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Do mobile/ cell phone signal boosters really work?

Are you wondering if cell phone signal boosters really work? Learn more about their components and how signal boosters deal with weak signal issues right here. This article will explain what a booster can and cannot do as well as explain common issues that people may face when trying to boost a signal. Regardless of whether you’re seeking a commercial phone signal booster or a residential mobile network signal booster, the process of increasing signal strength is the same.

What does a cell phone signal booster accomplish?

By its name, you can conclude that a cell phone signal booster increases the strength of a signal on a cell phone. This is correct. However, this is not all that is accomplished. Because the signal is increased, phones, mobile devices, tablets, and other such devices can minimize the time in data uploads and downloads, can maximize their data usage time as the device does not have to connect and re-connect to the network, add up to 2 hours to the battery life of the device by removing superfluous surges of power in trying to connect and function properly, and reduce the number of dropped calls.

Primarily, the booster increases the signal which is already present by coupling the strongest signal with weaker signals to produce a “mega” signal or reconditioned signal. There’s a bit more technique to how this is accomplished, but the best visual is to imagine a rope and then braiding that rope with others around it to make it stronger.

What are the components of a cell phone signal booster?

Mobile signal booster and cellular signal booster devices all have at least 4 components which make them work properly. These four pieces are the antenna, the coax cable, the power supply, and the booster/amplifier. While the power supply is pretty self-expiatory, the other three may be a bit confusing. The coax cable relates information gathered by antenna to the booster. The booster is the hardware that actually reconditions or amplifies the signal for the cellular device. An antenna gathers this information and transmits it where it needs to go.

When setting up a residential phone signal booster, it is important that antenna and the booster have the shortest distance cable between them to minimize signal loss.

Do Cell phone boosters really work?

Cell phone signal boosters do work and can increase the signal strength of a mobile device up to 70 db’s, depending on the signal strength and booster chosen. This means that in a technical dead zone with a home or vehicle, you have the potential to receive and send calls. However, it should be noted that there must be an existing signal outside the home or vehicle to recondition and to amplify. While it is rare in today’s world to find locations where there’s absolutely no signal present, there are a few. Additionally, a cellular signal booster works best if the phone has been updated and is in proper working condition. A phone loaded down with applications or a phone whose framework system has never been optimized and updated is less apt to see increases in the signal strength and in the performance of their phone than those which do.

When choosing a cellular signal booster, match the booster with the network capabilities of your phone. For example, if you have a 4G phone (or soon to be introduced 5G) look for a booster that uses 4G. Mobile devices which use 2G and 3G networks may be able to use 4G signal boosters. However, a 4G will not function properly if coupled with a 3G booster. Check the specifics of your device for details.

What a cell phone signal booster cannot do.

A cellphone signal booster cannot create a network or a signal from scratch. It is not a substitute for network services and therefore cannot hack into a tower or produce cell phone coverage for a person who does not have authorized access to the network. Additionally, a cell phone signal booster cannot add minutes or data to your plan. While the booster does increase the signal strength and can optimize the use of data by reducing upload and download times, those that reach their data limit will need to increase their allotted amount of data through his or her network provider.

Learn more.

Read complete cell phone signal booster guide, the complete cell phone signal booster guide, and/or our ultimate cell phone signal booster guide to learn more. For learning more about a specific mobile signal booster, please visit its product page. Should you have any questions concerning a booster, or if you need more information about how a cellphone signal booster works, please contact us directly. CellPhoneSignalBooster.us specializes in cellular signal boosting, offering products compatible with most US and Canadian network service providers. For a complete list of compatible devices, please reference the chart located on the product description page.

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