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Canada Cell Phone Signal Providers

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The status of Canadian cell phone service industry from perspective of consumers

In the past years in Canada, the state of wireless services for cell phone carriers and their users has not been too encouraging and that is due to the fact that end users have been lamenting the country's high cost charges for wireless phones and related services.

Cell phone users in Canada also used to complain of low rated customer service and others such as hidden fees with fluctuating charges on a month to month basis. With these various complaints in place then in the past, billing issues took the top position with it, more than doubling in those past years. Some end users mentioned they pay some of the highest cell phone service prices in the world, and yet for some of the worst services rendered. These were statements from various quarters and the actual fact remains that some of these service providers have been living up to excellent service standards, but most people feel more needs to be done to lower the cost of service.

Smaller carriers such as Wind Mobile and Mobilicity have introduced reasonable pricing with unlimited plans but their coverage areas and cellular service within those limited areas is not all that great, especially outside major cities. Therefore, they piggy-back on the wireless network of the three major Carriers Telus, Bell, and Rogers. However, they end up charging too much for services outside major cities due their own high cost of purchasing, to provide those services to their customers traveling or residing outside of their coverage areas.

It is true that building out a mobile network costs a lot of money, and the big three would not just give a free ride to their own competitors. However, the new entrants Mobilicity and Wind Mobile management believe the Canadian government has not done enough to provide them with spectrum discounts and other benefits to help them compete with incumbent wireless carriers who have deep pockets. Furthermore, they complain that the big three carriers have created smaller cheaper brand subsidiaries offering similar price plans as themselves along with better coverage to compete with them to drive them out of the market. Those brands are: Fido and Chatr owned by Rogers. Koodo owned by Telus. Virgin Mobile and Solo Mobile owned by Bell. Bell has decided to phase out Solo Mobile and focus only on Virgin Mobile Canada as their cheaper brand. It is true that the two new entrants are finding it hard to stay in business with their minuscule amount of customer base compared to the big three, and a very high debt load incurred for buying spectrum licenses and building out their current cellular networks.

The daunting task: Canada is indeed a vast landscape to cover, with cell phone service

Due to the vastness of Canada with comparatively low population, coverage is indeed sparse in most rural areas. Therefore, even the big three carriers are still trying to living up to expectations by still dragging along with issues very paramount - such as network signals where it is needed most. Some of these networks have very poor signals in the rural domains of the country and some have difficulty penetrating urban zones due to obstructions such as concrete buildings, and other obstructions between cell phones and the mobile towers. Cell phone signal booster Canada wide alleviates these issues and supports all service providers including old and new, to function with better signal penetrations inside homes, buildings, and vehicles, thus adding more value to their service provisions for end users.

Cell phone signal boosters to the rescue

Thanks to signal boosters, fewer complaints are made and it frees up the Carriers customer service teams to focus more on offering better value to customers as far as customer service and service pricing is concerned. They have thus truly become much more competitive in their pricing. On average, wireless firms charge around $25 per gigabyte of data, in contrast to $3,000 per gigabyte in the past in 2008. The provision for unlimited plans for voice and text are making their way into wireless plans, and is slowly becoming the order of service. This makes a more competitive and level-field for them all, although the new entrant are still able to offer unlimited data plans to compensate for other drawbacks such as coverage, to help increase their customer base.

The rights of consumers validated by legislation of the Cell Phone Code Of Conduct

If you are looking up at subscribing with any Canadian wireless service provider, then you may need to know your rights when signing a wireless service contract. Ensure you read and understand your rights when signing a contract for any wireless service. Ask the right questions such as, are there any sign-up fees or system activation payments, and how much would they be? And when you end up cancelling your contract, how will they calculate the cancellation fee? What will you be charged when you go over your plan's limits or margins? When subscribing to any of these plans, and when signing your contract with the wireless services for your cell phone, smart phone or tablet, you are shielded by the Ontario's Wireless Services Agreements Act (WSAA) and Canada's Wireless Code of Conduct (WCOC).

Under this Wireless Services Agreement Acts - all contracts for wireless services must be transparent and easy to comprehend with no hidden cost or terms and a copy of contract too will be handed to you.

