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Cell phone signal booster store near Missouri City, Texas

Cell Phone Signal Booster Store: Near Missouri City in Texas

Our Cell Phone Signal Booster Store is located just 18 miles from Missouri City in Texas. It's both an online store and a retail store, selling products to greatly improve mobile reception inside vehicles and buildings. 


Missouri City is located near Houston in Texas. Oyster Creek flows through the municipality in a southerly direction. Missouri City consists of 29.8 square miles, with 28.4 square miles of land and 1.4 square miles of water.

History of Missouri City

This area which is now Missouri City is a very significant part of Texas history, dating back to the 1800s. In 1853 the first railroad began operations in Texas, with the Buffalo Bayou, Brazos and Colorado Railway running the first 20 miles of railway line stretching from Houston (was Harrisburg) to Stafford (was Stafford's Point). This became the first ever standard-gauge railway west of the Mississippi River.

The railway extension was continued westward when, in 1883, it was linked with the eastward railway, thus completing the Sunset Route running between Los Angeles and New Orleans. Today this route is owned by the Union Pacific Railroad and it's still a very important railroad.

In 1890 RM Cash and LE Luckle, real estate investors hailing from Houston, bought 4 square miles of land located directly on the BBB&C route, just one-and-a-half miles from the first stop at Stafford's Point. They advertised their land as ‘genial ѕunѕhinе and eternal ѕummеr.' Then, three years later, 80 acres was bought in the same area by WR McElroy with the view to jointly promoting the area with Luckle and Cash in St. Louis. So he named it Missouri City. The first settlers in Missouri City were from Arlington, near Fort Worth and Dallas in Texas. In 1894 the new settlement was registered officially in Texas, and it became the railroad town at what was Main Street and Blue Ridge Road – today it's US 90A at Texas Parkway.

Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Missouri City

Back then there were no cell phones, but today there's a proliferation of homes and cell-phone users right across Missouri City. Most have a problem of reduced or weak reception and static inside vehicles and buildings. We're proud to offer the people of Missouri City our cell phone signal boosters to help in combating this serious issue. With our weBoost signal boosters you can increase reception inside your home or office to enable the use of cell phones without stressful difficulties, and without having to go outside to make or receive calls. No more missed or static calls due to weak cellular signals!

So, returning to the very interesting history of Missouri City!

In 1919 oil was discovered at nearby Blue Ridge, and very soon after than a salt mine was opened. Missouri City became the obvious shipping point for both these resources. Then in 1925 natural gas was discovered at the same location. The following year a pipeline was constructed and Missouri City became the very first town in the Fort Bend County area to use natural gas.

Missouri City was already home to commuters who travelled to work at adjacent towns like Sugar Land and Stafford's Point. With the improvement of roads and the increase of automobiles in the early 20th century, this fast-growing community very quickly attracted many newcomers; thus creating a new generation of commuters. Railroad commuters were being replaced and this transport system eventually became obsolete. The town started taking shape and by the 1950s became a notable ‘bedroom community' Houston suburb. Then, in 1956, on March 13th, this community that started life as a tiny settlement 55 years previously, became incorporated.

Since that time, Missouri City has achieved huge economic growth, moving southward, eastward, and now westward. An influx of African-Americans arrived in the area in the 1970s; most being first-time homeowners. They were drawn to the developing communities both west and south of Houston, with many of them settling in the Missouri City subdivisions.

General Statistics

In 2010 the population of Missouri City was 67, 358 people. The racial make-up of Missouri City was 41.8% African-American, 24.9% non-Hispanic white, with the remainder being Asian and other races. 2010 estimates were that the per capita income for Missouri City was $27,210.

Come and See Us!

A huge "welcome" to all visitors from Missouri City to our store: we provide cell phone signal boosting solutions to increase reception both inside buildings and vehicles. The weBoost signal booster is also of great assistance to office employees by providing strong cell phone signals inside vehicles and cars, thus increasing productivity.

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