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Wilson versus weBoost signal booster for home.

Posted by on Apr 17, 2016

Wilson versus weBoost: List of updated signal boosters for homes

Wilson versus weBoost cell phone signal booster for home

Wilson Electronics upgrades their home and office cell phone boosters and brands them as weBoost boosters for consumer use. Launches a new line of commercial grade cell phone signal boosters under the Wilson Electronics brand, Wilson Pro.

Cell phone usage is dependent upon two things primarily, the battery and the signal. Out of these, the signal is the most important. Think about it. If you have a great phone with a strong battery but you cannot get a signal on the phone, or if the signal is weak, then the phone is not efficient. Unfortunately, there are many phones on the market which fall short on their signal strength. Whether the cause is the phone or the signal from the towers, the result is the same dropped calls, static on the line, poor communication between parties, and a heightened level of frustration. The cell phone signal booster is the solution to the weak signal. By utilizing the cell phone signal booster in the home and office, an individual can increase the bars to their full potential, maximize the battery and data usage of their phone, and have better efficiency (especially in businesses which rely upon cellphone usage to communicate with their clients).

Determining the source of your weak signal

When there is a weak signal on a phone, the typical first reaction is to blame the phone. This may not be the case. Before you throw the phone on the ground and stomp on it in frustration, consider the following troubleshooting techniques to determine whether or not the phone or the signal is to blame.

  • Check your phone for updates. Technologies and the engineering behind telecommunications is consistently being upgraded and evolving. As such, the device that you own may not have the latest software or hardware. If you have not checked the phone’s settings to scan for updates, it is strongly advised that you do this first. If your phone is an older model (before 2005) you may want to consider buying a new phone. Prior to 2005, the Smartphone era had not really kicked off in its full effect. As such, these phones may not be compatible with the framework and .net structure of your phone service provider.
  • Find where you have the strongest signal. In order to diagnose the problem, seek out the strongest signal. It is recommended that you start at interior of your building and work your way outside of the building. If you find that you have a stronger signal near an external wall, note that position and then check the signal in exterior of establishment or structure. If the signal is greater still, then the problem may be with the construction materials of the building in which case a cell phone booster would help.
  • Look for obstructions. If you are in an urban environment, other buildings can cause problems with your signals, especially if you are a small office in the mist of larger buildings. Furthermore, if you’re in the proximity of a radio station or cable company, or if the adjoining buildings have a signal booster, you may be getting a bit of cross frequency which can cause a weakened signal. To test if this is the case, check your cell phone signal at your residence as well as at other locations around where the phone will be used.
  • Identify your proximity to a cell phone tower. Just because there are a number of cell phone towers in your area does not mean that there is a tower supported by your network. If you’re outside the range of your network’s tower, or if you’re on the very edge, your signal will be weaker than if you’re closer to the tower. In most situations if you are close to a tower, the booster can “reach in” to the radius of that tower and boost the signal. Remote and rural locations are more apt to have weaker signals. Check with your phone service provider to find out where your local towers are.

How can a home or office cell phone signal booster help?

Home and office cell phone signal boosters work by taking the signals which are already present, and refurbishing, if you will, that signal into a usable and stronger signal. Normally, there are signals present in the air. Cell phones may not be able to read the frequency as the devices are typically programmed to only catch those signals which are optimal for calling, texting, and accessing your network. While the weak signals would not be functional normally, by combing these signals to the strong signal through the booster by “repeating” it (thus sometimes an amplifier is referred to, as a repeater), the overall strength and functionality of the phone is maximized.

What if I have a booster already and I am receiving a weak signal?

Because the technology trends and the engineering of telecommunication and internet communications is consistently changing, the software on your current home or office cell phone signal booster may be outdated. Check to see if your device allows for updates. If you can then see if the updates are compatible with your phone. Should you still be experiencing issues, you may want to update to a new device. Wilson Electronics has opted to update their current devices in order to better accommodate the needs of our clients. They have been re-branded as weBoost for consumer models and are available as follows:

There are several reasons Wilson chose to opt for these new models. First, they wanted to shift the consumer products to its new brand name, weBoost. Second, we think that the devices work more efficiently than older models. Apart from the functionality, the devices are also more aesthetic and natural to the home and office setting (as opposed to the bright blue casings). If you wish to compare the differences between these new updates and the older models please feel free to visit the home and building section of our site or contact one of our team members through the chat option available on the page. If you have a model that is not listed here and want to know if it is outdated, please let us know.

New devices which are experiencing weak signals should be checked at the coax cable first. A common problem is that the coax cable has not been fully tightened. Additionally, if antenna is facing the wrong way, if there are obstacles between the receiver and the booster (if not all in one unit) or if there is another booster in the room, these can be cause for a weakened or disrupted signal.

Can’t I just buy a cheap generic model with no name, made in China?

Generic models are unstable at best. There are usually two categories that a generic model falls into. These are the refurbished models and the 100% generic model. The first option, the refurbished model means that the product has been rebuilt. It can generally be assumed that the refurbished model required refurbishment due to an error. This should be a red flag for anyone. A faulty product may or may not work properly, but do you really want to be the person that tries it out? The second of the two options, the 100% generic model, typically is built with cheap parts that are not specifically designed to be compatible with your phone. This can cause problems with the internal components and data of your phone (meaning that you can fry your phone and end up with a giant paperweight). Apart from this, generic phones rarely if ever meet the specifications required to legally operate the device. Such devices can result in the network crashing which would result in a very costly bill on your part because they may not even be FCC certified.

