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Chatr Signal Booster for Home

All home & building amplifiers and repeaters listed below are compatible with your Chatr service.

Chatr Home Signal Boosters for homes, offices, apartments, cottages, farms, and small buildings.

Boost cell phone signal in your home with Home 4G. Covers a single room.

Home 4G

1,500 Sq. Ft.
Voice, 3G, 4G
CAD $599.99
Boost signal in your home with Connect 4G. Covers your entire home.

Connect 4G

3,500 Sq. Ft.
Voice, 3G, 4G
CAD $799.99
Boost mobile signal in your home with Connect 4G-X. Covers your entire home.

Connect 4G-X

7,500 Sq. Ft.
Voice, 3G, 4G
CAD $1299.99
Wilson Pro Commercial Grade Signal Booster

Commercial Grade

25,000 Sq. Ft.
Voice, 3G, 4G
CAD $1500

Chatr Signal Booster for Home

Chatr wireless technologies can help you connect with your friends and family anywhere and everywhere you, or they are. Chatr mobile communications has made it possible for us to reach any person around the world in seconds! We take this for granted but this is a huge step in mankind’s history. Furthermore, the smart devices used are far more capable of doing all the kinds of wireless data communication such as surfing Internet, sending and receiving emails, receiving and sending instant messages via SMS or social media. But none of this would be possible without mobile network service coverage to the mobile phone. There are times Chatr service users find it hard to call or connect due to weak or unreliable signal. This is not limited to Chatr network/ data service - It can happen to any cellular provider’s coverage. Todays weather proof homes form a barrier to cellular signals and therefore the signal is usually a lot weaker indoors.

After many hectic rearranging and rescheduling of your mobile phone or network, you will end up frustrated after finding similar problems again and again, especially when you’re inside your house. But, you don’t have to worry anymore. You just need to understand that due to home construction and obstacles such as trees and geography, most of the signals that you should receive are being reflected away or blocked. That is why cellular waves fail to reach your smart phone. This is very true especially in rural area as houses are far distanced from the towers. The best solution that you can possibly adopt, especially for Chatr users, is to try weBoost Signal Booster for home. It helps you draw the Chatr signals that get reflected or blocked and eradicate the entire problem that is related to mobile communication. Here are some examples of Chatr Signal Booster devices for home use:

  • weBoost 3G Home Signal Booster for Chatr Mobile. This is an easy to install device that is considered as one of the most versatile products when considering its range. It increases Chatr cellular coverage within your home. No hardware or technical know-how is needed to install it. Simply follow easy instructions provided to install it inside your house yourself.


  • weBoost Connect 3G Yagi/ Directional Signal Booster for Chatr Wireless. With this device installed in your home, you can experience a whole new better voice quality and quick text messaging at home. It boosts coverage to up to 5000 sq. ft. Having this booster kit will prevent dropped calls and delayed voice messages or text messages. The cell voice quality will be noticeably clear and mobile internet speeds will be faster because this can effectively enhance the Chatr signals around your home for your tablets and smartphones. It is slightly difficult to install because you must find the location of nearest cell tower to point your uni-directional exterior Yagi antenna.


  • weBoost Connect 3G Omni Signal Booster for Chatr Cellular. This is the signal booster that can provide you a reliable signal for your text, calls, and 3G data experience in your home. This is an ideal amplifier equipment that will provide you everything you need in a signal booster. High quality voice for calls and fewer dropped calls are two of its most beneficial features. This can amplify Chatr signal for your mobile devices for up to 5000 sq. ft., but this may be lower if signal outside your home itself is weak. It is much easier to install as you don’t need to look for nearest cell tower since your exterior omni-directional antenna draws signals from all carriers and from all directions around your home.


  • weBoost Home 4G Signal Booster for Chatr Cellphones. this device is designed to improve your 3G and 4G experience inside your home. Home 4G signal booster for Chatr is the most affordable device to improve your 4G LTE mobile data browsing in your home.


  • weBoost Connect 4G Yagi/Directional Cell Booster for Chatr phones. This is specially made to boost your Chatr data (3G and 4G LTE) signal reception. With a very strong outside signal, this can boost reception in a medium sized home. In terms of operation and installation of the device, this uses Yagi or uni directional antenna to pull signals from much farther away than Omni or omni directional antennas. However, it will require pointing to nearest cellular tower. This cellular kit as all others include everything you would need for proper installation. 


  • weBoost 4G-X Cellular Amplifier Kit for Chatr. An extreme signal booster kit that can provide you one of the strongest, reliable signal experiences for Chatr networks. This can effectively boost reception for all the plans and services offered by Chatr, including voice, texting, and data.

About Chatr Wireless Technology

Chatr is one of the top wireless service providers in the Canada. They first started to offer their service to public on 28th of July 2010. They first launched by limiting the plan features only to specific region of network, which are referred as the “Chatr Zones”.

Network Availability of Chatr

The Chatr network provides their services only to the Chatr zones. Within these zones, the customers are offered certain services, which only function in specific coverage areas. When the customer leaves that specific designated zone or area, the services included in the plan such as the outgoing voice minutes and texts no longer apply. Therefore, service is then available only under pay-per-use basis. 

There are two possible ways a customer may verify whether he or she is still in zone or not. The first thing is by checking the map of coverage. The other method is by checking through the account balance after a call. Though the good news is that now Chatr has eliminated the zone concept on many plans, which now feature long distance services for Canada. Now, the Chatr Zones are referred to, as the local talk zones. These’re only applicable to some plans that don’t have long distance feature.

3G Signal Boosters for Chatr

The HSPA/UMTS (3G) as well as the EDGE/GSM/GPRS (2G) networks of Chatr are running on the same frequencies – 1900 and 850 MHz for both. These two frequency bands are considered as the North American Standard. If you’re not satisfied with the signal or reception that is provided by the Chatr Wireless, you are lucky enough to know that using the Chatr Signal Boosters for home can help you amplify its network. 

4G HSPA+ for Chatr

As one of the top mobile communication services provides in Canada, Chatr Wireless has also upgraded their data network to HSPA+ in 2009. This enhancement includes 21 mbps maximum download speeds. Their network coverage is now available in all Canadian provinces while none of territories operate on 850MHz. 

4G LTE for Chatr

The main provider of Chatr, Rogers Communications launched the LTE network on 7th of July 2011 in Ottawa, Ontario, before they began to expand to other places/regions. The speed of the network was improved up to 5x faster as compared to other service providers. Rogers also deployed their LTE service on the spectrum of 2600 MHz, which was introduced by the company as LTE Max. Recently, the company launched their VoLTE (voice over LTE) and became the very first company to offer this kind of service to the public.


If you presently own a Chatr 3G mobile, then you can expect to have standard signal coverage. However, through the use and installation of dual band Chatr signal booster, you can effectively amplify your signal. On the other hand, if you already have LTE network coverage, you can possibly use the five-band or tri-band booster in order to improve its coverage (these are denoted as “4G” in their name).

The entire signal boosting product line mentioned above will effectively work to boost the signal reception on all Chatr phone networks. All products that state 3G in the device names will amplify the 3G data connections including the text and voice for calls. All products that have 4G written will amplify those of 3G’s as well as 4G advanced LTE and 4G LTE Chatr wireless data connection to mobile towers.

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