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Wilson Pro Signal Booster vs DAS Distributed Antenna System

Posted by on Jan 30, 2016

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What is the DAS Distributed Antenna System and how does it compare with Commercial Grade Wilson Pro Cell Phone Signal Boosters?

In large commercial buildings and luxury residences, wireless signal is often weak, and having a poor wireless signal often leads to issues with dropped calls, difficulty with holding conversations, and slow upload speeds and download speeds while using data. There are three main ways that problems with poor wireless signal reception can be dealt with: in a large commercial, institutional, or utility setting. There are antenna systems and commercial Wilson Pro cell phone booster such as the Wilson Pro 70 series that helps to combat the issue of poor wireless signal.

While both can be useful, the Wilson Pro booster from the trusted brand name WilsonPro is the more cost effective and simple solution for improving cell phone signal strength since it boosts upload and download times and also provides hundreds of mobile device users with the best usage experience even when working at the same time. To better understand these differences, the reasons for why cell phone reception is poor inside such large indoor spaces such as skyscrapers or massive commercial business or governmental office buildings should be made clear. It is also helpful to see how Wilson Pro boosters reduce chances for poor wireless signal.

Why Cell Phone Reception Is Poor

Before being able to fully understand what distributed antenna systems and commercial cell phone signal boosters like WilsonPro boosters can do, knowledge of why mobile device and tablet reception are often poor inside of large buildings is needed. From cell phone towers strategically located all over the country, wireless signals are sent. When you sign up for a wireless plan, you pay for your device to receive signals from a particular carrier's cell phone towers. In order for you to use your device properly to talk, text and use the Internet, your phone needs a strong signal.

While signals can pass through buildings, they are greatly weakened once they reach indoors. Furthermore, in large buildings, there can be wide areas where few to no signals can breach. This leads to dead zones, which mean areas where mobile devices cannot be used at all, and areas where reception is extremely poor. Problems are made worse when commercial buildings are located out of the line of sight from cell phone towers.

What Is a Distributed Antenna System?

A Distributed Antenna System or D.A.S. is one method of improving cell phone reception indoors. With a DAS system, a cell phone carrier agrees to tie a commercial building into their current infrastructure through a direct connection of fiber optic or coaxial cables. The signal is then distributed through the building with antennas that are strategically placed throughout the space. Only the signals for the specific carrier or carriers that the DAS is connected to, are distributed through the space.

What Is a Commercial Wilson Pro Cell Phone Signal Booster?

A commercial cell phone signal booster such as WilsonPro signal booster provides another way to increase cell phone reception inside of a large space. The commercial WilsonPro cell phone booster is not connected to a carrier's network in the same manner as a distributed antenna system. Instead, a commercial cell phone signal booster such as the WilsonPro cell phone signal booster captures the cell phone signals that are already present outside, and then boosts their signal strength indoors using one or multiple powerful amplifiers (each one with ability to boost signal up to 50,000 square feet!) and sets of indoor and outdoor antennas. The signals are distributed through large bulky indoor spaces with indoor antennas.

An important aspect is that all of the cell phone signals in the area are increased at the same time, without regard to the carriers from where they come from. There are three main BDA's or bi-directional amplifier types available: the WilsonPro 70, the WilsonPro 70 Plus, and the WilsonPro 70 Plus Select. They are available either the 50 Ohm or the 75 Ohms systems. The 50 Ohm versions are recommended for their slightly better performance, but the 75 Ohm versions also work quite well if the building structure is already pre-wired with 75 Ohm cables. Either way, our WilsonPro amplifier kits can be professionally installed easily by using the installer scheduling card included with kits for having certified Wilson Electronics installers and/or by business building maintenance teams that can follow the simple instructions that are included.

