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Wilson Pro 1050 - WilsonPro's 1st Inline Signal Booster.

Posted by on May 09, 2017

The design of WilsonPro’s unique dual amplifier WilsonPro 1050 ensures strong cellular service by compensating for lost cell signal over long lengths of coaxial cable. It consists of the complete commercial grade cell phone signal booster system (WilsonPro 460230) with its main booster unit (WilsonPro 460030) and its in-line booster unit (WilsonPro 461030) that automatically synchronize with each other to provide optimal indoor boosted reception in office buildings and other large venues. Wilson Pro by Wilson Electronics is widely known as a leader in enterprise cellular connectivity innovations with the release of the Wilson Pro 1050 cell phone signal booster for commercial installations in large buildings. Watch video below for more information.

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Provides all Advantages of an Active DAS system - Only Quicker, and at Lower Cost.

We're excited to announce the release of Wilson PRO1050, the industry’s first wireless FCC and Carrier pre-approved “inline” cellular booster system. At this point in time, the Wilson 1050 is the only passive DAS (Distributed Antenna System) designed with a unique dual amplifier system to compensate for lost cell signal over long cable lengths.

Bruce Lancaster, CEO of Wilson Electronics, referred to WilsonPro’s new cellular boosters as "powerfully passive", saying they are the only boosters to give businesses all advantages of an active DAS, but without lengthy implementation procedures, nor the high cost that often goes with Distributed Antenna Systems.

Faster Installation with Minimized Cell Signal Loss in Large Installations.

It goes without saying that a strong cell signal is all but essential for a business’s long-term success. Mr. Lancaster noted that the Pro-1050 goes further to "minimize lost cell signal", particularly along a cable run, ensuring that the strong signal is essentially uninterrupted throughout the building in its entirety. He noted that WilsonPro’s aim is to create “effective products” at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions, but without compromising on quality.

The WilsonPro 1050 has been designed specifically to amplify weakened cell signals, ensuring reliable data and voice coverage (and this includes 4G LTE) in large commercial spaces, such as hospitals, retail spaces, hotels, event venues, and large residential buildings.

It is inevitable that some cell signal will be lost when forced to move over long lengths of coaxial cable, thus reducing the performance of an overall booster system. Wilson Pro 1050 has resolved this issue by using a dual amplifier boosting system (Wilson 460230), consisting of a main amplifier (Wilson 460030) with an additional inline amplifier (Wilson 461030).

In runs of up to 300 feet of coaxial cable, the two amplifiers work together by determining the amount of lost signal and boosting the signal accordingly in compensation. An enhanced signal ultimately results in cell service up to 32 times stronger, fewer dropped or missed calls, and increased wireless data speeds.

Universal Compatibility & Lower Installation Cost than Distributed Antenna Systems.

Unlike active DAS, the new WilsonPro 1050 has a self-optimizing design, which makes it quick and easy to install. Therefore, the cost of installation in a large building is much lower than distributed antenna systems. Furthermore, Wilson 1050 is compatible with all North American cellular networks. For example, clients or employees in the building with weak wireless reception may have cellular service from various different Carriers such as Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint. Or in Canada, they may have service from Rogers Wireless, Fido, Telus Mobility or Bell. This universally compatible system boosts signal of all service providers simultaneously.

Regardless of the strength of the outside cellular signals, XDR (eXtended Dynamic Range) technology means the PRO1050 won’t ever overpower and shut down. Its unique design of inline amplifier leads to improved flexibility and stronger signal performance. It is of particular use when cell phone signal booster installers deem that long cable runs are necessary. It is also very helpful in places where signal strength outdoors is weaker than required for other commercial signal amplifier kits.

Industry Leading Warranty Protection.

As with all cellular signal boosters produced by WilsonPro, this new professional ten fifty amplifier system (Wilson Pro 460230) with its main amplifier (Wilson Pro 460030) and its in-line amplifier (Wilson Pro 461030) has a three-year manufacturers warranty. This entire complete system including all required parts such as antennas and cables boasts cell site protections to effectively prevent cell tower interference. It is a fantastic new tool with particular applications for passive DAS deployments.

Please contact us for more details, to request an installation quote, or schedule an installation of this latest innovation in professional commercial cell phone signal booster system by Wilson Electronics.

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