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Cellular One Signal Amplifier for Home

All home & building amplifiers and repeaters listed below are compatible with your Cellular One service.

Cellular One Home Signal Amplifiers for homes and buildings.

Boost the Cellular One cellular signal in your car, truck or RV with Drive 3G Flex

3G Flex

3 Ft. Radius
3G Home & Car
Boost the Cellular One cell phone signal in your home with Home 3G. Covers a single room.

Home 3G

1,000 Sq. Ft.
Voice & 3G
Boost Cellular One cell phone signal in your home with weBoost Eqo signal booster. Covers 1 or 2 rooms.


1,200 Sq. Ft.
Voice, 3G, 4G
Boost the Cellular One cell phone signal in your home with Home 4G. Covers a single room.

Home 4G

1,500 Sq. Ft.
Voice, 3G, 4G
Boost Cellular One cell phone signal in your home with Connect 3G Omni. Covers entire home.

Connect 3G Omni

2,500 Sq. Ft.
Voice & 3G
Boost Cellular One mobility signal in your home with Connect 4G. Covers your entire home.

Connect 4G

3,500 Sq. Ft.
Voice, 3G, 4G
Boost Cellular One reception in your home with Connect 3G-X. Covers your entire home.

Connect 3G-X

7,500 Sq. Ft.
Voice & 3G
Boost Cellular One mobile signal in your home with Connect 4G-X. Covers your entire home.

Connect 4G-X

7,500 Sq. Ft.
Voice, 3G, 4G
Wilson Pro Commercial Grade Signal Booster for Cellular One

Commercial Grade

25,000 Sq. Ft.
Voice, 3G, 4G

Cellular One Signal Booster for Home.

Searching for Cellular One signal booster for your home, warehouse, office or large building? Here you will find all the building and home amplifiers to boost your coverage within Cellular One network and other carriers too! 

The Cellular One story started in 1984. Over the next few decades it changed a lot via mergers, partnerships, groups and buyouts. As Dobson Cellular, the corporation entered the picture and took over Cellular One Group. Dobson was later bought by AT&T in 2008. It was required by Department of Justice to divest Cellular One assets and brand. Finally, Trilogy Partnership bought Cellular brand based on the acquisition agreement between AT&T and Dobson. The Trilogy Partnership was created by Western Wireless Corporation's previous partners and has continued growing the brand and licensing it while promoting the brand. Cellular One is not as gigantic as it started but it has remained one of the most recognized brands across the United States as the longest existing telecommunications brand to date. 

As a result, Cellular One regional markets that still use the brand name are four across the region. They are: Cellular One of the East Arizona for the northwestern New Mexico and Northeastern Arizona, Cell One for the Bermuda market, Cellular One for Louisiana and Cellular One for Texas.

Cellular One through its AirMax Home Internet offers high speed internet from $40 per month. The $40 package offers up to 6 Mbps download speeds, up to 2 Mbps upload speed, known as the AirMax Bronze. The AirMax Silver brand at $55 provides up to 10 Mbps download speed, up to 4 Mbps upload speed while the AirMax Gold has an upload speed of 5 Mbps and download speed of up to 15 Mbps for $140. 

Unlimited Talk and Text plan by Cellular One is provided at $40 per month, a plan shareable for $30 only per month per line.         

Top Cellular One home and building signal boosters. 

3G Flex.

The booster uniquely boosts 3G data and 2G voice networks around a radius of three feet. It is a highly portable device you can ferry around to enjoy the Cellular One signal in your hotel, office, home or even your vehicle. It supports over four cell phones with a 45 dB gain, great for both outdoor and indoor settings. 

Cellular One signal Booster for Medium Area.

Home 3G.

This reception booster is great for 3G and 2G voice and data coverage amplification for around a thousand feet. It uses a window mount type of antenna, meaning you can have it fixed on your office or home window. Great for small homes, condos and apartments. It offers a 60 dB antenna boosting gain. 

Home 4G.

The right Cellular One amplifier for 4G LTE, 3G and 2G voice and data networks within about a thousand square feet, it also uses a window mount antenna. Mountable in office or home windows, it has a 60 dB gain and improves coverage for one to two rooms.

Connect 3G Omni.

Amplifies coverage for about 2,500 square feet, window mountable, and provides a solid 65 dB gain. 

Connect 3G Yagi.

The signal amplifier enhances 3G and 2G networks of mobile devices within around 3,500 square feet of indoor spaces. Window mountable, this amplifier boosts 3G networks effectively. 

Connect 4G.

Wherever a slightest Cellular One 4G LTE network can be found, this booster ensures you enjoy their advanced network. It covers about 3,500 square feet with good signal outside, and also works for 3G data plus 2G voice networks. It also offers 65 dB signal-boost. The device uses a window mountable antenna which is great for cottages, offices, homes and other spaces of a medium size. 

Large Area Cellular One Signal Booster.

Connect 3G-X.

This weBoost cellular booster is superb for an area of about 7,500 square feet and the strongest 3G boosters in the market. It provides a whopping 70 dB signalboost and boosts 3G and 2G cellular one networks. It is best for large buildings, apartments and homes. 

Connect 4G-X.

A 4G cell phone reception booster, it is superb for LTE 4G cellular One advanced networks. It has a 70 dB transmission gain and not only works with 4G LTE but also 3G and 2G data and voice networks. It is great for warehouses and large homes and buildings for up to 7,500 square feet. 

Extra Large Cellular One amplifier for buildings and homes.

WilsonPro 4000R Commercial Signal Booster.

Great booster that amplifies areas of between 100,000 square feet and 140,000 square feet. It works for all types of devices on 4G LTE, 3G and voice networks. It has Extra Dynamic Range technology that improves the consistency as well as the strength of coverage across any facility. It is a 50 Ohm system boosting system with an LCD digital display to access amplifier settings easily.

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