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Wilson Pro 4300/4300R Now With Network Scanning

Posted by on Oct 27, 2020

WilsonPro recently announced an innovative addition to their  Wilson Pro Enterprise 4300 and Wilson Pro Enterprise 4300R cellular amplifiers. As the acknowledged industry leader in cellular signal amplifying technology, WilsonPro are proud to introduce industry-leading Network Scanning capabilities to all their Enterprise 4300/4300R cellular amplifiers. The new Network Scanning ability of these amplifiers breaks down signal quality and cellular power levels by carrier, allowing users to quickly diagnose and resolve issues, ensuring carrier specific optimization and improved overall performance.

This clever built-in Network Scanning feature removes the uncertainty of whether a cellular amplifier is working effectively for all carriers. With this added feature, users receive cellular signal power level measurements in real-time, as well as frequencies and signal quality for all major US and Canadian carriers. The addition of the Network Scanning feature ensures users have a better installation experience, optimization by carrier can easily be carried out, and a better performance is achieved.

And the bonus news is that there will be no increase in product pricing on Enterprise 4300/4300R amplifiers with Network Scanning. This data will be accessible through the WilsonPro Cloud.

New Network Scanning Capabilities Save Time and Money.

Previously, cellular signal amplifiers were not able to measure the average power level for each specific carrier; they could only measure for the whole set of frequencies. This meant that, when a problem arose, users not only had no way of knowing which carrier had connectivity issues, there was no way of comparing a specific carrier’s signal strength. The only way a user was able to confirm that the system was working was by trying to make phone calls on all carriers or to use a Cell LinQ or other signal meter to take measurements.

This meant that it took a significant amount of resources and time to diagnose then fix an issue, with installers often having to take multiple trips to the cellular amplifier and using trial-and-error manual testing to pinpoint the problem. This also included the installer having the time-consuming task of placing calls through different carriers.

With the built-in Network Scanning feature now being added to Enterprise 4300/4300R amplifiers, users can be assured of top system performance enabled by easy installation and carrier specific optimization. Should an issue arise, the installer or user can quickly determine the actual quality and strength of each carrier’s cellular signal. And, with the functionality of WilsonPro Cloud, users of Enterprise 4300/4300R boosters can remotely monitor, manage, adjust, and troubleshoot their amplifier. Real-time updates can also be delivered to any mobile device, including smart phones and tablets, thus negating the need for on-site visits. Further, historical carrier information can be accessed via the WilsonPro Cloud which means that for remote troubleshooting purposes, WilsonPro technical support or integrators can use the Cloud to determine when and if carrier specific problems have occurred in the past.

Wilson Electronics' CEO says, "We have Cracked the Code".

Wilson Electronics CEO, Bruce Lancaster, said they had always wanted to offer this type of measurement in their cellular signal amplifiers, and their installers had been asking for it too, but it was technologically difficult to access separate readings from each carrier from cellular signals being picked up by the amplifier. He added that Wilson Electronics was thrilled they had finally cracked the code, and that these exclusive, ground-breaking Network Scanning capabilities will now be provided on all new Enterprise 4300/4300R amplifiers, at no additional cost to the user.

The three outdoor antenna ports incorporated in the Enterprise 4300/4300R boosters with their Multi-Tower Targeting Technology™ ensure that, if a weak signal is being experienced by a specific carrier, the user can direct the antenna towards the strongest signal to access specific frequency bands for carrier-specific optimization and the best available indoor cellular signal coverage.

Before WilsonPro added their Network Scanning feature, installers had to use a manual spectrum analyzer to view signals on different carrier bands. Now, with the Enterprise 4300 having Network Scanning capabilities, the new streamlined installation process will save a lot of time. Users and installers can easily see the number of carriers and bands that are available to repeat at a client site.

In-Building Cellular Coverage For Areas Up To One-Million Square Feet.

With the Enterprise 4300/4300R being stackable and scalable, installers have the ability to configure in-building cellular coverage for areas up to one-million square feet, subject to the building’s architecture. This makes it perfect for hospitals, office buildings, warehouses, hotels, and any large commercial building. The result is that strong and reliable cellular signal is delivered by the amplifier to all employees, visitors and residents of a building, irrespective of the carriers they use.

The WilsonPro Enterprise 4300/4300R with its new, enhanced Network Scanning capabilities is available for purchase right now through any authorised WilsonPro dealer or distributor. To find out more about WilsonPro Enterprise 4300/4300R Cellular Signal Amplifiers or to find a dealer near you, please visit WilsonPro.com or WilsonPro.ca.

About Wilson Electronics LLC and WilsonPro.

As acknowledged market leader in cellular signal boosting technology, Wilson Electronics LLC is dedicated to ensuring that everyone, everywhere, has access to strong and reliable wireless network coverage. As the home of weBoost and WilsonPro products, Wilson Electronics LLC ensures each of their boosters is fully FFC-approved to boost all major carriers’ signals for all cellular devices, thus dramatically improving cellular signal coverage in commercial buildings, homes, offices, and vehicles.

For more than 20 years, Wilson Electronics LLC has been developing and manufacturing cellular signal boosters, antennas, and their related components. Along the way, they have successfully established an impressive intellectual property portfolio on mobile phone repeater and booster designs. Importantly, the design, assembly, and testing of all Wilson Electronics products is carried out in the USA.

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