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Chatr Signal Booster for Car

All car, truck, RV, marine amplifiers and repeaters listed below are compatible with your Chatr service.

Chatr Vehicle Signal Boosters for cars, trucks, RVs, boats and other vehicles.

Boost cell phone signal in your car, truck or RV with Drive Sleek

Drive Sleek

Voice & 3G
Single User
In-Cradle Use
CAD $299.99
Boost cell phone signal in your car, truck or RV with Drive Sleek OTR

Drive Sleek OTR

Voice, 3G, 4G
Single User
Truck Edition
CAD $400
Boost your cell phone signal in your car Drive 4G-X

Drive 4G-X

Voice, 3G, 4G
Multi User
For Cars
CAD $649.99
Boost 4G LTE cell phone signal in your truck

Drive 4GX OTR

Voice, 3G, 4G
Multi User
For Trucks
CAD $750
Boost your 4G LTE cell phone signal in your RV

Drive 4G-X RV

Voice, 3G, 4G
Multi User
For RVs
CAD $699.99

Chatr Mobile Signal Booster for Car

Chatr Signal Booster for Car

In Canada, Chatr is one of the most trusted wireless service providers. We offer a wide variety of car cellular signal boosters for Chatr phones so you can enjoy clear cellular voice. Since its launch in 2010, the company gained support from hundreds of thousands of people looking for a low cost cellular voice service with better reception because the new entrants did not have good reception. Chatr provides limitless possibilities to all its customers particularly to people within the “chatr zones”. 

These Chatr zones have been considered as the network for Chatr to operate its services. Through the zones, customers are able to receive specific services from the company. Within that particular coverage area, recipients can only receive the services from the wireless provider. Once the customer steers away from the designated zone, he/she can still access the services, but he/she must pay on a pay-per-use basis. Every call and text made out of the zone is equivalent to a payable amount. In addition to this, there are areas on fringes where coverage is weak. Our signal boosters enhance reception in vehicles when driving in such areas.

What is new from Chatr? 

The company has devised a way of determining if a customer using the services is within the zone or not. Out of it, they determine the amount that he will have to pay for the service. But just recently, the company decided to remove the Chatr zones on all their services, giving more opportunity for all Chatr users in Canada to avail for long distance services. At present, the previously called Chatr zones are now termed as “Chat local talk zones”. However, it is only applicable to specific plans that are not for long distance usage. 

What are the solutions Chatr offers?

Chatr has formulated a way to extend its services to more people in its area. The company has improved its coverage area, giving way to more convenient calls and texts even when inside your car. Unfortunately, despite improvements, due to nature of wireless service, almost all Chatr mobile phone users experience inconvenience when making calls in their vehicle because of poor signal. They miss important calls because of weak signal and the absence of a signal tower, especially in remote areas. This is indeed a problem when making long distance calls. 

Check out weBoost signal boosters for Chatr phones above, that improve mobile experience even when inside the car. 

  • Drive 3G-S Cradle Booster

This signal booster for vehicle is efficient in increasing the signal on your mobile phone or any cellular device. While traveling, making calls and texts will definitely be more convenient with solid cellular connection. Drive 3G-S only boosts signal for clear voice calls and 3G data signals. The signal booster enhances any inbound or outbound signals for you to make or receive calls and use fast mobile internet on 3G network. It fits any type of vehicle and works on any modern smartphones out there. Drive 3G-S cradle booster also works compatibly with other wireless networks.

  • Drive 4G-S  

It is a vehicle signal booster very similar to the one detailed above. However, the added bonus is that it can boost 4G and even LTE data signals. Using Drive 4G-S helps you make calls without uninterrupted connection. With this signal booster, you are able to connect with important people while driving. It enhances the quality of calls, texts and your 3G and 4G internet connection as well. Upon purchase, you will receive the cradle booster with a wideband amplifier, a vehicle power supply of about 5.5V/2A and a mini magnet antenna with cable that is approximately 12.5 feet. You have nothing to worry about when traveling for long hours, because it extends cell phone battery life since the phone does not have to search for signals constantly. 

  • Drive 3G-M Wireless Booster

Just like the rest of the signal boosters for Chatr phones, this one also supports almost all types of smartphones as well as any data services. With a DC power adaptor, a low profile inside and and outside magnetic antenna, it will all be easy for you to install it in your car. It boosts signal to any cellular device inside the vehicle while giving you ability to make quality calls with a stable connection. It boosts all 3G data and 2G voice signals providing a clear cellular voice connection as well as fast 3G data transfer. You can use up to 4 devices in the car while still getting a consistent level of signal for all the devices. This will be especially helpful in remote areas. You may even browse the Internet and do your usual activity on the web while traveling. 

  • Drive 4G-M Mobile Phone Wireless Booster

Similar to the previous boosting kit, this one supports multiple mobile voice and data devices. This Drive 4G-M is also compatible with other wireless networks available, across the country. For any 3G and 4G LTE signal carrier, 4G-M mobile signal booster for vehicle is effective in producing stable connection in your car. It improves the signal while distributing it evenly on all data used inside the vehicle. If ever you’re using a different mobile phone apart from a smart phone, you have nothing to worry about, since it works on almost all mobile phones. 

  • Drive 3G-X 470111 

This is considered the most powerful 3G wireless booster kit ever created. With this, mobile users can enjoy unlimited powerful signal inside the vehicle. Drive 3G-X signal booster offers a maximum of 4 feet radius for signal coverage. Thus, even when you’re 4 feet away from the signal booster’s internal antenna, you will still receive a stable connection. The closer you are, the better but it is not recommended you get too close to the antenna. It does not only provide a strong signal, but also power maintenance because cell phones in vehicle don't have to search for signals constantly. The signal will be amplified, giving way to a faster connection. 

  • Drive 4G-X 470510 Signal Booster

For 60% increased service area, Drive 4G-X provides service for 4G network that is second to none. This latest 4G Chatr signal booster is recognized as one of the most powerful, providing the strongest connection for all users. It boosts voice call signals especially in higher rural areas. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about making calls in remote areas. It delivers a constant high connection to any mobile phone or device inside the vehicle. One of the great things about this signal booster is that it enhances the quality of the calls you make even when you are 4 feet away from the low profile antenna. Drive 4G-X is easy to install. It comes with everything needed to install including an easy to follow instruction manual. 

  • Drive 3G-Flex

This home cum car signal booster for Chatr phones is a portable signal enhancer that comes in a complete kit, ready for quick installation. Handy and portable as it is, Drive 3G-Flex can amplify the signal connection wherever you are. It works reliably even when you’re inside your car. Upon installation, you will surely have a convenient travel experience, since it will bring a stronger signal for any mobile phone device. Meanwhile, it is also compatible to use with other wireless carriers out there. You will definitely like this one because it enhances your call and text quality inside home as well as in the car. In both places, the coverage range is very small but it is a good buy considering its extremely low cost.

Chatr signal boosters for car are efficient in providing us convenience in making calls while traveling. These are our solutions to poor or weak signals if ever we pass through remote areas or coverage dead zones, on our way to our destination.

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