This is a huge advantage and only Wilson Pro amplifiers have XDR.


The Wilson PRO1000 has a durable industrial case so it is sure to last. We have also designed it so it can be installed by a single person. This will cut down on time and expense of installation. We have integrated a business card slot on the bottom of the amplifier. You can then leave your information with the amplifier for future referrals or questions. Wilson-Pro 1000 has an easy to read color screen and simple yet powerful menu.


With a strong outside signal present, the Wilson Pro 1000 can put out a full 15 dBm of downlink power. This offers the greatest potential indoor coverage area of any pre-approved single output amplifier on the market today. Like its cousin, the Wilson Pro 4000, the 1000 is also equipped with XDR or Extended Dynamic Range technology. No matter how strong the outside signal, the Wilson Pro 1000 will never shut down nor require costly site visits to reboot. A cell carrier could put a signal tower right next door and the signal amplifier would still work just fine.

Color LCD screen.

And like the Wilson Pro 4000, the 1000 has a color LCD screen. The screen shows the status of the amplifier. It indicates a green color if the band is operational. A yellow color if the amplifier gain is cut back due to insufficient antenna separation. This is also called an oscillation. Or red if the band is completely shut off because of insufficient antenna separation. As with all Wilson Pro cellular amplifiers, no setup or programming is required.

The patented on-board software always ensures that you will get the maximum amount of coverage area and capacity. All while protecting the cell tower and eliminating any possibility for interference. The color LCD screen also displays the relative strength of the outside downlink signal. This makes it easy to adjust the outside signal. An installer on the roof can optimize the direction of the Yagi antenna. And an installer at the amplifier can monitor and detect the signal at the amplifier.

Availability and installation.

The Wilson 1000 and Wilson 1000R are available in two different form factors. The Wilson Pro 1000 is a wall mountable unit designed to be installed by a single person. Simply install hanger bolts for the top two hooks. Hang the amplifier and complete the installation by installing the bottom two bolts. Both the indoor and outdoor antenna ports are located on the top of the amplifier for easy installation. The Wilson Pro 1000 is also available in a rack mountable form factor called the Wilson Pro 1000R. This solution is perfect for any IT rack and also utilizes an integrated power supply.

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