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Cellcom Cell Signal Booster for Home

All home & building amplifiers and repeaters listed below are compatible with your Cellcom service.

Cellcom Cell Signal Boosters for homes and offices.

Boost the Cellcom cellular signal in your car, truck or RV with Drive 3G Flex

3G Flex

3 Ft. Radius
3G Home & Car
Boost the Cellcom cell phone signal in your home with Home 3G. Covers a single room.

Home 3G

1,000 Sq. Ft.
Voice & 3G
Boost Cellcom cell phone signal in your home with weBoost Eqo signal booster. Covers 1 or 2 rooms.


1,200 Sq. Ft.
Voice, 3G, 4G
Boost the Cellcom cell phone signal in your home with Home 4G. Covers a single room.

Home 4G

1,500 Sq. Ft.
Voice, 3G, 4G
Boost Cellcom cell phone signal in your home with Connect 3G Omni. Covers entire home.

Connect 3G Omni

2,500 Sq. Ft.
Voice & 3G
Boost Cellcom mobility signal in your home with Connect 4G. Covers your entire home.

Connect 4G

3,500 Sq. Ft.
Voice, 3G, 4G
Boost Cellcom reception in your home with Connect 3G-X. Covers your entire home.

Connect 3G-X

7,500 Sq. Ft.
Voice & 3G
Boost Cellcom mobile signal in your home with Connect 4G-X. Covers your entire home.

Connect 4G-X

7,500 Sq. Ft.
Voice, 3G, 4G
Wilson Pro Commercial Grade Signal Booster for Cellcom

Commercial Grade

25,000 Sq. Ft.
Voice, 3G, 4G

Cellcom Signal Booster for Home.

Are you searching for a Cellcom booster for home and building for small to the largest of spaces? You’re definitely in the right place. All the following transmission amplifiers for Cellcom devices are high quality and tested for performance. 

Nsight, the parent company that owns Cellcom was created March 10, 1910. The story goes that a Pulaski group of business individuals met at a drug store locally and made plans of offering telephone related services to an already expanding community. As a result, the formation of the Pulaski Merchants & Farmers Telephone Company was complete. 

Around 1968 the name of the company changed to the Northeast Telephone Company. By 1982 the Northeast Communications, Inc. was created with the Northeast Telephone Company ending up as a subsidiary. The Northeast Communications of Wisconsin Inc. began in 1999 working officially as Nsight. Currently, Nsight has gathered various subsidiaries such as Nsight Tower, Nsight Telservices and Cellcom. 

Since 1923, Nsight investment has been run as a family. 

Small area Home 3G Cellcom reception amplifier for building or home.

3G Flex.

A portable amplifier you can carry around in a hotel room, workplace, home or vehicle, this transmission repeater for small areas is great for over four mobile devices. It boosts 3G and 2G voice and data networks. It is great for use outdoors and indoors. It offers a 45 dB gain. 

Medium area Cellcom reception amplifier for buildings and homes. 

Home 3G.

A great product that boosts 3G and 2G voice and data networks with a 60 dB gain. Boosts coverage to up to thousand square feet. It has an antenna that is window mountable. Fixing it on a window at work or home is a simple thing and works best for small homes, condos and apartments. 

Home 4G.

Superb reception amplifier for 4G LTE, 3G and 2G networks, this repeater covers a maximum of a thousand feet. It comes with an antenna mountable on windows at the office or home. Best for 1-2 rooms and offers a substantial 60 dB antenna gain.

Connect 3G Omni.

Best for 3G and 2G voice and data networks, this transmission amplifier covers up to 2,500 square feet. It uses a window mountable antenna and provides a 65 dB gain which is great for medium sized homes and offices.

Connect 3G Yagi.

With the Yagi you have a 3G and 2G voice and data device covering about 3,500 square feet. This reception booster is great for individuals unable to access the 4G LTE Cellcom data speeds and looking for the best booster. It is window mountable and stronger than Omni.

Connect 4G.

The 4G LTE advanced network by Cellcom is a wonderful choice for anyone. With this transmission amplifier, you can be sure of covering about 3,500 square feet.  It amplifies 3G and 2G voice and data networks. It provides a 65 dB gain. Great for cottages, workplaces and homes. It has a window mountable antenna. 

Large area Cellcom reception booster for a building or a house.

Connect 3G-X.

This cell phone reception amplifier covers about 7,500 square feet with a whooping 70 dB gain. It boosts 3G and 2G voice and data networks and best for large buildings, apartments and houses. 

Connect 4G-X.

In case you require something that really raises the 4G LTE advanced network by Cellcom, this reception amplifier does it. It gives 70 dB gain and best used also for 3G and 2G voice and data networks. Superb for warehouses, large buildings and large homes. It perfectly amplifies signal for multiple devices at the same time. 

Very large area Cellcom reception for homes and building.

WilsonPro 4000R.

This is a powerful industrial grade, very large building mobile devices reception amplifier kit. Boosts the coverage of virtually all Canadian and US carriers and covers a maximum of 140,000 square feet. It enhances the 2G voice, 3G and 4G LTE data networks for Tablets, Smartphones among other devices. It also comes with Extra Dynamic Range feature that consistently covers an entire facility using a 50 Ohm cellular boosting system.

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