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Case Studies

Read interesting cell phone signal booster case studies that resolved low or no reception issues with our cell phone signal booster system installations.

Case Study One
PDF of cell phone signal booster case study one
weBoost 4G LTE 700 delivered dramatically faster data transfer speeds than were available without the booster. By providing a strong, reliable LTE signal inside the house, the booster allowed access to 4G speeds. Originally published at weBoost website.
Case Study Two
PDF of cell phone signal booster case study two
Spectacular results showed four solid bars of 4G signal consistently throughout a house that had no signal at all around the house or inside. At best, there were only one to two bars of fluctuating signal at the highest point on the property. Originally published at weBoost website.
Case Study Three
PDF of cell phone signal booster case study three
The Utility/ weBoost collaboration helps customers reduce response time. Utility received the "M2M in Action Award" for the company's innovative hardware/software solution for first responders. weBoost was honored with a related "Technology Enabler Award."
Case Study Four
PDF of cell phone signal booster case study four
The Challenge: Modernize the department's mobile data communications despite weak cellular signal throughout the mostly rural county. Results: More effective use of deputies' time, enhanced communication and coordination, faster response to calls.
Case Study Five
PDF of cell phone signal booster case study five
The strength and reliability of the local cellular signal is a critical factor for GNCI and its customers. In some locations, a weak cellular signal must be boosted in order to provide the required level of service. weBoost boosters got the job done.
Case Study Six
PDF of cell phone signal booster case study six
Distance from the cell tower, natural obstructions (trees) and man-made obstructions (concrete and steel of house) all degraded the cellular signal. A weBoost signal booster overcame the obstacles to bring a strong, reliable cellular signal to the residents of this home in upstate New York.
Case Study Seven
PDF of cell phone signal booster case study seven
The distance from the nearest cell tower and the obstacles presented by the natural terrain made communication with the outside world difficult for the test site crew. The weBoost booster saved time and money; significantly contributed to the safety of the project; provided a value-added service that now gives Soft Rock a competitive edge.
Case Study Eight
PDF of cell phone signal booster case study eight
The National Transportation Safety Board concluded the delayed reporting of the accident and emergency response were a direct result of "a lack of cell coverage at the accident scene." In its report, the NTSB recommended large buses carry cellular signal boosters on board to report emergencies occurring in areas of weak cell signal.
Case Study Nine
PDF of cell phone signal booster case study nine
weBoost amplifiers and antennas have helped improve cellular performance in some unique places. Among them is the Tuacahn Amphitheatre, set in a red rock canyon where professional theater performances are center stage. Tuacahn staff and visitors now easily use cell service at the arts center.
Case Study Ten
PDF of cell phone signal booster case study ten
Like many office buildings in densely populated urban environments, the Manhattan headquarters of NewBay Media subjects employees to cellular signal challenges. Those who work there have long complained of a universal lack of cell phone reception. Wilson Electronics signal boosters proved to be robust, reliable, easily deployed and affordable.
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