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Wilson Pro 4000 and 4000R Amplifier Interface Video.

Posted by on May 13, 2017

Learn how to use Wilson Pro 4000 and 4000R interface to get the most out of the WilsonPro 4000 and 4000R commercial cell phone signal boosters. The video below shows how its intuitive display benefits installers to set up these cell phone signal amplifiers and install them easily, yet effectively.

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With the best-in-class performance of the Wilson Pro 4000 and 4000R cellular amplifiers, we have included an intuitive yet powerful information center to let the integrator or installer get the most out of their system. We're going to explain how to use the interface so you can take full advantage of what these amplifiers have to offer.

The Interface screen.

Both the Pro 4000 and 4000R feature the same interface using a color LCD screen and button pad. When you first boot up the amplifier, you will see the status screen consisting of a 4 x 5 matrix on the left of the screen. You will see the antenna ports. Along the top, you will see each frequency band.

Each circle is a status indication.

Green means everything is working properly. With a green circle, you're either running at full gain or the gain has been reduced by AGC (Automatic Gain control). A yellow circle indicates an oscillation issue. The amplifier will reduce its gain to deal with the oscillation and tell you it has done so, with the yellow indicator. A red circle means that the particular antenna port has shut off selecting any port and band. Pressing Enter will display more information on that band.

Antenna Gain.

On the right side of the screen you will see the amount of gain being applied. The screen will either display full gain or in the case where it has cut back gain due to oscillation or overpowering, it will display AGC and the amount of gain it is currently using.

Signal Meters.

On the left of the screen, you will see real-time signal meters for uplink power from any handsets being used within the building, and downlink power from the tower. The downlink meter is particularly useful as you can use this to tune the antenna exactly where you want it for best performance. Have one installed on the roof adjusting the antenna. Or a second installer watches the meter and relays the information. All without the need for extra equipment.

Unused ports.

Pressing menu again will take you back to the static screen. If you aren't using all the available ports on the amplifier, you can shut off any of the unused ports easily. Simply navigate to the unused port and press Enter. This will disable the port to alleviate any possible issues.

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