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Compare Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Car | Buying Guide

Having trouble getting a good signal inside your car, truck, RV, and boat? Compare cell phone signal boosters available for vehicle use. The comparison table that is shown below the buying guide video shows the differences between all types of vehicular signal boosters.

iPhone Signal Boosters for cars
Signal strength is measured in decibels (dB). Theoretically, -50 dB represents peak signal strength (5 signal bars), whereas -110 dB implies practically zero signal.

Therefore, this means that signal strength reduces, as this number goes further away from zero (a higher negative number is further away from zero than a lower negative number).

The number shown in this column indicates amount of potential improvement of your cell phone signal strength. As you can see, all of them provide a drastic improvement in cell phone reception signal strength.
Drive 3G-S Amplifier 470106

Drive 3G-S 470106
Voice & 3G Amplifier


Perfect for: Any type of vehicle.
Boosts reception for talking, texting,
browsing 3G data on the go.
A portable cell phone signal booster.
Phone or device must be placed in cradle.
$ 99.99 + 23 SINGLE USER
Drive 4G-S Amplifier 470107

Drive 4G-S 470107
Voice, 3G, 4G and LTE Amplifier


Perfect for: Any type of vehicle.
Boosts reception for talking, texting,
browsing 3G, 4G LTE data on the go.
A portable cell phone signal booster.
Phone or device must be placed in cradle.
$ 179.99 + 23 SINGLE USER
Drive Sleek Amplifier 470135

Drive Sleek 470135
Voice, 3G, 4G and LTE Amplifier


Perfect for: Any type of vehicle.
Boosts reception for talking, texting,
browsing 3G, 4G LTE data on the go.
Versatile & less bulky, sleeker portable booster.
Phone holder can be placed anywhere
(Vent mounted, in cup-holder or center console).
$ 199.99 + 23 SINGLE USER
Drive 3G-M Amplifier 470102

Drive 3G-M 470102
Voice & 3G Amplifier


Perfect for: Cars and vans. For those who need
a boosted voice & 3G performance on the go,
and who may have passengers who may
also want to make the most of their
smartphones whilst traveling.
$ 299.99 + 50 UP TO 4 USERS
Drive 4G-M Amplifier 470108

Drive 4G-M 470108
Voice, 3G, 4G and LTE Amplifier


Perfect for: Cars and vans. Those who need a
boosted voice, 3G & 4G LTE performance on
the go, and who may have passengers who
may also want to make the most of their
smartphones whilst traveling.
$ 379.99 + 50 UP TO 4 USERS
Drive 3G-X Amplifier 470111

Drive 3G-X 470111
Voice & 3G Amplifier


Perfect for: Cars and vans. Voice & 3G
reception is boosted 60% farther so this
is ideal for traveling through rural areas
and for multiple smartphone coverage.
Features magnet mount antenna.
$ 399.99 + 50 UP TO 4 USERS
Drive 3G-XR Amplifier 470211

Drive 3G-XR 470211
Voice & 3G Amplifier


Perfect for: RVs. Voice & 3G reception
is boosted 60% farther so this is ideal
for traveling through rural areas and
for multiple smartphone coverage.
Features RV trucker outside antenna.
$ 449.99 + 50 UP TO 4 USERS
Drive 3G-XM Amplifier 470311

Drive 3G-XM 470311
Voice & 3G Amplifier


Perfect for: Marine Vessels. Voice and 3G
reception is boosted 60% farther so this
is ideal for ships, boats yachts and for
multiple smartphone coverage. Features
omni-directional marine antenna.
$ 499.99 + 50 UP TO 4 USERS
Drive 3G-X NMO Amplifier 470411

Drive 3G-X NMO 470411
Voice & 3G Amplifier


Perfect for: Cars, Vans, Pick-up trucks.
Voice and 3G is boosted 60% farther so this
is ideal for traveling through rural areas and
for multiple smartphone coverage. Features
durable drilled antenna.
$ 399.99 + 50 UP TO 4 USERS
Drive 4G-X Amplifier 470510

Drive 4G-X 470510
Voice, 3G, 4G and LTE Amplifier


Perfect for: Cars and Vans. Voice, 3G, and
4G LTE reception is boosted 60% farther so
this is ideal for traveling through rural areas
and for multiple smartphone coverage.
$ 479.99 + 50 UP TO 4 USERS
RV 4G-X Amplifier 470410

RV 4G-X 470410
Voice, 3G, 4G and LTE Amplifier


Perfect for: Recreational vehicles. Boosts
Voice, 3G, 4G LTE signal greatly within indoor
spaces of large vehicles in rural areas for
multiple smartphone coverage.
$ 499.99 + 50 UP TO 4 USERS
Marine 4G-X Amplifier 470510-M

