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​Wilson PRO4000R: Industry’s 1st Rack-Mounted Signal Booster.

Posted by on Aug 15, 2016

Wilson Pro4000R is capable of delivering the power of four boosters in one single rack-mounted unit. Commercial installers will love the fact it boosts up to 140,000 sq. ft. with this single unit. Commercial customers who're concerned at the poor indoor cell coverage they are currently experiencing, will love the power and convenience the new Wilson Pro4000R cell phone signal booster brings to their daily life. It is a professional cell signal amplifier capable of expanding cell signal coverage for large commercial buildings in excess of 100,000 ft.². It is industry's first rack mounted signal booster which provides tremendous convenience and easy access at all times. 

Wilson Pro4000R.

This WilsonPro cell booster is the first rack-mounted booster with four individual signal amplifiers servicing multiple indoor antennas. Wilson Pro4000R is capable of delivering the power of four boosters in one single rack-mounted unit. Depending on the strength of the incoming signal from the tower, this booster can provide cell coverage for up to 100,000 ft.² of indoor space, or even more!

Outgoing Lines Are Independently Controlled.

Wilson Pro4000R has multiple indoor antenna lines which are connected with on-board software, ensuring that each line is capable of operating at maximum signal output. If oscillation should occur on one antenna line, then that line automatically adjusts signal strength on the affected frequency whilst continuously providing connectivity throughout the building.

Additional Features of the Wilson PRO4000 R.

  • Color LCD Navigation.

For easy and effective control, the Wilson Pro comes with a color LCD screen, complete with four-way navigation.

  • Simple Rack-Mounted Installation.

WilsonPro 4000R has been designed to fit into an existing server rack. This kind of installation leaves this unit easily accessible while allowing for a clean and neat installation.

  • XDR Technology.

In an event of signal overload, the XDR (Extra Dynamic Range) technology prevents the booster from shutting off. Should an incoming signal become too strong, the Wilson Pro4000-R can compensate for this overload condition by adjusting the signal gain, whilst still providing the building with even signal coverage. This is different than other cell signal boosters which will shut down once they reach the threshold of a certain incoming signal strength, ultimately resulting in completely dropped cell signal.

Using Appropriate Antennas and Channel Filters for Different Applications.

The reason behind WilsonPro’s expanded antenna plus "channel filter" offerings is the fact that every job is different. The newest antenna offerings from WilsonPro include the Wideband Dome Indoor Ceiling Antenna (50 Ohm), Wideband Outdoor Yagi Directional Antenna (50 Ohm), and the Wideband Omni Outdoor Building Antenna (50 Ohm). These antennas connect to in-building boosters and expand the booster’s reach by embracing existing signal, thus ensuring that all users receive the best possible cellular connectivity. New channel filters are also now available for amplifying the signal from a specific carrier of choice.

Omni Outdoor Building antenna both transmits and receives for all carriers in a 360° pattern, whilst the Dome Ceiling antenna works the same way indoors for all cellular devices. Depending upon the location of installation, frequency band channel filters can help provide better coverage for carriers whose cell towers are farther away.

If you have any concerns relating to the Wilson Pro4000R, perhaps on best practices for installation, its various features, or a quote for professional installation, please contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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