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Wilson Pro 70 | Wilson 463134 | Wilson Electronics

Posted by on Dec 05, 2015

Wilson Pro 70 463134

Tired of dropped calls and poor reception getting in your way of using your mobile devices to the fullest in your large home or commercial building? If you want to be ensured the best cell phone reception and wish to avoid making major changes to the wiring infrastructure in your home, the Wilson Pro 70 75 Ohm Signal Booster Kit could be the ideal solution for your needs.

The Wilson Pro 70 (75 Ohm) Signal Booster Kit is a revolutionary wireless booster developed for the needs of large buildings that an ordinary Wilson cell phone booster can't cover. Compared to other commercial wireless booster options on the market, this unit provides much greater gains in signal strength of up to 70 decibels. The increase makes it possible to access mobile towers that are up to twice as far away from your location and allows more people to access 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks from within a building at one time.

Capable of providing up to 25,000 square feet of wireless booster signal coverage, the Wilson Pro 70 (75 Ohm) Signal Booster Kit is primarily used in locations that are equipped with residential wiring. The 75 Ohm coaxial cables are the most commonly used cables for audio and video systems in the United States and are what is found in most large, luxury residences. Because the Wilson Pro 70 (75 Ohm) Signal Booster Kit connects with the same wiring that is usually present in residences, it is often easier to install this Wilson cell phone booster in large residences than the 50 Ohm alternative available for buildings of this size.

Wilson Pro 70 463134 is certified by IC & FCC with three years manufacturer's warranty!

Warrantied for 3 years, the Wilson Pro 70 (75 Ohm) Signal Booster Kit features the latest technologies and carries the certification of both the FCC and Industry Canada. Regardless of which North American mobile carrier devices users in your building rely on, they will be able to enjoy an enhanced signal for the best cell phone reception possible once the unit is installed. Even when signals are weak, users will have fewer dropped calls and lost connections to deal with, and they'll even notice improvements in the length of their devices' battery life.

Equally beneficial for installers, the Wilson Pro 70 (75 Ohm) Signal Booster Kit is engineered for ease of installation. The wireless booster includes all of the necessary components with the required antennas and cables with F-Female connectors. Once set up, the Wilson cell phone booster self optimizes to ensure superior performance and greatly reduces the need for troubleshooting.

In homes and businesses wired with 75 Ohm cables and coverage areas of up to 25,000 square feet, the Wilson Pro 70 (75 Ohm) Signal Booster Kit provides the best cell phone reception. Discover the difference that a wireless booster from the industry leading brand of signal amplifiers can make. Call to order the  Wilson Pro 70 463134 Signal Booster Kit now.

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