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WilsonPro Signal Booster Taken On By a Las Vegas Museum.

Posted by on May 22, 2017

WilsonPro cellular signal booster was installed by the Mob Museum to replace another booster system that couldn’t work in the structural complex houses made using cell signal unfriendly materials.

WilsonPro Signal Booster Taken On By a Las Vegas Museum.

Location Details.

Mob Museum in Las Vegas is a popular Sin City attraction with lots of visitors. The building was made up of materials that were highly unfriendly to cellular coverage such as steel, concrete and brick. As result, the museum's initial signal booster system was useless against the rigid and unyielding building materials. The outside coverage was very strong and rendered the earlier booster system useless on the inside and couldn't be activated. A cellular connectivity solution was required, one that was capable of surmounting the complex coverage challenges.

Major Concern.

Find a cellular signal booster system capable of working inside walls made of steel, concrete, brick and other unfriendly materials. Such a cell signal booster was needed to boost the strong outside coverage effectively in all inside museum houses.

Proposed Solution was WilsonPro Boosters.

Proposed solution included a WilsonPro cellular signal booster where two antennas were separately used. The first antenna was tuned to about 700 MHz/ 800 MHz with the other tuned to a frequency of about 1900 MHz/ 2100 MHz. The split signal system was going to gather all the signals from multiple carriers. A diplexer would then be used to join up the signals. As a result, the split method was able to capture the strong signals in the museum's outdoor before distributing and amplifying them indoors.

About the Museum in Las Vegas.

Built as a Courthouse and was once a Post Office as well, the Mob Museum current location goes back to 1933. It is a steel, concrete and brick architectural structure housing mobsters who founded Las Vegas and their scintillating history visited by thousands of visitors to Sin City.

About WilsonPro.

Leading in the commercial cellular signal amplifiers world and technology, WilsonPro offers the strongest and most advanced signal boosters designed to ensure only the powerful signal is boosted. Whether it is commercial, fleet or security requirements, WilsonPro cellular signal boosters come in handy.

Post Installation Results.

  • Outer signals were captured and amplified on the inside.
  • Guests now able to access cellular services from multiple carriers inside the museum.


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SOURCE: Originally posted at WILSONPRO.COM. Modified to highlight WilsonPro signal boosting products were used for installation. Cell Phone Signal Booster was not the installer of signal booster system in this case study.

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