Benefits of Commercial WilsonPro Cell Phone Signal Boosters and DAS

Both DAS and commercial Wilson cell phone signal boosters (also know as cellular repeaters, cellular expanders, or cellular extenders) provide the same benefits to users as they expand, extend, repeat, or amplify cellular coverage within big and huge indoor spaces such as government buildings, commercial office buildings owned by private businesses or public corporations, multi-industry and multinational conglomerates among others. These benefits include:

- Fewer instances of dropped calls. Because cell phone signals are sent throughout the building, there is less of a risk of users ending up in dead zone areas and losing their connection.

- Better call clarity. Phone calls are clearer and more distinct when wireless signals are sent through a building by DAS or a cell phone signal booster.

- Faster upload and download speeds. When surfing the Internet, sending and receiving emails, watching videos, and performing other tasks that require a data connection, mobile devices are able to work at better speeds because of the increase in signal strength.

Advantages of the new Commercial Wilson Cellular Signal Boosters

While DAS and commercial Wilson cell phone signal boosters both greatly improve user experience, there are distinct differences between the systems. When you compare the features of both wireless signal enhancement options, Wilson cell signal boosters offer many advantages, including:

- Much Lower Price. The average distributed antenna system comes with a six or seven-figure price tag. The commercial Wilson cell phone boosters cost a small fraction of the price of DAS, giving consumers, businesses, institutions and utilities a better return on their investments.

- Universality. With a commercial Wilson cellphone signal booster, all mobile device users can benefit from improved cell phone signal reception. With a DAS system, only users who have service from the carriers that are a part of the system will notice improvements in how their mobile devices work. To get coverage from more than one carrier, it is usually necessary to make deals with more than one company or to choose a neutral-host provider that works with multiple carriers. Most neutral-host providers still represent only a limited number of carriers, meaning some carriers won't be included in the DAS.

- Simpler Installation. Wireless signal boosters usually take very little time to install. Today's newest models are even better because of their self optimization which makes them easy to integrate into an existing building. In contrast, a DAS system is much more difficult to deploy.

The Wilson Advantage

While there are a number of companies that make commercial cell phone signal boosters, Wilson Pro wireless boosters lead the cell phone signal booster industry and are an excellent choice for any type of large residential or commercial structure. WilsonPro wireless signal boosters stand out because they:

- Provides the greatest benefits in signal strength. Of all competitors, Wilson Pro cellular signal boosters can increase the signal strength in buildings the most with a maximum boost of +70db.

- Offer the widest coverage areas. Capable of spreading coverage over up to 50,000 square feet, Wilson Pro mobile boosters have a 600% larger coverage area compared to the nearest competitors. For larger spaces, we can create a custom cell phone signal booster design to fully the meet needs of any institution, facility, warehouse, factory, business or residence.

- Can receive signals from greater distances. With a Wilson Pro cellphone booster, mobile devices can receive signals from towers located up to twice the distance away than they can without the boost.

- Are the only boosters available with adjustable speed. You can choose a WilsonPro cellphone booster with adjustable upload and download speeds across all channels to provide hundreds of users with the fastest possible data speeds.

- Have universal carrier support. All North American wireless carrier signals can be amplified with a Pro Wilson booster, and the signal boosters support 2G, 3G and 4G LTE.

- Can be installed easily. Self optimization technology allows ProWilson boosters to be installed with little to no trouble shooting.

- Are made by an industry leader. Wilson Electronics, LLC. has been in business for more than 20 years and is the trusted manufacturer of cellular signal boosters by large companies like Halliburton, Microsoft, Nike, General Electric and ExxonMobil. The company has sold more than 1.5 million wireless signal boosters since their founding.

Custom Wilson Pro booster kits consisting of your choice from Wilson Pro 70, Wilson Pro 70 Plus, and Wilson Pro 70 Plus Select

If your needs exceed the standard 50,000 square feet of boosted coverage offered by our top of the line, Wilson Pro 70 Plus Select with adjustable gain controls on each band, please contact us for a free custom Wilson Pro booster design quote. For more information about how WilsonPro cellular boosters can benefit your business or to order one, please contact us, today!

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