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Wilson Pro 4000 Cellular Signal Amplifier for Commercial Buildings

Posted by on Jan 03, 2017

Wilson Pro 4000 Cellular Signal Amplifier for Commercial Buildings

With the world oriented around smartphones and smart technology, it has become critical for commercial businesses to have constant access to internet and cellular options. It is more than just a novelty for the business in today’s economy. Hospitals rely upon communications with WI-FI services for tracking for equipment, airports must be able to keep communications with both planes as well as security (not to mention the smart luggage which is being integrated into the market), and multi-story businesses must be able to relate information between all departments in an optimized method. Traditional options may not be sufficient. Bad weather, construction hindrances, and other electronics can minimize the effects. It is therefore advised that a Wilson Pro 4000 commercial cellular phone signal booster be used.

How to do a quick check to see if you need a cellular booster?

There are many factors which can affect the strength of your cellular signals. Determining where the problem is originating is one of the first steps in determining how to fix the problem. To make this determination it is suggested that you:

  1. Check the signal strength of a cellphone both inside and outside the building in order to determine if the strength is being weakened by the structural materials of the building. If you find that the signal strength increases on the exterior of the building, then (if applicable) try to locate the window outside of the office space which needs reception. Should you find that the strength of the signal is greater outside, you may benefit from a commercial cellular signal booster.
  1. If there is NO signal exterior of the building as well as in the interior of the building, the person should check the proximity of the building to a network service tower. Even though a business may be with the radius of the network tower, in many instances when that business is at the fringes of the radius, the signal is greatly diminished. A cell phone signal booster would not be beneficial in this situation. The Carrier must be contacted in such cases to improve signal outside the building by constructing a new cell tower nearby.
  1. Those businesses which are located around large natural or man-made structures, such as mountains, steel construction, and forests may have a weak signal. Additionally, if the business is located in a windy city or in a location where weather has a tremendous impact upon the signal strength, they may wish to use a commercial cell phone signal booster that will definitely resolve the problem indoors because commercial signal amplifiers amplify signal many fold to provide good reception indoors although reception outside is very weak.

It is important to note that when testing your commercial building’s signal strength that multiple phones be used to test the strength. This minimizes the risk of an improper assessment of the signal strength from a faulty phone (or an updated device).

What does a cellular signal booster accomplish?

If you consider cellular signals as threads which travel invisibly through the air, then the concept of a signal booster is rather easy to envision. In its current state, the cell phone is grasping at a thin strand of communication. And while your business may get by using this strand of communication, it is not using the full potential available. The WilsonPro 4000 commercial grade cell phone signal booster takes the strongest signal available and then “combines” it with the weaker signals which are available. This creates a super-strong thread which has higher probability of creating a strong signal. Note that the cellular signal boosters do not create a signal from scratch or hack into a network. Rather, the booster uses existing signals and reconditions those signals to work together to optimize the strength of the signal.

Why do I need a commercial grade booster, won’t a plug and play device work?

There are a few circumstances when a business may be able to use a plug and play cellphone signal booster. However, it should be understood that such plug and play residential cell phone signal boosters are not intended for commercial use. This means that there may be a limitation on the number of devices which can simultaneously connect to the booster. Additionally, the space limitations on a personal/residential cell-phone signal booster is generally restricted to up to a maximum of 10,000 square feet. In contrast, the commercial cellular signal booster is generally designed to accommodate several devices at the same time. With Wilson Pro 4000, there's no restrictions on the network provider either - It boosts reception for all service providers. Additionally, the space coverage of boosters such as the Wilson 4000 is far larger than that of the personal and residential boosters. For example, the Wilson 4000 provides up to 100 thousand square feet of coverage.

What is included in Wilson 4000 cell amplifier kit?

There are several different components which are available in the kit. These components are the booster, the antenna, and the coax cables. Specifically, the system comes with:

  • Pro 4000 Signal Booster.
  • Outside Directional antenna (314411).
  • Inside Dome Antenna x4 (304412).
  • Lightning Surge Protector (859902).
  • 2ft Low-Loss Wilson 400 Cable (952302).
  • 75 ft. Low-Loss Wilson 400 Cable (352375).
  • 100 ft. Low-Loss Wilson 400 Cable x4 (952300).

