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Cell phone signal booster store near Pasadena, Texas

Cell Phone Signal Booster Store: Near Pasadena in Texas

Our Cell Phоnе Signаl Booster store is located just 14 miles from Pasadena in Texas. It's both an online and retail store; selling products to boost reception in vehicles and inside homes and office buildings.

In 2010 Pasadena had a population of 149,043; making it the second-biggest city in Harris County and the 17th most populated city in the state of Texas. In 1893 this area was founded by John Burnett of Galverston: because of the lush vegetation he decided to name the area Pasadena.

Interesting Fact! The Pasadena Volunteer Fire Department is the biggest all-volunteer Fire Department in the entire United States!

Early Pasadena Hiѕtоrу

Before European settlement, Pasadena and surrounding areas were settled by the Atakapan and Karankawa tribes, in particular the Akokisa people, who lived right throughout the Gulf Coast area. Spanish explorers Jose Antonio de Evia and the Rivas-Iriate expedition discovered and named the bay.

In the 19th century, Jean Lafitte, a pirate, established a kingdom in Texas with hideouts and bases all around the bay and Clear Lake. Then in 1821 he was forced by the US Navy to leave the area.

The new nation, Mexico, wanted to colonize its northern territory of Texas following its declaration of independence from Spain: Mexico offered grants of land to settlers from the United States and from within Mexico. The Texas Land Company of New York and Stephen F Austin established a colony which very quickly created a settlement wave in Pasadena. In 1835 Texas revolted against Mexican rule following a Mexican Government coup by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Then, in 1836, on April 21st, and following many skirmishes and battles, the final battle of the Texas Revolution occurred near modern Pasadena. Santa Anna was taken at Vince's Bayou, and due to the fact that this was the final conflict leading to Mexican surrender, Deer Park and Pasadena were given the nickname ‘Birthplace of Texas'.


Pasadena City has a total area of 44.5 square miles, of which 44.2 square miles is land and 0.4 square miles is water. Pasadena is bordered by the Houston Ship Channel to the north, while the south-eastern part of the city fronts onto Galverston Bay. There are many ‘dead' spots in the city of Pasadena, so our signal boosting products are perfect for improving mobile phone reception.

Pasadena Climate

The climate in Pasadena is characterized by mild to cool winters with hot, humid summers.

The Many Nеighbоrhооdѕ of Pasadena

Some of the neighborhoods of Pаѕаdеnа include –

Allendale, Bayport, Baywood Shadows, Baywood Oaks, Burke Meadows, Country Meadows, Clear Lake City, Deep Water, Golden Acres, El Jardin del Mar, Vista Villas, Parkview Manor, Old Downtown, Pasadena River Oaks, Parkview South, Turtle Creek, Red Bluff Terrace, Village Grove East Townhomes, Village Grove East, and Village Grove.

Pasadena Demographics

In 2010 the population of Pasadena was 149,043. The census of 2000 showed that there were 141, 674 residents: the racial make-up of the city was 71.4% white, with the remainder being African American, American Indian, Alaska Native and Asian. There were 47,031 households, meaning that our cell phone signal booster products are able to assist so many families improve their signal reception. All those who use wireless phone services inside apartments and houses can benefit from our products - reception can be very limited in Pasadena due to roofs and walls blocking signals.

The Eсоnоmу of Pasadena

Key economic sectors in Pasadena include the exploration for gas and petroleum, petrochemical processing, petroleum refining, maritime shipping, solar panel manufacturing, healthcare, and aerospace. Their economy is very closely linked to the Bayport shipping terminal, the Houston Ship Channel, and the industrial district; in addition to NASA's Lyndon B Johnson Space Centre in the Clear Lake area. The Pasadena Refining System is a partnership of Astra Holding USA and Petrobras, with their headquarters situated in Pasadena. Our cell boosters are extremely popular in large buildings occupied by companies such as these because the concrete building walls either block or limit most cell phone signals in elevators and within hallways.

One of the country's biggest chemical processing complexes, Bayport Industrial District, is a very important employer in Pasadena. Many other high-tech businesses have also developed, with the opening of the Bayport shipping terminal very quickly adding to the economy of Pasadena.

Personal Income

The median income for a household in Pasadena was $38,522; with the per capita city income being $16,301. About 16% of Pasadena's population were living below the poverty line.

Othеr Information

  • The Pasadena Courthouse Annex is operated by Harris County;
  • The Strawberry Health Center is operated by the Harris County Hospital District;
  • The Houston V District Parole Office of Pasadena is operated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

In Summary

We welcome all our current and potential customers from Pasadena to our store in the city of Houston. We'll help you outfit your homes, buildings and vehicles with the appropriate cell phone signal booster product to ensure that you gain improved mobile phone reception. Our weBoost signal boosters are absolutely perfect for use in homes, businesses, and in vehicles like cars, buses, trucks, and boats.

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