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Cell phone signal booster store near Stafford, Texas

Cеll Phоnе Signаl Bооѕtеr Stоrе: Near Stafford, Texas

Our Cell Phone Signal Booster store is located just 19 miles from Stafford in Texas. This store is an online store as well as a retail store, selling cell phone boosters to improve reception both indoors and in vehicles like trucks and cars.


Stafford is situated in Fort Bend County, with just a portion of the city sitting in Harris County. It has a total area of 7 square miles.

Climаtе in Stafford

The climate in Stafford is typically a humid, sub-tropical climate; it's characterized by humid, hot summers, with mild to cool winter months.

Extrа-Tеrritоriаl Juriѕdiсtiоn

There are several areas of Stafford with extra-territorial jurisdiction: two are within the Houston Independent School District and another is an area between Murphy Road and Beltway 8. There's another area next to the City of Meadows Plan within the Alief Independent School District. Fort Bend Independent School District areas include part of Fifth Street plus an area around US Route 90 Alternate, Avenue E and Dulles Avenue. Stafford City has hesitated in annexing these areas because doing this would give Stafford territory in other school districts: the city prefers that its city limits and the SMSD share the same area.

Stafford Dеmоgrарhiсѕ

As of 2010 the population of Stafford was 17,693 people: the racial make-up of Stafford was 36.6% white, with 27.4% African American and the remainder being Native American, Asian and other races. The per capita income for Stafford was $27,082, with around 9% of the population living below the poverty line.

Most residents live and work indoors, meaning that they're experiencing static and dropped calls due to walls blocking their mobile signals. Because of this, the cell phone signal boosters we carry in our store help enormously in receiving optimal indoor reception.

Eсоnоmу of Stafford

Not since 1995 has Stafford had a municipal property tax. Although it's regarded as a bedroom community in the greater Houston area, it's believed that, on any week day, four times as many people are employed in Stafford; evidencing the huge commercial activity in Stafford. There are many both large and small corporations operating in Stafford; with Tyco and the United Parcel Service being just two.

Stafford was originally an agricultural community, but from 2009 onwards it has increased in manufacturing, commercial, service, retail and wholesale industries – all paying franchise and sales taxes to the city. Internationally, Stafford is well-known for attracting manufacturing companies, with 11 located in Stafford. There is one shopping center, 15 business parks, and 19 motels and hotels.

Texas Instruments operated its production facility in Stafford, manufacturing the 6” wafers used in high-definition televisions, cell phones, and solar devices. Opening originally in 1967, by 2009 Texas Instruments was operating with 1,500 employees: in that year it was the largest employer in Stafford. Then, in 2012 they announced the closing of the Stafford plant, with their operations moving to newer plants. 500 people were laid off and another 500 were sent to another facility. The company finally relocated its operations to Sugar Land, in the Telfair area.

Parks and Recreation

Stafford has designated 35.6 acres as greenspace for municipal parks. The largest park, Stafford City Park, covers 16 acres of land. The park includes softball and baseball fields, a pavilion, basketball courts, picnic benches, playground equipment, and open areas for football and soccer. The second largest park is Gordon Fountain Lake Park, covering 9 acres: this park has a lake, a half-mile well-lit jogging trail, playground equipment, a pavilion, sidewalks, and open fields for soccer and football. Then there's Vaccaro Manor Park, consisting of 4.5 acres: there's a well-lit quarter-mile jogging track, playground equipment, a pavilion, sidewalks, and open soccer fields.

In Summary

We warmly welcome all our visitors from Stafford, Texas, to our store in Houston: we provide all your cell phone signal boosting equipment to assist in accessing good mobile phone reception within shopping centres and other buildings. weBoost signal boosters also work exceptionally well inside vehicles, like trucks, buses, and cars.

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