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Wilson Pro Cell Phone Booster Working at Minnesota Basilica.

Posted by on May 26, 2017

The Basilica of St. Mary in Minnesota's Minneapolis rectifies their connectivity problem by choosing Wilson Pro cell phone booster system. Religious places of worship such as Churches, Synagogues, Temples, and Mosques also require wireless connectivity in this day and age. With their traditionally thick concrete and marble structures, cellular signals get blocked and prevent mobile communications from inside.

Wilson Pro Cell Phone Booster Working at Minnesota Basilica.

Location Details.

The Basilica of St. Mary realized their cell phone signal was inadequate for their annual music festival. Attendees were expected to be over 25,000. The architecture of the basilica, which was its most conspicuous stunning attribute, was also the reason for problematic cellular connectivity on the inside. It was built using marble, stained glass, wrought iron among other materials that are hostile to cellular connectivity. A solution was required that would be able to work under these circumstances.

Major Concern.

Find a cellular signal system that would be able to work in an environment of architectural excellence interfering with cellular connectivity.

Better Wireless Connectivity Solution.

The Basilica of St Mary’s connectivity was evaluated to find out the extent of the problem and also come up with the perfect solution. The Wilson Pro cell phone signal booster system was agreed upon as the perfect solution. No holes could be drilled, antennas couldn’t be positioned around or pull any cable about. The system installation was delicate right from the beginning. Donor antennas required to be placed in the basilica’s window wells and not on other parts, such as the roof. Even with these challenges, the entire basilica was covered including adjacent areas allowing guests, clergy and administrators around to connect using their cell phones.

About Basilica of St. Mary.

The Basilica of St Mary was constructed for 7 years from 1907 to 1914 and the first of its kind to be established within United States. Every year, the basilica hosts a music festival that seeks to raise funds for maintenance, preservation and restoration of the structure. The music festival annually attracts over 25, 000 people.

About Wilson Pro.

Wilson Pro is a world leader in cellular signal systems development offering answers to diverse cellular coverage needs from home to commercial entities. It offers solutions enhancing employee productivity, patient experience, data security, overall safety among others.

Post Installation Results.

  • Entire basilica has a working cell phone signal.
  • Visitors, clergy and basilica administrators now connect using cellular devices inside the building.


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SOURCE: Originally posted at WILSONPRO.COM. Modified to highlight Wilson Pro cell phone booster system installation improved reception inside Basilica. Cell Phone Signal Booster was not the installer of the system in this case study.

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