Can a cell phone signal booster access any tower?

No, where it may rely slightly upon the signals coming from an outside tower, the cell phone signal booster will need to work with your phone service provider in order for your phone to work properly. For example: If you have a Verizon phone, you will need to have access to the Verizon towers. While the cellphone signal booster may access AT&T’s signals and use that signal with your Verizon tower, you must have access to the Verizon network in order for the device to be used effectively.

If I purchase a home or office cell phone booster can anyone use it?

Typically, the booster that you choose is limited to a specific radius and not to a specific access count. This means that so long as the person is within the range of the booster, that they should be able to access the functions of the cell phone signal booster so long as their phone is compatible with the device. Keep in mind that different boosters cover different areas. The Home 4G signal booster allows for the space of a desktop or a small room to receive a boost to their signal, the Connect 4G allows for a small office building or residential home of up to 5,000 square feet to be covered, and the Connect 4G-X allows for a large home or office of up to 10,000 sq. ft. to be covered.

What is the difference between a professional grade booster and the other upgraded models?

Updated models fall into either personal usage or professional grade. The main difference between the two categories is the space which is allotted to the device. While the home and office personal devices are ideal for the residential setting or for a small office, they are not designed for warehouses and factories which have a large space to cover. Additionally, the installation requirements are different when transitioning from the personal to the professional grade cell phone signal boosters for home or office. The Professional Grade models require that a licensed installer install the device in order for it to be legally used while the personal models can be installed by anyone (as a lot of these models are plug and use, they do not require a high level of technical experience).

Can I use a 4G Model to boost the signal on my 3G phone, and vice versa?

While you may find that you have a signal if you use a 3G booster on your 4G phone, it is not recommended that you do so because it won’t help boost 4G data signals to speed up internet usage on your mobile phone. It will only help make clear voice calls and instantaneous texting. 4G cell phone boosters can be used for your 3G phone because they are backward compatible and therefore they will help boost voice as well as 3G data signals your phone uses to perform wireless data transfer or use Internet wirelessly. If you have a 3G phone then it is advised that you purchase a 3G cell phone signal booster only because it is cheaper. A 4G cell phone signal booster is recommended in case you upgrade your phone to a 4G cell phone down the road.

Are there any limitations to what a cell phone signal booster for the home or office can do?

The cell phone signal booster for the home and building is a tool which will help to maximize the functionality of the phone. Using a cell phone signal booster can optimize your phone to receive full bars, have a longer battery lifespan (by requiring less use of the battery from the boosted signal) of up to 2 hours, increase signal strength to allow for quicker upload and downloading (as the phone will not have to reconnect to the network), and increase voice clarity. While there are a great many benefits to the home & building cell phone signal booster, there are some things which a booster cannot do. These limitations include:

1. A cell phone booster cannot add minutes to your plan. Your data and cellphone plan will not have time added to your current contract with your phone service provider. However, the booster will help to maximize your reception making those minutes that you use better optimized for the intended function of the phone.

2. A cell phone signal booster cannot HACK into a tower. – Anyone offering a booster that can access a network or a tower without a subscription to that phone network should be avoided. You will still need to have legal access to the phone networks through the providers. This is generally accomplished with the purchase of a monthly plan or through a pre-paid program.

3.  A cell phone booster cannot create a signal where none are present. It is a rare occurrence, but there are times when there is no signal to be found. Even when there are towers present does not mean that your network has a tower or signal in that area. Check with your phone provider to understand where the towers are so that you will know your proximity and likelihood of having a signal. If you are outside of the coverage area or on the fringes of the network you may still be able to get a signal depending on the device that you choose.

4. A cell phone signal booster cannot create an internet signal. The function of the cell phone signal booster is to boost the signals on your phone so that you can make calls, access the network, and have less dropped calls and such. It cannot create an internet signal. If you require a boost to your WI-FI, it is strongly advised that you use a WI-FI booster.

Do you have questions about purchasing a home & building cell phone signal booster? We can help.

If you are interested in purchasing a cell phone signal booster for your home or building and do not know where to start, please contact us. Cell Phone Signal Booster is dedicated to creating products that are for boosting your cell phone. Unlike other competitors which have an array of products and then add the booster as a side thought, Cellphonesignalbooster.us offers cellphone signal boosters solely. This means that you will find quality products that meet the specifications to legally operate the devices, warranties that ensure your product, and a team that is knowledgeable in the products that they sell.

Should you have questions about any of the updated models which we are providing, please feel free to look at the corresponding web pages. Although we strive to have as much information as possible on our site, we understand that specific models come with specific questions attached to them. We also understand that the needs of each customer varies depending upon their needs. Feel free to contact us directly with these questions at 1-800-501-3153.

Questions? Call us for a FREE product recommendation or try our automated Cell Phone Signal Booster Selector Tool. Need a cell phone booster installer? We offer installation services by a certified installing team that installs boosters nationwide across USA and Canada. Submit location details for cell phone signal booster system design & installation quote to have your amplifier kit installed by professionals.

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