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Wilson Pro Cellular Booster Helps a Business in Arizona.

Posted by on May 24, 2017

STOTZ Equipment improved signal strength in their premises by installing WilsonPro cellular coverage booster solution.

Wilson Pro Cellular Booster Helps a Business in Arizona.

Location Details.

STOTZ Equipment has 20,000 square feet premises and faced serious poor connectivity problems. The dropped calls were too much and the cellular connection the worst around. This had a direct impact on their customer service, business operations and productivity. Connection with customers was problematic and the efficiency they envisioned became a mirage and risked the equipment business’ future and reputation. An expedited cellular booster solution was required to enhance connectivity troubles.

Major Concern.

Find highly reliable cellular signal booster system that would enhance the poor cell coverage and boost the cellular connectivity around the 20,000 square foot facility.

Wilson Pro Solution.

The best solution was found to be a Wilson cellular coverage amplifier system that would easily capture the current low cellular signal routing it inside the booster, before amplifying it. The WilsonPro cell signal booster chosen would boost 4G LTE, 3G and 2G data and voice networks perfect for rural settings such as STOTZ Equipment's agricultural locality.

About STOTZ Equipment.

A tractor and farm equipment dealer, STOTZ Equipment is based in Arizona's Casa Grande. The company has a facility of 20,000 square feet.

About WilsonPro.

WilsonPro provides commercial cellular coverage amplifiers and leads in signal booster technology in North America. The company's signal boosters are designed to offer you the best cell signal possible around. Its systems are heavily in use in diverse areas including fleet, commercial and security setups.

Post Installation Results.

  • Cellular performance powerful improved in two weeks.
  • Accessible coverage now stable inside the company’s facility.
  • Multiple carrier signal boost increased number of accessible cellular service providers.
  • Communications and business productivity enhanced.


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SOURCE: Originally posted at WILSONPRO.COM. Modified to highlight WilsonPro signal boosting products were used for installation. Cell Phone Signal Booster was not the installer of signal booster system in this case study.

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