Marine 4G-X 470510-M
Voice, 3G, 4G and LTE Amplifier


Perfect for: Marine vessels. Boosts Voice,
3G, 4G LTE reception greatly within indoor
spaces of large boats, yachts, ships.
For multiple smartphone coverage.
$ 675.00 + 50 UP TO 4 USERS
Drive 4G-X OTR Amplifier 470210

Drive 4G-X OTR 470210
Voice, 3G, 4G and LTE Amplifier


Perfect for: Large Trucks. Voice, 3G, 4G LTE
reception is boosted 60% farther for freight
trucks traveling through rural areas and for
multiple smartphone coverage.
$ 549.99 + 50 UP TO 4 USERS


Stay connected on the go - All weBoost booster kits work with all service providers in USA and Canada!


Above listed vehicle cell phone signal boosters can fit on any model and make car, truck, bus, van, SUV, boat including following:

  • Ford.
  • Toyota.
  • GM Chevrolet, Cadillac, Hummer, GMC.
  • Fiat Chrysler Dodge.
  • Honda.
  • Nissan.
  • Daimler (Mercedes-Benz).
  • Hyundai.
  • Subaru.
  • BMW.
  • Tesla.
  • Kia.
  • Mazda.
  • Buick.
  • Porche.
  • Lexus.
  • Audi.

Why Use Cell Phone Signal Booster for Car and Truck?

For stranded motorists and emergency services personnel, an inability to make a cell phone call can mean the difference between life and death. For people who rely on their cell phone or data card for business, it can affect an outcome of important business decisions or relationships. A cell phone signal booster for your vehicle can be the most useful car accessory you can buy. Have you ever experienced getting into your car while you're on your phone and as soon as you close the door, the call is dropped? There're also some instances when you're driving and talking with someone while using Bluetooth hands-free equipment, when suddenly the call is dropped and you need to dial the number of other party a couple of times in order to complete the conversation. There are also some cases in which you have not received an important text message because your phone was not receiving any signal while travelling from one location to another. People don't realize it, but they do need it.

A signal booster for cars and trucks is not just a solution for dropped calls. It is also car or truck accessory that is ideal if you use the web inside your vehicle, and data is slower once you get into your car. The speed at which data reaches your phone is much lower when you're using your phone inside a RV, car, boat or any other vehicle. There're even some instances when you cannot access an important email or website because you cannot get a data connection. 

Why Signal is Weak inside the Car?

There're two reasons for poor signal on your mobile phone while you're inside your car. The first factor is the distance from the nearest cell tower. The farther you are from the site, the weaker the signal you will get. This is true in rural areas where the cell sites are spaced far apart from each other. 

The second reason is an obstruction between your location and the nearest cell site. Cell phones communicate through radio waves, and the waves cannot travel through buildings or hills. And even if the signal is not blocked, it can be reduced or attenuated by glass, metal, or even trees. This is the reason why getting good signal can be hard when you're in a basement parking garage such as that in Houston's Galleria Mall parking or Edmonton's West Edmonton Mall parking lot. You will also have bad reception when your car has tinted windows, especially if they contain metal oxide. A phone kept inside the purse, placed on the seat or clipped to the belt can also result in loss of cellular signal. That is why there's a need for a cell phone signal boosters in cars or trucks. 

Poor signal strength can also have an effect in the cell phone's performance. Wireless networks have been designed to minimize the power required for the phone to connect with a cell tower. The closer to the tower, the less power you need from the phone and the longer the battery life. On other hand, the phone will use more power to communicate with the cell site if there're obstacles along the way, or you're far from the tower. This will also reduce the phone's battery life. That is why the car radio has an external antenna. That way it gets the signal before it is blocked by the car's metal parts. 

It is common for commuters to have these issues while traveling in their vehicles. More than half of cell phone users have experienced trouble with their service that included no service or dropped calls. Poor coverage is experienced by millions of people living in, or traveling to, rural areas. Subscribers think that switching networks will solve their coverage issues, only to experience the same with their new network. The best solution is to install a cell phone booster for car.

The Solution: Cell Phone Booster for Trucks, Cars, Minivans, or SUVs.

One solution for the coverage problem is for the carriers to build more cell towers, especially in the rural areas. But this is impractical and costs a lot of money to the service providers. Cell phone service providers are continuously expanding their networks, and the process can take time. It takes several years to get the required permits and to build the towers. 