Such contract terms will comprise the following:

• Your name, wireless provider's business name and contact details.

• Date when contract comes into activation and then how long the contract will be with date of commencement and expiration.

• Client’s standard or monthly minimal cost for service.

• List of every service which comprises optional services and also your maximum utilization you have, for each such as maximum talking time or number of text messages, amongst others.

• Complete description of any limits or margins that you may have on your plan such as your limit on megabytes of data.

• How will your provider compute your fees, if you ever go past your usage limits or margins.

• Description of any extra payment that you may have to fulfill such as with sign-up fees, system activation fees amongst others and how these are calculated.

• Description of any items free or discounted products that you receive for signing the contract which may include:

• The projected retail price for the product. • Whether the item has been utilized before or refurbished.

• If the product such as a cell phone is locked and can only be utilized with the provider that you are signing the contract.

• What is the length of period/time a lock on a cell phone or item will last (must not be more than 90 days).

• The terms for refunds, exchanges or returns of any product that you get within the contract (must be atleast 15 days).

• Does the contract offer you a discount for a service, if yes - it must tell you how much the discount is, and how long it will last.

• If you are provided extra warranty support - the carrier must give you, or include in your contract, info about any existing warranties that may apply.

• If your service plan offers set long-distance rates, such rates must be set out in the contract.

• If the plan does not offer set long distance fees, but you can still initiate long distance calls under it, the contract must tell you how you can find out what you will pay for the calls.

Having highlighted all of the above, if any of the operational wireless providers don't abide by these rules, you are entitled to cancel the contract within a year and receive full refund. Also the carrier by request may demand in such scenario that you return any free or discounted items that were given to you under the contract.

You are free to terminate a wireless contract by giving notice to the wireless provider, and such required cancellation fee will vary depending on:

• If you have a fixed term or a no term, month by month contract.

• If you received any free or sponsored product such as a cell phone. And in the event where you did not get any free or subsidized product when you signed your contract, you won't be:

• Charged a cancellation fee when you terminate a no term contract

• Charged more than $50 when you terminate a fixed term contract.

Below are some of Canadian popular cell phone service providers:

• Rogers Wireless: This is a major Canadian GSM Operator and also owns the Fido Network

• Bell: Also one of Canada's age long Mobile Network formerly a CDMA Network

• Telus Mobility: This one is a merger between Quebectel Mobility And Clearnet

• Fido: Owned by Rogers, this is a low-cost Canadian GSM Network mostly meant for younger folks

• Koodo Mobile: Owned by Telus, this one is a Discount Canada Prepaid Network

• Virgin Mobile Canada: Owned by Bell, this is definitely a Canada's Version of Virgin UK and U.S.A.

• Videotron Mobile: This one is owned by Quebec's Cable Modem And TV Provider Videotron

• WIND Mobile: A new entrant in Canadian wireless market - offers Unlimited Prepaid Service Network Available In certain Canadian Cities

• Mobilicity: A new entrant in Canadian wireless market. This one specializes in Local Unlimited Service Plans

• Chat-r Wireless: Owned by Rogers, this one focuses on Unlimited Text And Talk Bundles, and also International Text Messages

Having discovered all of these and their promises, the question is why would a country blessed with these blend of wireless technology still have cell phone service so awful in certain quarters?

The benefits of a cell phone signal booster for consumers in Canada

Well, there are finite number of cellular towers and it is not practical to have them around everywhere. Furthermore, there are obstructions such os composites of homes and buildings. Natural obstructions include hills and valleys. Lastly, Canada is a very big country, land-wise. Some factors such as deregulation, lack of competition, corruption may by culprits too, but let us leave that for some other subject. The bottom-line is - If you happen to suffer from network signal outage and problems wherever you are – both in the rural or urban areas, the good news is that cell phone signal booster Canada takes care of it! Start using any of the networks with boosted signals for effective communication and data sharing amongst others.

While your distance and line of sight to your closest cell phone provider's tower determines how viable and effective a signal would be most of the time, you don't have to worry about those technicalities as much anymore as once the cell phone signal booster Canada is installed, it is good for life. With no monthly fees, it allows you to have signal in areas you need inside your home or vehicle, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year!

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