Expansion kits are available for the Wilson Pro commercial booster. Based upon the needs of the business, you may wish to consider a single antenna expansion kit, a double expansion kit, or even a triple expansion kit. The expansion kits include in their respectable multiples, one wall mount panel antenna, one 50 Ohm 2-way splitter, one 2ft. Wilson 400 Cable, and one 50f. Wilson 400 Cable.

The Wilson Pro 4000 has a 3-year warranty from registration.

Special Features and Specifications.

Specific to the Wilson 4000Pro Commercial booster, the device offers coverage for data as well as for voice. The booster is intended for 4G devices though it is compatible with most devices which fall into the 3G and 2G designs. It is recommended that you contact support should you have any inquires about the compatibility of the device. The Wilson Pro 4000 offers the new eXtended Dynamic Range Technology (XDR). This technology enables the amplifier never to shut off due to strong outside signal changes or outside signals (which was a problem for previous generation models). All Wilson cell phone signal boosters are equipped with cell site protectors that auto-detect and prevent any cell tower interference.

The official model number for the Wilson Pro 4000 is 460223. The device works off of either a band 12, 13, 5, 4, or 25/ 2. Frequencies range from 698 MHz to 2155 MHz depending upon the band which is used. Please check the detailed information on the site or contact support for which frequency is appropriate for your business.

Are there any special considerations to buying?

The only requirement that a business really needs to consider is in installation. Installation of commercial grade cell phone signal boosters must be done by a certified professional. All our kits come with all the necessary parts for easy installation (apart from screwdrivers and such tools). Our comprehensive manual offers additional assistance as does our support line should such be needed.

Cell phone signal boosters should be purchased new to ensure the best usage and functionality from the product. New purchases come with a warranty, buying from a third-party distributor may result in a product which is not up to the standards and regulations for cell phone signal boosters. Refurbished models have already shown to be problematic. Only a new booster can assure you that you will get the DB increase intended for the product.

How much gain can I really expect from a commercial grade cell phone signal booster?

While the features and the specifications of the product are impressive, the bottom line is whether or not the booster will actually help you to have a stronger signal. When tested, the Wilson booster was able to perform well, boosting cellphones to a max gain of 70Db. This means that indoor places which are technically dead zones may be able to receive a signal. Here is how.

Cell phone signals are not bar based but rather DB rated. The bars are just a rough indication of the level of decibels which a phone receives. Ideally, a person wants to have -50db on their phone. This is full bars. Anything below -50bds is a weaker signal (just remember, the closer to 0 the better the signal strength). When a booster is used, the DBs are in simplest terms added together and a stronger frequency with higher DBs are presented. Because the max increase is 70dbs, even a phone which is registering at -110bs indoors (a technical dead zone), can get a substantial increase.

Apart from increasing voice clarity, what does a cell phone signal booster accomplish?

The commercial grade capabilities of the Wilson amplifier allows for maximized performance on cellular devices. This includes ability to upload and download data quickly, reduction of dropped calls due to a weak signal, and increased battery life (sometimes up to 2 hours extended) due to the phone not having to use substantial power to connect and re-connect to towers. For the business, this means that communications and management of day to day functions can be accomplished with minimal disturbances. Customers can also utilize their cell phone usage within your business (for example in a gym where the equipment has cellphone and Wi-Fi based equipment).

At CellPhoneSignalBooster.us, we would like to encourage you to explore the various commercial grade cell phone and wi-Fi boosters which are available. Cellphone signal boosters are dedicated solely to the boosting and amplification of cell phone signals. Should you have any inquiries about any of the products which we offer, and even some that we do not, please feel free to contact us.

Questions? Call us for a FREE product recommendation or try our automated Cell Phone Signal Booster Selector Tool. Need a cell phone booster installer? We offer installation services by a certified installing team that installs boosters nationwide across USA and Canada. Submit location details for cell phone signal booster system design & installation quote to have your amplifier kit installed by professionals.

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