Network providers have now approved use of signal boosters that can be installed in one's home, office or cars. These devices solve the issues by enhancing the reception and transmission within enclosed spaces. Cell phone booster for car kits come with a power booster and external antenna. If not buying from us, please make sure that the device is approved by the service provider because signal boosters can interfere with cellular networks. 

weBoost Signal Booster is designed to work with any digital cellular network without interfering with the signal. The company has researched the problems encountered when trying to improve the cell phone signals. They have created a signal booster that strengthens the reception and transmission from the cell site to the phone and back. 

When the cell phone is connected to the external antenna and the booster, it will think that the cell tower is nearby. Data rates are improved, and dropped calls will be prevented. And best of all, the phone's battery life will be extended, because the phone is not using its full power to find signal. An antenna is mounted outside the vehicle and gets the signal from the network before it is blocked by glass and metal. 

Issues with Cell Phone Signal Booster for Car.

Designing a signal booster is not a simple task. There are several issues that need to be overcome to avoid causing harm to the network while providing the type of increased reception required. There are a lot of signal boosters on the market that have not been well-designed, and they cause more harm than help. 

Presently, weBoost signal boosters are known to provide what they promise to do and at the same time do not harm any networks within the vicinity. The products have been made with adequate protection to ensure that they don't interfere with networks. 

Every signal booster for car made by weBoost, is designed to prevent oscillation from feedback. However, an external antenna must be placed far from in-car antenna. That way, oscillation from feedback is avoided. This is similar to the howling whine you will hear when you place a microphone near a speaker. With a cell phone signal booster, oscillation can cause noise in the system that can interfere with other cell site's ability to get signals from cell phones. Oscillation can disrupt service to other users and degrade the performance of the phone inside the car, instead of boosting the signal. That is why it is good to prevent oscillation by simply ensuring that an external antenna's placed on the roof of vehicle which acts as a barrier to oscillation. 

Another issue with signal boosters is overloading of a cell site, with which the phone tries to communicate. When your location is far from the nearest cell site, the booster needs to transmit at the maximum allowed power. And when you're driving close to the tower, the booster must adjust its power to prevent overwhelming the site. If you're next to a cell tower and you use too much power, it can lead to service disruption for others. A cell signal booster for car must automatically adjust its signal amplification to prevent any type of network interference and/or overload. All of our boosters are capable to do this. 

There're some instances when signal booster interferes with adjacent cell towers. This can happen when the phone signal booster for car is trying to communicate with a faraway cell tower, but a cell site of a different service provider is in the middle. If the signal booster is not properly designed, it can interfere with that other cell site. A booster transmitting a strong signal to reach the distant tower can interfere with the nearer site. weBoost signal booster has been designed to prevent transmitting broadband noise that can cause harm to other cell sites. 

The weBoost cell phone booster for car has been designed to prevent overloading or interfering with existing networks. Operators have approved the device to access their networks. It is important to buy a signal booster that does not interfere with other networks. If not purchasing from us, please make sure that the signal booster you are going to buy has been approved by your carrier and have been proven not to cause network interference. 

These types of incidents affect other customers of the networks in vicinity. The signal enhancer for car must not interfere with nearby networks that operate on different frequencies or use different network technologies than that of user.

The cell phone booster must also be invisible. Aside from not causing any harm to the network, the weBoost signal booster is invisible to the network. Using the signal booster should be the same as using a cell phone near the cell tower. The booster increases the reliability and range of the phone in the vehicle. It should be aware of the network and run in a way that it doesn’t overload the system. 

Features of weBoost Signal Boosters.

The weBoost booster has oscillation protection that prevents feedback. More often than not, this type of booster is installed by its owner and there's a possibility that antenna is placed close to the internal booster. Even if it has been stressed in the manual that the booster and external antenna must be separated, some users may install the latter near the booster. There're also some instances wherein an antenna is initially placed in the right place, but it can be moved later, or placed in the back seat when the car is washed. 

When this occurs, oscillation will take place when the cell phone signal booster is turned on. If the antenna is left unchecked, the system will automatically shut down to prevent interference with cell networks. 

A weBoost signal booster has an indicator light that turns on when oscillation occurs. This informs users that an antenna must be repositioned. And if there's oscillation, the system will protect the network by reducing the amplification and/or shutting down itself when needed. This is a fail-safe way of stopping oscillation from creating noise on the network. 

weBoost cell booster also prevents overloading cell sites. When the cell phone is connected to a network, the cell site receives and transmits signals to, and from, the phone. weBoost signal booster will adjust the transmission power as it gets farther or nearer the cell tower. This takes place hundreds of times within a second. The device measures the transmit signal strength of the phone as well as the incoming signal from the cell tower. These two factors are used to compute how close the phone is to the site and will adjust the system automatically. 

