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Connect 4G for a medium house or workplace (weBoost 470103)

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weBoost 470103 Kit
Connect 4G for a medium house or workplace (weBoost 470103)
US $549.99

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Product description of Connect 4G for a medium house or workplace (weBoost 470103).

In areas where wireless signaling is slow or low, you need a connection that is fast and sure. With weBoost Connect 4G cell phone signal booster you can experience faster connections, higher signal strengths and faster downloads. You can improve your cellphone signal on not one, but on all of your cellular devices. The Connect 4G installs instantly, and works perfectly in small homes and small house office settings. The Connect 4G comes with everything you need to start enjoying faster data, stronger signals, and 2 additional hours of talk time; even in areas where signals are known to be weak. Comes complete with power supply, antenna, and cables.

Connect 4G (weBoost 470103).

Your cellular connection is an essential part of your life. Stop wasting time waiting for videos to buffer or downloads to complete. The Connect 4G can significantly improve your cellphone signal on all cellular-connected devices and works especially well in modern, energy efficient buildings known to contain materials that weaken cell signals. Connect 4G also features dynamic, self-adjusting gain controls that automatically customize the gain level on each frequency band as conditions require.


Installs in minutes. Boosts signal for all US and Canadian cell phone carriers. Friendly U.S. based customer support. All components needed for installation included in one package. FCC and Industry Canada Certified. Ideal for a small workplace or a small house.


Improved indoor cellular voice and data signals with this cell phone signal booster for small or medium home or office. Reliable cell phone signal and more consistent data speeds. Faster data downloads Up to 2 hours additional talk time in weak signal areas.

Kit with UPC 811815024521 Includes:

  1. weBoost 470003 Connect 4G 65 dB 5-Band Amplifier Impedance 75 Ohms (Part # Wilson 470003).
  2. 950630 30 feet RG-6 cable with F-Male to F-Male connectors.
  3. 950615 15 feet RG6 cable with F-Male Connectors (Quantity 2).
  4. 951152 8 inches window-entry flat cable.
  5. 971129 Cable Connector (F-Female to F-Female adapter).
  6. 859948 AC/DC power supply 5 Volts / 2.5 Amperes.
  7. 314475 Wide Band Directional Antenna for Outside Installation (Part # w/30 ft. cable: 314475-0630).
  8. 311155 Wall Mount Panel Antenna for Inside Installation (Part # w/30 ft. cable: 311155-0630).
  9. Pole mount bracket and wall mount bracket including all hardware needed to install them.
  10. Installation Guide/ User Manual.


Model Number.



Band 17:

700 MHz.


Band 13:

700 MHz.


Band 5:

850 MHz.


Band 4:

1700/2100 MHz.


Band 25/2:

1900 MHz.

Max Gain

65 dB.

Power Req

110-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 8 W.




6.3 x 4.2 x 1.4 in.

11.0 x 5.2 x 14.3 cm.


0.41 lbs / 0.20 kg.

Stay connected whether you are accessing email, making a call or streaming videos. Connect 4G gives you the reliable signal you need for uninterrupted connectivity throughout your home or workplace. Buy one today at CellPhoneSignalBooster.us, and have it shipped free!

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Product Videos.

weBoost Connect 4G | weBoost 470103 Cell Phone Signal Booster (00:38)
Source: http://cellphonesignalbooster.us/connect-4g-for-a-small-house-or-workplace-weboost-470103/ weBoost Connect 4G LTE is a signal booster for improving signal in a large house or office (weBoost 470103). This weBoost signal booster increases phone reception in your home or office with easy to install weBoost Connect 4G signal booster. weBoost, formerly known as Wilson Electronics, offers 2 year manufacturers warranty on all amplifier kits. weBoost Connect 4G is a cellular signal amplifier for an entire home or office of up to 5,000 square feet. It boosts voice, 3G and 4G LTE data reception for all phones and mobile data devices such as tablets and laptops inside your home or office. It keeps yours, and the phones of all inside the home or office connected to their respective carrier's cell phone tower. It is easy to install with complete instructions included in the package along with toll free phone support. Buy part number weBoost 470103 today, at Cell Phone Signal Booster Dot US! Buy your weBoost booster at http://cellphonesignalbooster.us and get free shipping across USA and Canada! Contact us for details.
  • weBoost Connect 4G | weBoost 470103 Cell Phone Signal Booster
    Source: http://cellphonesignalbooster.us/connect-4g-for-a-smal...

Product Reviews.

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  1. I have complete signal in all levels of my house. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on

    We had no signal strength in our house whatsoever, but by placing this strategically according to the installation instructions, we now have complete coverage in all three levels of our house.

  2. It helps our T-mobile reception in Lincoln, Nebraska. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on

    I have four kids and between them and my husband, there is always someone without a signal. This booster has helped us all keep out tmobile signal and data in Lincoln, NE.

  3. Top recommendations 5 Star Review

    Posted by on

    As a local freelance technician I look for products that ensure reliability and performance. I have found the WeBoost 470103 an excellent choice for any medium size business office. Guaranteed satisfaction of my clients is my top priority and I've found cellphonesignalbooster.us and their line of products to be a powerful asset.

  4. Better reception with this booster 4 Star Review

    Posted by on

    I searched for a product that can boost my cellular connection at home. After spending some time, I was able to discover connect 4g and I was impressed by its features. Thanks to this product, downloading is no longer an issue and I can easily send and receive picture messages through my smartphone.

  5. weboost connect 4g is best 5 Star Review

    Posted by on

    In areas where cellular signals are low and slow, you need a connection that is sure and fast. Connect 4G gives a great chance to experience faster downloads, higher signal strengths and faster connections. You can also improve not just the signal of your cellular phone, but also all of your cellular devices such as tabs.

Warranty Information.

Get an industry-leading two years manufacturer's warranty on all consumer grade weBoost amplifiers. All Wilson Electronics' commercial grade WilsonPro cell phone amplifiers have three yrs. manufacturer warranty. Furthermore, we provide sixty days extended return policy on all new and used or refurbished weBoost & Wilson Pro cell phone boosters. If you have questions or require help, please email us or call our customer and tech support at toll free number 1(800)501-3153. We will be happy to guide you. All refurb. items are factory tested and include one year manufac. warr. Unless on-sale/ clearance products explicitly state the word "refurbished", all items we stock are brand new!

60 Days Refund Guarantee
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