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Wilson Pro 4000R Signal Booster by Wilson Electronics.

Posted by on May 12, 2017

Wilson Pro 4000R by Wilson Electronics is a rack mounted professional signal amplifier designed for large buildings. Here’s a look at how to design its installation and some best practices to get the most out of your rack mount commercial cell phone signal booster.

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This blog post will go over some of the Pro 4000R signal booster features, how to install it, and some best practices to get the most out of your booster.

WilsonPro 4000R is a professional signal amplifier designed for large buildings. It will allow you to cover 100 to 140,000 square feet with just one boosting unit. How is this possible? Let us take a closer look.

Wilson Pro 4000R features.

Wilson Electronics Pro 4000R is a rack mount booster and is designed to fit into a rack mount in an IT closet. This makes it easy for a clean and neat installation. It also allows you easy access to the booster and its functions. The PRO4000R has one line coming in from outside antenna. It also has four lines going out. Having just one line coming in from exterior antenna makes installation easier, cheaper and faster. There's no need to run multiple lines from external antenna. No need to install multiple outside antennas or split one line out to multiple boosters. Not only that, but there's less cable-caused signal loss as well. Pro-4000R also features an LCD screen so you can easily cycle through the different features of the booster and see how it is performing.

WilsonPro 4000R Installation.

To install the Professional 4000-R, install your outside antenna as you normally would. Run the cable inside the building to the server room where you will be installing the booster. Connect it to the outside antenna connection. Then connect each of the four inside antenna connections. Run them out to the different locations where you will be installing your four inside antennas. Under strong signal conditions, you can even put a splitter onto each of these lines out.

Therefore, you can essentially have 16 antennas hooked up to this one Pro 4000R signal booster. That is some serious coverage boost. Each of the four outputs for the Pro 4000R is independently controlled for maximum downlink power. Therefore, no matter the arrangement of your inside antennas, there's no need to worry. Each antenna line out will be performing at maximum output and adjusting itself independently. If one antenna is experiencing feedback, only that antenna will cut back its gain. All the other antennas will continue to function at full power!

Best practices.

Pro-4000R also features XDR technology which stands for Extra Dynamic Range. With XDR, your booster will never shut down due to overload issues, even if you're getting blasted with the strong cell signal from outside of the building. Professional 4000R simply drops down to a low gain and still provides the inside of the building with great signal coverage. Other boosters will shut down when they reach a specific incoming signal strength threshold. This will therefore cut off any boosted signal within the building. You don't have to worry about this problem with the Wilson Pro 4000R. No matter how much or how little the signal level coming into the booster, you will still be provided with a strong boosted signal indoors.

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