As you get near the cell tower, the need to boost your phone’s signal is getting lower. The signal booster decreases the gain and even turns off. That way, overloading the cell site with a strong signal is prevented. When your car moves away from the tower, more amplification is required and that is when the booster turns on automatically. As the vehicle drives farther away, the booster will also increase its power for maximum performance. 

To prevent background noise when the phone is communicating to a faraway cell tower with another network's cell site nearby, weBoost signal booster will adjust the transmitting signal gain to prevent interference even if the nearby site utilizes different technologies or frequencies. As you move farther from the nearby tower, the booster will increase the amplification to maximize the connection to your network's cell tower without disrupting the signal of the nearby site. 

When buying a reception amplifier for car, you should check whether it has been certified by the FCC. weBoost is a dependable and reputable company that offers certified signal boosters for mobile use. With the use of the weBoost signal boosters, you can prevent dropped calls and improve data download speeds. Their products have been endorsed by major telecommunications companies in the US and Canada. These kits have been designed to maximize customer's positive experience without damaging any networks along the way.

In summary, a signal booster for use in cars or trucks can be one of the most helpful car accessories money can buy, if you drive to areas where cellular signals get extremely weak. This is particularly true when driving to rural areas in United States or Canada. It is even more true when driving in downtowns with tall concrete buildings of major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, or Houston in USA and like Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary in Canada. Call us if you need any assistance with ordering or choosing the right unit for your needs. 

Brief summary of best available options:

For 3G or 4G single user in a vehicle or marine vessel like a yacht or ship (previously called, "Wilson Sleek"): weBoost 470107.

For 4G multi-users in cars and trucks:

weBoost 470108 (Powerful) and weBoost 470510 (Very Powerful).

For 3G or 4G multi-users in recreational vehicles (RV):

weBoost 470201.

For complete overview of the latest 3G or 4G multi-users in a freight truck or oil tanker for cellular coverage in its cab area:

weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR is our most powerful, all-in-one mobile booster kit for truck drivers. It is capable of boosting signal up to 30 times stronger on the road. It enables drivers on long runs to remain connected to those they love and rely upon.

Truck drivers depend on a reliable cell signal regardless of whether they are travelling across country, to the North towards Canada, or to the Midwest. A reliable signal keeps them on track, connected, and entertained.

This amazing freight truck cellular booster will work equally well when amplifying signals for T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint users. In addition, it simultaneously amplifies both data and voice for devices operating on LTE, 3G, 4G, or legacy bands. There’re no monthly fees! Neither Wi-Fi (essentially Mi-Fi using mobile internet hotspot) nor a wired mobile Internet connection are required for the booster to function effectively.

Truck Drivers Should Not Have to Sacrifice Being Connected.

We’re living in a connected world today and it is vitally important that everyone has access to a reliable cell signal. Wireless access is needed from open roads to city centers. Our truck drivers spend countless hours on the road away from their homes and their loved ones, making huge sacrifices on long-haul journeys. In order to maintain these important relationships and as a matter of safety, staying connected is not a sacrifice truck drivers should be expected to make.

With the Drive 4G-X OTR, the existing cell signal from the closest cell tower is amplified to provide good coverage to truckers wherever they may be on the road. This results in a reliable cell signal for all truck drivers. It gives them the capability of receiving a dispatch. It enables calling home during lunch. It facilitates finding a safe rest stop. It entertains when resting with streaming music through their cab. It ensures use of mobile navigation GPS with ease.

Installation of Truck Cell Booster.

Installation is a simple six-step process: The all-inclusive kit includes the Drive 4G-X OTR signal booster amplifier. The kit consists of all-new exterior 4G-OTR antenna and mount. It has a 12 V DC power supply to easily power up using 12V car adapter. The mounting bracket helps place the compact amplifier securely. The secondary or interior antenna is a little slim low profile one to easily stick on the side of a leather or plastic surface along the seat, etc.

The 24 inch 4G-OTR external antenna easily surpasses other antennas of its size by achieving a high gain signal output. It is designed to resist wear and shock in rough conditions and heavy duty applications. Nevertheless, it is so compact that it has a low visual impact on truck drivers while placed outside the truck/vehicle. In order to accommodate different drives, it is also available in different mast heights and a shock spring mount. Cell phone frequencies covered by this antenna include 700, 800, 1700 and 1900 to 2200 MHz. These cover all the frequencies of all carriers in USA and Canada! Therefore, it WILL work for your smartphone or mobile Internet device like a tablet as long as your mobile service is through a service provider in United States and Canada.

60 Days Refund Guarantee
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